Thursday, 22 April 2010

Trip to Brighton

Hi everyone! Sorry i've been away a little while, have just had a lot of things happening all at once. Anyway i'm back now but might be a bit more sporadic than usual as for some reason the internet has stopped working on Claire's laptop and lots of my photos are on there. If it isn't sorted out soon i'll transfer them across to this one, but i'm putting it off because i'm lazy :P

Anyway on Saturday Claire and I had our first day out in a while and went off to Brighton. Apparently half the country had the same idea as it was more crowded there than i've ever seen it (was our fault though, we went on the last saturday of the easter holidays which also happened to be one of the sunniest days of the year so far :P We are dumb).

Go through the jump if you want to see some pictures :)

Claire likes taking lots of pictures before we go. I like to do stupid poses like so:

Yeah i'm stupid.

And here is Claire looking gorgeous as usual:


We went into this amazing shop of antiques and oddities and there was this amazing mirror Claire loved:

They also had a load of stunning posters (magicians mainly, which is a big obsession of mine), prints (pictures of antique dentistry, antique pornography etc), great furniture and other amazing things like weird old puppets, taxidermies and prosthetic limbs. I could have spent so much money in there :P

Then we went shopping for a while and then headed to the beach where we had a nice lounge in the sun.

And then we went to one of my favourite places in Brighton, the Mock Turtle, which is a briliant old fashioned tea room. It reminds me of Madame Puddifoot's from Harry Potter. It's stuffed with different tables and chairs and has brilliant tacky wallpaper with paintings and decorative china and things shoved all over. They sell lovely old fashioned cream teas and are famous for their Welsh Rarebit (which Claire had). I always have their meringue which is huge and utterly delicious and we both had hot chocolate with cream. Bye bye diet!

After this we didn't take anymore photos. We went shopping and got delicious ice cream and milkshake and sat on the beach a while longer and went too the old Penny Arcade (which i adore) then when it got to be time for dinner we just went to Wetherspoons for a cheap veggie burger, then we headed home.
It was a great day of eating, drinking and relaxing and we both were so happy just to be out and about and having a nice time away from our day to day responsibilites :)

I did a little bit of retail therapy (though no makeup!) and here is my haul:

I bought a heart shaped bucket and mirror and some Moomin storage boxes
Then some jewellery. This was all from from a shop called 'Pussey Home Boutique'which was having a big sale. The two necklaces on either end are Tatty Devine and were cheaper than half price! I also got a Moomins keyring and badge (i'm going to make the Hattifatteners keyring into a necklace and earring set).
I also got some pretty fabric and a lot of sweets, but they've gone now :P


  1. I love the old Penny Arcade! The black and white necklace is lovely.

    I really wanted the heart shaped mirror from Heidi Seeker, but I was sensible and got a light-up one by No 7. The heart one was much prettier though!

  2. oh, the two of you are so adorable

    (i'm jealous lol)

    i love your pink lipstick

  3. Ooh I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Brighton <33 Being from outside South Shields I've always had a weakness for the seaside :) The smell of candyfloss and hot dogs just smells like childhood to me!

    I have a complete weakness for cute cafes and tea rooms - and that place looks totally adorable :) xoxoxo

  4. 1) Third photo from the top: Yay cleavage shot! :P

    2) I want to say it again: You and Claire are just adorable together :)

    3) Huge antique mirror: I wish manufacturers made more beautiful things such as these.

    4) Heart Mirror! I've been trying to look for a pink one; the closest I found to it was from Plasticland, but it's red. The search continues! :)

  5. I'm going to have to echo everyone else's statement that you and Claire are adorable together--extremely adorable, even! Also, I love your skirt and the black and white necklace.

  6. The black and white necklace is AMAZING! Well done! Glad you had a lovely day out, I'm waiting for the week after next so that I can also relax...

  7. You both have such amazing style <3

  8. Aw, precious! Sounds like an amazing day! I need one of those!

  9. Looks like a fantasttic day. I've not been to Brighton but I'd love to go!

  10. Aww, how lovely. You both look great!

  11. You both look awesome :)

    I love Tatty Devine jewellery so much! I just can never seem to afford it. Love the necklace on the left!

  12. god you guys are adorable. I want to hang out with you lol

  13. RaeRae:
    I love penny arcades and old mechanical toys and things.
    Thank you, the necklace was £50 reduced from £165 :O!!

    I have the one from Heidi Seeker too! It's very pretty but very small so not too practical.

    Zoë Danger Awesome:
    Thank you so much! I'm afraid i can't remember what lipstick i was wearing :/ If it comes back to me i'll tell you :)

    It's a lovely town, we're thinking of moving there when we're rich enough to move out.
    I love the seaside too, it's always so fun and bright and sort of nostalgic. It's my favourite tea room i've been too but it's always really crowded.

    1. Heh heh thank you! I just like being silly infront of the camera :P
    2. Thank you :)
    3. I know it's so lovely and huge! It looks like it could have been in a big baroque palace!
    4. Have you tried ebay? You'll probably have to search through a load of rubbish but there might be gems :)

    Aww than you so much!
    The necklace is so fab i'm so pleased i got it so cheap!

    Jade Carver:
    I know, and it was so cheap too! ...Well it wasn't cheap but it was hugely reduced so i cound it as cheap :P
    Thank you, it was great to have a day of fun and relaxation :)

    Thank you! :)

    Hope you get one soon! It was a lot of fun :)

    It's a really lovely place, it's got some tacky aspects but also lots of classy arty things and it's really friendly and just nice there.

    Than you!

    Cheers :)
    I usually can't afford it either but these were under half price (the ruff necklace was less than a third of the original price!) so even though they still weren't cheap i had to get them :P

    Aww thank you! I'd love to hang out with you too! :)


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