Sunday, 11 April 2010


For ages, due to my incredibly messy nature, my makeup was scattered all over the place. I usually just had a cardboard box or plastic bag which i kept my 'day to day' makeup (like mascara, blush, powder and various lip products) in which would hang around the front room, and the rest of my collection was either just spread over my vanity table or in a fancy makeup artists case thing (is it called a train case?). But i got fed up and wanted to organise it all so i would always know where to find things.
I had a look through lots of blogs and videos to see everyone's different ways of storing their stash and decided my favourite was some stationary drawers from WH Smiths. They come in various designs but i chose one with cupcakes and polka dots and pink :) First i bought one, then that wasn't enough so i bought another, then i still needed somewhere for my lipsticks, which take up a lot of room. But still altogether this cost me about £40 and i think that's alright and i'm so much happier now i have everything neat and tidy (or neat and tidy-ish anyway :P). I probably could have done with a full chest of drawers like some people have but i don't have enough room in my room for it.

So here is the new storage:

I'm not so keen on how it's postitioned in the room but i love the drawers themselves. I think they're very pretty and functional too.

Behind the cut you'll see what's in each drawer :)

First of all this is the small box on top of the drawers. It was meant to be for CDs but i find it perfect for my lipsticks. I need to make some cardboard seperators so i can keep the lippies on their ends without worrying about them falling over:

Then in the top set of drawers i keep my eye products:
First 3 small drawers keep my eye pencils, eye primers and eyebrow products and mascaras

The next two larger boxes keep my loose eyeshadows and liquid eyeliners:

And the final, large drawer has my pressed shadows and most of my eyeshadow palettes (some wouldn't fit so i'm going to think of somewhere else to put them all)

Then the next set of drawers hold my face, cheek and lip products:

The first 3 little drawers have my lip pencils, primers and balms and lip tars

The 2 larger drawers have lipglosses/stains and blushes (though some Mac ones are out for depotting)

And finally the largest drawer has my face products in it, including primers, foundations, powders, concealers, highlighters and contours

The the 2 drawers in my vanity table house various bits and bobs.
The upper drawer has glitter, false lashes and skincare
My lashes are stored in a Cat in The Hat tin

My glitters and various bits to stick on my face are in this silver star box

And here is some skincare items and some empties waiting to do a back to mac. My palettes that wouldn't fit in the cardboard drawers are also in there.

And the lower drawer has my hair stuff

I keep hair straighteners, curlers and crimpers in here, along with some hair glitter, pomade, setting lotion etc with some bags full of rollers and hair pins. Also i have a bikini trimmer (seldom used heh heh), battery powered pedicure set (to sand off the evils of dry skin) and my konad stamper thing because it wouldn't fit where i keep my polishes (photos coming later).

So that's how i keep my makeup and related things at the moment. Does anyone have any better ideas how i could organise it? I haven't got my mineral makeup bits in yet, and my Aromaleigh and Sugarpill is now in the old makeup artists case because i share it with Claire. I'm thinking about buying a third and final set of cupcake drawers so i can get my palettes, lashes and glitters into it and then the drawer in my vanity would be free for just skincare and toilettries, or maybe my nail polishes instead.
Anyway any comments would be great :)

And yes, i do have far, far too much makeup.


  1. Wow..what an excellent storage area! I'm digging it. I see lots of stuff we can't get in the states and it's making me jealous. hehehe

  2. I love those WHSmith storage stuff. I bought one (black with white flowers) and its amazing how much stuff it can actually hold. Cheap as well!!!

  3. I love the Whsmith storage boxes :D I have a beautiful black and white Laura Ashley one from there :D I think I might need to invest in another though as it's currently bulging at the seams!

  4. Your storage is very pretty (but also very practical)

  5. I love looking at peoples makeup storage, although I am very nosey :) I've got the WH smiths one of that in the black/pink design (Nightingale) they really are a handy size.

  6. Ooh I like those drawers! I have some black ones from WHSmith but yours are much nicer heehee :) xo

  7. My collection is a lot smaller than yours but I think I might go and buy some of these stationary boxes, and then I can just buy more as and when :)

  8. I have a tiny collection, due to a small budget and a very recent makeup obsession. I have a smallish stationery box which is working ok at the moment... but I've just looked at it now and realised after my planned hauls for the next few months I'm going to run out of room for my eyeshadows... I'll be getting some more Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae and I want to try out some new companies too... and I want some Morgana Minerals lippies... yeah, I'm going to need an extra box soon! :P

  9. Wow, that's really handy! :D Not to mention fabulous!

    I can't imagine having that much makeup, haha, all of mine fits in one little bag. xD

  10. Sooo beautiful! You have a great stash too and I love the organization! I am a new follower, I like your blog very much!

  11. I absolutely adore your storage unit. Love the cupcakes!

  12. I love your storage :)
    I ♥ cupcakes so its a definite win in my opinion ;)

    Very organised and lovely hun :)

  13. Its so cute :D and OMG so many liptars!

  14. ooh great idea, i love it! love the design too. I dont have anywhere near enough makeup to think about that :-(

  15. Makeup Zombie:
    Thank you, i don't actually like where it's postitioned in my room, but i don't have enough space. I have too much STUFF! D:
    You guys get so much stuff we can't so i share your jealousy :P maybe we could do a swap someday? :)

    Yeah, they're so pretty but also keep so much, i love them! I wish therewere more designs though, i want one for my jewellery too now.

    I don't think i've seen that one. I think i need another one for the last bits of my makeup and another one for my jewellery :P

    They are! I'm very happy with them.

    Thanks i think so to :)

    Me too, i love snooping around at other peoples stuff :P I like the one you've got too, i might get one of them for my jewellery :)

    Thank you, they're so handy aren't they? My rooms going to be overrun with them though :P

    Eden Bue:
    Good plan, and you'll have an excuse to buy more makeup to fill them! :D

    Jade Carver:
    Hee hee, buy lots of boxes and then you have an excuse to fill them! :D

    Thank you.
    Lot's of mine is very old, i'm a hoarder so i just never throw anything away :P

    Hi Catanya! Thank you very much :)

    I like how cupcakes and other sweet things are in fashion at the moment, lots of nice stuff to buy! :D

    Thank you, cupcakes are delicious.

    Thank you, and I hope to have some more coming soon :P

    Thank you! I have far too much makeup :/


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