Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Meeting a New Friend :)

On Sunday morning Claire went round to the Co-op and when she returned she was very excited because she'd seen this guy:

This is Cocoa, an absolutely stunning Siamese who lives in a house just off our road but who we have only ever seen once before. I was very excited that she was out and about so we rushed back (me still in my pyjamas) to say hello to her. She was just the sweetest cat, coming up to greeting us and letting us cuddle and stroke her for ages :) If you've ever heard a Siamese cat miaow you probably know they have the worlds greatest miaow, it's like a bizarre 'rroooowwwww' noise :D

Lovely Claire and Cocoa :)

She really seemed to like my boots :P

When i was a little girl we used to have a cat called Johnny who was half siamese but just looked like a ginger cat with a long face and he also had the Siamese miaow. He was evil though and hated everyone, he would hide under chairs and when my sister Laura (who would have been about 10 at the time) would walk past he would leap out and savage her. She's still got a scar on one of her legs from him biting her. Eventually he just got too fed up and left home.

Anyway i just wanted to share some pictures because she was so beautiful. She's so leggy and pretty,not at all like my lovely flabby dirty moggies :P


  1. AWW! Adorable :) He is gorgeous!

  2. I love siamese cats :) So adorable.

  3. Sophie:
    Yeah, wish she was mine! :P

    She was so friendly, we wanted to steal her! :D

  4. She's so pretty and looks so sweet! :) Aw, I love cats.

  5. Julissa:
    She was so sweet, it was lovely! I love cats too, i have 2 but they are not as beautiful as this one :P

    :D she is isn't she?


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