Friday, 9 April 2010

Illamasqua Body Electrics collection is out now!

So i did mention a while back that i was invited to the Illamasqua London bloggers event, but as you may know, due to unforeseen circumstances (damn you british transport strikes!), it was cancelled :(
But still i just wanted to take a minute to talk about how amazing the customer services team have been. The event suffered some problems and was initially changed from two dates across the country to just one in London, I had already replied to say i would be attending the London event but Halimah from Illamasqua sent me an email just to make sure i could still come after the change. Then before the event had been cancelled, but after the strikes had been announced, the team contacted me again, this time asking roundabout where i live so that they could help work out my travelling route during the strike, if possible. After the event had to be cancelled they contacted me again to inform me, give their apologies and offer to still send me a product from the new collection to try. Finally today i recieved another message just to tell me the new items were online as well as sending me some information and pictures about the collection. All of this was done off their own backs, not in reply to emails i had sent and they were all personalised emails, written especially for me, not just copy-and-pasted. Absolutely amazing. 

Anyway their new collection, Body Electrics, was just released today and it looks stunning. Just take a look at these promo images:

You've outdone yourself again Illamasqua my darlings! 

This collection is based around the idea of the body in movement and the products are made to help contour the body all the more to emphasise the curves, shadows and peaks of the body. It contains Illamasqua's first products designed for use on the body as well as some new nail polishes, liquid metals and face products. The products are mainly different sorts of highlighters and bronzers, and include a lot of iridescent finishes.
Personally i am not 'into' bronzing, preferring to stay pale and interesting, but there are still a lot of products i'm very interested in. 

I'm most excited by their Illume oil in Volt, which is a dry oil made for the body ( i assume it can be used on the face too, but i'm not sure) with a violet iridescence to it which illuminates your skin and makes it glow. To me the blue glow just reminds me of neon lights and clubs and i just love the idea of my skin shifting colour in the light. I also like the look of the nail varnishes (though at the moment they're far too pricey for me) and the new 4-colour palette of liquid metals. The palette retails as £29 which seems very good to me as the single liquid metals cost £17 each. Me and Claire already own one a piece, but i thought it might be a good idea to buy the palette and sell or swap the two we already have. I can't imagine either of us using a whole pot of the stuff, i've wanted the silver shade, Phenomena, since it came out and i love the look of the new one, which is a green tinged pewter colour. So the idea of a palette with all the colours for less than the price of buying the 2 colours i don't have is very apealing.
The collection boasts an illuminating cream, some bronzers, a large body brush and another Illume oil which leaves a bronze shimmer.I

All in all i must say this collection doesn't have as many products that i am personally interested in than last Autumns Dystopia, but i think it's a really exciting and innovative new range. I can't wait to try the Illume oil and am very excited to see what i will be sent to try. The promo images are absolutely stunning and overall i think this is a wonderful collection, and will probably be even more exciting to people who like a sunkissed look!


  1. Love the look of the Liquid Metals palette. I have to agree with you on the 'pale and interesting' front- so not into bronzing.

  2. Illamasqua always have the best promo photos :D I love the look of the liquid metal palette though, though I'm not sure I would use it for anything other than an eyeshadow base

  3. lol too many 'though's in that comment >_> IM SICK I CANT HELP IT

  4. I think I'm with you....Dystopia was a lot more interesting to me personally, but there's a lot of stuff that seems quite fun and different (even though it doesn't really appeal to me) xxx

  5. Ooooh, a liquid metals palette?! I could probably not eat for a week for that :D

  6. RaeRae:
    I'm kicking myself for buying a whole liquid metal now there's the palette, which just seems so much better value wise.
    I just look weird in bronzer, it doesn't work at all.

    They really do, so so pretty!
    You can use them really sheerly as highlighters or bronzers if you fancied.
    And don't worry about the 'thoughs' :P

    Yeah, Dystopia was just very exciting but i really do like the sound of the iridescent oils.

    Eden Bue:
    Ha ha, who needs food when you have metallic creams! :P


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