Monday, 5 April 2010

2True Cheek n Lip Tint in Blush Pink

I've had the photos for this review on my computer but managed to misplace them in a folder where they shouldn't have been, but i've finally found them! Hooray.

I bought this a long time ago but i still love it. Like all 2True products it costs just £1.95 or you can get 3 for a fiver. There are 2 shades of this product, this one i'm reviewing 'Blush Pink' and another which i don't know the name of (i do have it somewhere but i have put it somewhere) but is basically a very cheap Benetint dupe.
I picked up this colour as, having a few cheap dupes of Benetint already, i wanted to try a cheap dupe of Posietint. I was going to pick up the 'Me Me Me' version (I cant find it online so i can't tell you what it's called but i think it was around £5 ) but then spotted this. Now what i realised when i got home is that this actually isn't a particularly good dupe of Posie tint, but i actually like this so much better!
Posie tint is (I believe, i've never tried it just seen photos) a light, slightly iridescent pink liquid, 'Blush pink' from 2True is a bright, bright, basically neon pink.

(it's actually brighter and more neon in real life)

It's thicker than other lip and cheek tints and stains i've tried, seeming more like a runny cream, but it works in much the same way. While the colour might look a bit scary in the swatch if you only use a tiny dot it applies as a sheer, clean wash of pink but it's buildable so if you're like me and want fluorescent cheeks you can achieve it on your skin.

Here's my naked cheek:

And here it is using Blush Pink (i applied 3 dots in a triangle shape on the apple of my cheek and then blended)

As you can see it just gives a lovely bright pink 'rosiness' to my cheek. You could always make it more sheer by using a smaller amount, or more vibrant by using more :)

However there was a problem when it came to applying it to my lips. At first i wanted to get the stain to apply the same colour as it is in the swatch, a bright, bright neon pink. However to get it to that colour i had to use lots of layers to get it to that colour and i really don't recommend that.

Naked lips

Applied very thickly.

As you can see adding lots of layers made it look odd and sort of clumpy, patchy and thick. It also didn't feel nice, it was too thick and quite drying. However when i applied just one or two sheer layers it looked really lovely:


A more natural flush of neon pink :P This time it felt fine, i could forget i was wearing it and looked a lot less messy.

I've found that on my cheeks this will last all day with no problems and basically no fading at all. But on my lips it will probably last for an hour or 2 before it starts to fade. But i bite and lick my lips a lot.

However i had one problem with this stuff, i do not like the taste or smell. You only notice it when the product is wet, when it has dried i can't tell it at all. I can't really descrive why i don't like it, it seems to be entirely unflavoured and unscented, but tastes and smells chemical-ish and just nasty to me. Also if you are looking for a posietint dupe this really doesn't work, i'd try the Me Me Me version or just shell out the big bucks on Benefit.

However if, like me, you really like this bright candy pink i would absolutely encourage you to try this. It works well, it's under £2 and the only downside i an see is that before it sets it tastes and smells a little funky :P


  1. Great review!
    This product looks lovely on you!
    Might pick this up :)

  2. I have the MEMEME one. You've made me want to dig it out again as it is such a pretty colour! I always forget I have it :( xo

  3. OMG LOVE. It looks so pretty on your skintone :)

  4. I went and bought this after reading this post, very glad I did! Such a cute colour and for £2! Whee :D

  5. Tanya:
    cheers! It's really good, and so cheap :D

    Ooh i'd like to see some swatches if possible so i can see what it looks like compared to this guy.

    Thank you! :D

    Eden Bue:
    Awww I'm so glad you like it! I think it's great value :)

  6. I've been looking for reviews for this all over the place. I wasn't sure about it, just because it is so cheap...
    Glad to know it actually will work though

  7. The 2True lip glosses are really good too, high pigmentation which is always a surprise in cheap glosses haha! Anyways I have reviews and swatches on my blog if you wanna look :D

    Love, Vee :)


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