Thursday, 22 April 2010

A trip to the BBC

On Monday i went with my Mum to see 'Would I Lie To You?' being filmed. If you've never seen it WILTY is a comedy quiz show where celebs tell either truths or lies about themselves and the other team have to guess if they're telling the truth or lying. One of the team captains is David Mitchell who i think is the most beautiful and wonderful man in the world so i was very excited to finally have a chance to see him in the flesh (the secret i learned about him is so amazing i love him even more) so decided, pathetically, to dress up pretty and slightly... scholarly in an attempt to catch his eye (didn't work much to my disappointment and Claire's gladness :P)

So apparently my idea of looking 'scholarly' is a black check dress with a big plastic elizabethan ruff necklace, big nerdish glasses and bunny shoes....

I like the glasses, though they do make my face look even bigger than usual. I also thought i looked a bit like the receptionist from Ghostbusters. :P

I didn't leave myself too much time to get ready so my makeup was pretty basic:
Face: ELF concealer, BFTE foundation in Alabaster (Review coming shortly), Illamasqua Powder blush in Nymph, Sleek blush in Flamingo.
Eyes: Mac Brow pencil in Fling, Sugarpill Goldilux shadow (applied very very lightly), Rimmel black liquid eyeliner, Lancome Oscillation Mascara in black.
Lips: 'Make up Artist' brand red lipliner, Mac lipstick in Kanga Rouge.


  1. I love the outfit, although I must admit I dislike non-prescription glasses, I think it's because I have to wear mine that it irks me... But you know, do your thing :)

  2. The shape of your lips is beautiful here!

  3. You look super cute. I love the red tights!

  4. You look so fab - I really love your style!

  5. You look lovely! ^^ I love it when you use red lipstick! Looks perfect on you!

  6. You're so cute and unique and red lips look wondermous on you. <3

  7. Your lips look like a heart! Hehe.

    Cute outfit! and the makeup is fabulous. :)

  8. Errr how could he not notice you? :O you look adorable

  9. I love the dress and the way you do your lips! So cute! x

  10. David Mitchell is my king. I adore your necklace too!

  11. Love Would I Lie To You! Sounds great, and your outfit is perfect :) xo

  12. david mitchell makes me swoon!

  13. Love your blog Lillian, just nominated you for awards xXx

  14. Hi Lillian! I've been lurking on your blog for a while and I have to say you're one of my favorites. It's refreshing to see someone as fun and creative as you are.
    PS Your lips look really pretty. I love how you shape them :-)

  15. You do look scholarly! Or...librarian-ish. Something along those lines. In any case, I love the matching tights and bag.

    It's David Mitchell's loss, you know =P

  16. Great outfit, I'm loving the glasses! And the heart shaped lips, that shade of red is stunning on you!

  17. Gosh you are just so stunning! I am very envious of your eyes and lips!

  18. RaeRae:
    Aww sorry to irk you! I just love glasses. My Mum wears them and i've always been quite envious, i think they're very flattering and fun :P

    Thank you!

    Luna Soeth:
    Thank you! They're a bit laddered but i can't bare to throw them out :P

    Aww thank you so much!

    Me too ut it's a wee bit small for me now :P

    Thank you! I love red lips, they always make me feel glamourous.

    Makeup Zombie:
    Aww thank you, you're so sweet!

    They do! I didn't realise before you pointed it out though! And thank you :)

    Well i was quite far away and also he probably doesn't check out the audience for beautiful young ladies XD Thank you!

    The Postcolonial Rabbit:
    Thank you! I like playing with my lip shape :)

    Eden Bue:
    Isn't he just the best?? I want to listen to him ranting on all day long. And thank you!

    Thank you :)

    Thank you! It was a really fun night :)

    Oh me too, i think he's the most beautiful, fabulous man in the world!

    Awww thank you! Sorry i took so long to reply! I'll post it ASAP.

    Thank you so much! This was such a lovely comment to read :) I'm so honoured people like yourself enjoy my little blog!

    Hooray it worked! I think i needed some tweed though :P
    Yeah, he doesn't now what he's missing... yet ;D

    Thank you so much! The glasses were from Topshop and the lipstick is my favourite ever red (so far :P).

    Aww wow thank you so much! My lips aren't naturally too good looking but i wear lipstick so often i've learned to perfect them. My eyes are pretty good though :P

  19. Oh my god, i would give an arm and a leg for that necklace... I searched for it online and sadly it is nowhere to be found! I even found the brand and they aren't selling any more! You have an amazing sense of style and i will definitely be following to see any new adorable finds you have!!


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