Monday, 31 May 2010

Mizz Worthy and Illamasqua Elementals Contest - Fire

This is my final entry for the contest (i actually did 2 more looks but they were rubs and will be confined to the depths of my picture folder for all time) and is based around the element of fire. One of my failed looks was a sort of take on traditional punky makeup but using fire colours of red, orange and yellow and i decided to again use a punk aesthetic but try and create a look based on smoke of fire instead of the flames. The idea behind going for a punky look was that, while all the elements can be dangerous, it is fire that is regarded as the most so (in my opinion anyway) while water, air and earth all have tranquil aspects to them fire is mostly thought of as a destructive force. And i thought this went with the idea of nihilism and the shock and fear of punks conservative people often had in the 70s.
So this is sort of my take on a smokey eye but taken to the extreme (I am useless at a regular smokey eye because i'm pretty bad at blending, but with this look i thought i could get away with it being messy)

I did my face as usual and added a little red eyeshadow under my cheek bones and down to my jawline. Then i applied a thick rim of black eyeshadow around my eye before blending it (as best i could) up, down and out to my hairline. I also very lightly blended in some red eyeshadow and lined my waterline in red. Then i tapped on some red glitter (this time actually eye safe!) and stroked some over black mascara too. finally i added a little of the black shadow and red glitter over my lips.

I used:
Urban Decay Surreal Skin cream-to-powder foundation
Avon translucent powder
Sugarpill Love + eyeshadow
Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow
Kryolan Red eyeliner pencil
Red cosmetic glitter
black mascara

Also i am a ginger now :)


  1. This is my favourite, I love it! Your lashes are so long!

  2. Your looks are phenomenal, you definitely deserve to win and Illamasqua should employ you!

  3. I LOVE this! This is awesome!

  4. This look makes your eyes to pop! Gorgeous :) The red suits you well!

  5. I adoooore you with red hair so so much! Perfect with your skin and the smudgy makeup!

  6. So, so cool! You look awesome, in both senses of the word x

  7. WOw! I love your red hair!

  8. <3 the new gingerness! And its perfect for this look too

  9. All of your entries are amazing. Good luck. <3

    I wanted to enter but just realized it closes today, soooo...that sucks, haha.

  10. Did you dye your hair just for this Lillian?!

    And thanks for the package, it arrived a few days ago but I haven't been home! Your note was super cute :) xx

  11. I love the way you moved on from the "obvious" red/orange etc.
    I didn't "get" this until I read the word /smoke/ and then I realised (this is because I have the aesthetic intuition of a cretin). It's inspired.

    The detail of the waterline is great.

  12. Love the concept! I would have just done typical red, orange, yellow etc because I'm uncreative. The whole post I was like HER HAIR LOOKS DIFFERENT, and then felt really dumb haha

  13. While ALL of the looks have been fantastic, this one is my favorite! Good luck. :)

  14. You look super evil...I like it!

  15. LOVE THE GINGER!!! :) It looks incredible. This look is amazing too, you're so creative! xo

  16. GINGER! AMG! <3 You look sooo cute with the new hair and I really love the concept. The red in the waterline looks so good with how bright blue your eyes are.

  17. all your Illamasqua contest entries are so creative! I loved them..the "air" inspired one was so funny...that's something really original! :)

  18. Grace London:
    Thank you! It's good mascara but my lashes are quite naturally long :)

    Sparklz and Shine:
    Thank you so much <3

    Thank you!

    :D You are really too kind! What a sweet thing to say <3

    Thank you :)

    Thank you, it does make the blue in my eyes seem...bluer i think :P

    Naomi von Monsta :
    Thanks Monsta. I like the red but i miss being blonde already :P

    The Postcolonial Rabbit:
    Aww thank you! :)

    Thank you!

    Eden Bue:
    Yeah, it was great for fire but i had to cover it up for the ice look :P

    Thank you so much! And what a shame :( The contests come around a few times a year though so you should enter the next one :)

    Ha ha no, i've wanted to go ginger for a while, the timing was just a happy accident :)
    And no problem, i'm so glad you liked it!

    Thank you so much! It probably isn't really 'firey' enough for the elements but i just liked the idea of the look being based on smoke. I do think it could have been better executed though. Thank you again :)

    Aww shush you, you're not uncreative at all! Your latest post proves otherwise! :)

    Makeup Zombie:
    Thank you!

    Ha ha, i look a bit like a super-villain don't i? :P

    Thank you! I washed my hair since and i think it's a nicer colour now but i do worry it's going to fade out really quickly! :/

    Thank you! I've wanted to try ginger hair for ages but only just founf the right shade of hair dye. And i always think red eyeliner or shadow is really flattering for blue eyes! Maybe a bit OTT for most people though :P

    Thank you so much! I like doing funny looks :)

  19. Very different twist on the concept of fire - I love this!


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