Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Surprise Package!

Today i woke up to find this big box waiting for me:

I had no idea what it could be because the only thing i've bought recently was a few bits from the Asos sale, and they always have 'ASOS' written across their boxes. So i wondered if i'd bought something and forgotten. I opened it up and inside there was:
Another box! A pretty pretty black box tied up in a bow! 

I still had no idea what it could be, so i was desperate to open it up. So i did. Inside was (no, not another box :P):


Aha! Finally i knew what it was! My surprise present from Illamasqua! I couldn't believe how beautifully it had come, it really felt like opening a special gift box.

So inside (as well as the great lime green lining and iridescent packing... stuff which i shall use in sculptures) There were two of the new Illamasqua products for me to try as well as a new brochure, poster and information about the new collection.

Gorgeous poster

Postcard with a little message on the back, brochure and infomartion leaflet (I absolutely adore the picture on the leaflet. God i wish i had that kind of talent!)

And my presents :)

I recieved the new Liquid Metals palette, which i was so, so happy about because it was one of the things i was most excited about buying from the new collection! And it is just great, i love the new colour, Surge  and am very happy to finally have Phenomena which i've wanted since the Dystopia collection. I also think that having smaller amounts of each colour is just more sensible for me as a little bit goes a really long way and i love all the colours.

Here it is, you can see the lovely large palette packaging made of sturdy, shiny black plastic with a really good quality mirror. One problem with the packaging though is that because the products are cream when i used my finger to swatch and apply the product gets onto the casing and can look messy. However i don't think there is any way around this, and it won't happen when i apply it properly with brushes.

Left to right: Phenomena, Solstice, Surge, Enrapture

And here is Surge worn on my lips


You can see my previous review of the Liquid metals here

I absolutely love the new colour, Surge. It's such a unique colour, to me it seems like a silver but with tiny hints of gold and green. And Phenomena is just a perfect pure silver. Beautiful. I can't wait to try out proper looks with them!

The other item i recieved was their new bronzer in Writhe which is not available on their website yet and they describe it as a 'golden tan'. They describe their bronzer as a whole as such: 'shape, define, tempt and tease. Illamasqua Bronzer contains crushed pearl powder, for a smooth, even finish that leaves skin begging to be caressed. Apply to face and body for a beautiful bronzed glow that will last until dawn'.

(these photos have bleached it out a little and made it look more pink. In real life it's slightly darker and more golden, though it does have a pink undertone.)

I haven't swatched this as i'm not sure what i'm going to do with it. I never use bronzer as, quite frankly, it looks rediculous on me. I'm just too pale and pink, wearing bronzer just looks silly. It could be used for contouring, but i prefer a matte finish for that and am happy with what i already have. Still it's a very pretty colour. Hmm.

Also in the new brochure i learned that their foundations have been reformulated. The light foundation has had its texture and finish perfected to look even more natural and they have also made sure that the colours in the range are now consistent across the range. I'm hoping i might be able to find a match for my skin now :) I've also heard that the cream eyeshadows have been discontinued due to their creasing problems but they are being refomulated and should hopefully come back soon and be much better than the ones i reviewed.

Anyway thank you Illamasqua! You really are too kind. And as i said in my last post about them they were so sweet and good at contacting me. I can't wait for it to arrive on counters so i can test out the other products in the range :)


  1. Wow, Ur so lucky! Lovely goodies :) The bronzer will be lovely for summer! The palette looks amazing xx

  2. I really want the liquid metals palette! Illamasqua is so pricey though :/

  3. You have no idea how jealous I am right now!
    and with the bronzer if you use a veery light hand, just it lightly all over your face it gives pale skin the most amazing glow, or like a radiance, without looking stupid! I think you'd like it xxx

  4. Sophie:
    I am lucky aren't i :P The palette is great, i'm so happy to have recieved it. But Bronzer and me just don't work.

    It is great! It's actually a little bit cheaper for you from Sephora. I don't understand why! For instance a lipstick is $20 which is £13 and over here it costs £15 :/

    Aww sorry.
    I've tried that before with other bronzers and i'm afraid it just doesn't work. My face just doesn't take it well! :/ I just look weird.

  5. That was really nice of them. I really like the look of the palette. I always like the idea of bronzers but they just look wrong on my pale skin, I either end up looking unclean or a bit fevered!

  6. The quad looks really great! But, I can't really see a difference between Surge and Phenomena, perhaps you can tell me the diff?

  7. Replica:
    Yeah me too, i just end up looking grubby but glistening :P

    The difference is more obvious in real life, you can't see it too clearly in the photos. Surge is a silver but appears to have a slightly taupey/green undertone. There's a bit of gold in there too. It's really hard to describe but they do look different.

    The quad looks really great! But, I can't really see a difference between Surge and Phenomena, perhaps you can tell me the diff?
    13 April 2010 12:57

  8. Oh wow, so pretty!! I've never tried anything from them..gah I need to. The palette isn't really something I'd usually get (I'm not sure why, I like the colors a lot) but it's so fabulous. :)

    That was sweet of them! Not only do you have new makeup, but a cool new box. :)

  9. ...How come its cheaper in the States? I thought it was a UK brand?

    How lovely of them though!

  10. Sephora doesn't have any of this collection yet, I already checked! >:[

  11. Oooh I'm so glad you got the liquid metals palette, since you wanted it so much :)

  12. That's so awesome! I really like the liquid metals palette

  13. Oh wow! Jealousss. So want that palette- maybe I can ask for my birthday? How long is Body Electrics out for?

  14. Surge looks rather special, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Little bit envious of your package, but IMHO you deserve it and I know you'll enjoy it enormously :)

  15. Lucky Lady :)
    I really like the look of the Liquid Metals palette. Shame you don't wear bronzer though :( xx

  16. Julissa:
    Some of their products are better than others but the ones that are good are basically amazing and i just love the brand.
    I looove the palette, the colours are so perfectly metallic. I feel very priveleged :)

    Eden Bue:
    It is a UK brand, i have no idea why it's cheaper! Cosmetics are generally just cheaper in the US but i don't understand at all why it's actually cheaper!

    You'll have to be patient :P Don't worry, it will come :)

    me too! :D What luck!

    Glowing Doll:
    me too, it's so great to have all 4 colours together.

    Good plan! I think it's sort of permanant, not really limited edition. Or at least will be around for a long time. They're previous collections are still available apart from a few palettes that were more limited.

    Thank you, i'm looking forward to playing with it :)
    Aww and thank you so so much, you're too sweet!

    I am :)
    I'm going to try to swap the bronzer for something else in the collection, i figure that's best because then i can review 2 products like they wanted :)

    Jody Pham:
    It really is great, i'm so happy to have recieved it! :)


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