Monday, 3 May 2010

Hello Everyone

I'm sorry that once again i've been away for a little while. I've just been a little busy painting and going out recently but i've also got a lot of reviews and things coming up with i'm taking my time to write so i can really think about the products and what i write and not rush the review just because i want to get a post up. I'm also collecting prizes for an upcoming contest (not just a giveaway this time) and i'm looking forward to getting that done but it might be a little while.
I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to read my rambles i appreciate every one of you :)
I replied to all recent comments so if you have asked me anything or recommended something recently please have a look and see my reply.
Here's a little list of posts that are coming up soon:
Almighty haul
Morgana Minerals Lipstick review and lip swatches
Skin MD shielding lotion review
BFTE cosmetics swatches and review
More OOTDs, FOTDs and NOTDs
A post about my hair
Lush, Soap and Glory and the Body Shop skincare reviews
My nail polish collection
Favourite perfumes
A post (daren't call it a tutorial) about changing your lip shape
Tonnes of swatches
Lime Crime Lipstick Review (i now lots of you will be interested in seeing that!)

I will try my best to get back to posting regularly but can't promise anything.

kiss kiss


  1. You bought one of the limecrime lipsticks?
    I went to SpaceNK to have a look, tried on the one I did like the look of and I was quite disappointed, but I'm excited to see what you think!

    xxx Simone

  2. Looking forward to your review! I might actually go to SpaceNK and try a bunch just for the sheer fun of trying something that has huge potential for snark. I'm horrible :P

  3. Looking forward to the skincare reviews, especially Soap & Glory!

  4. I wanna read your Limcrime lipstick review! I hope you didn't pay for it though! x

  5. Simone:
    we didn't buy them from here they were second hand.

    Hee hee i think that's sensible not horrible :P

    Thank you, hopefully i'll have them up soon :)

    Don't worry we didn't pay the extortinate full price :P

  6. can't wait for all those posts, but especially the lip shape one and more OOTDs! x

  7. wow wow wow..
    that's cool!

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    QU & PDQ


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