Monday, 17 May 2010

So fed up, NOTD and painting

A little while ago the wonderful people at Beauty from the earth sent me some wonderful samples to try. I had been putting off writing my review until i'd used the products long enough to get a proper idea about them. Now i have and it appears my entire photo of folders (including FOTDs, swatches etc) has gone missing. I assumed i had deleted it but it's not in the recycle bin. I can't find it anywhere though, it's baffling me!
Hopefully i'll find it lurking somewhere deep within the computer memory or i shal have to take them all again X/

Here are my nails from last week - Illamasqua's Insanity with Topshop matte topcoat on the tips. The terrible application is my fault, not the polishes (it applied like a dream) i kept smudging and instead of taking it off i just applied another coat :P

And here is a terrible photo of quite a nice painting i finished a while back. Pepito the Performing Pup :)

Pinchy pinchy kiss kiss


  1. I love your paintings. Someday when I'm rich I'll buy one or ten! :o)

  2. cuuuuteee nails! I love how the orange contrasts so nicely with your skin. My skin doesn't hold orange well. Oh,a nd I'm having a giveaway, and I'd love for you to join!

  3. I think you've inspired me to do a half shiny, half matte mani. Hmmmm... the idea wheels are grinding.

  4. I don't like matte nails but I really like the way you have used it just as an accent in the french tip style - I would happily wear matte that way.

    Pepito looks very pleased with himself, and so he should!

    Fingers crossed you find all your pics xx

  5. i havn't heard anything about topshops nail products. matte top coat any good?
    totally cute painting! xx

  6. Evil Ange:
    Aww thank you, you're so sweet :D
    And i hope you get rich soon ;P

    Thank you! I love orange nails :)

    Cydonian :
    :D I look forward to seeing it if you do!

    Small Town Gal:
    I didn't used to like matte nails but they've grown on me. Mainly i like them over shimmer or flaky polishes, they just make things very interesting.
    And thank you, he's pleased as punch cause he's the star of the circus :D
    And i found them thanks :D

    Thank you! :D

    alriiight duchess:
    I've not tried any other matte topcoats so i can't compare, and i've only used it that once, however i do think it's pretty good so far. It dried really quickly and it made a big difference to the colour.
    And thank you :)


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