Monday, 3 May 2010

Almighty Haul!

So recently i have been very very naughty. I've been a little bit better financially so decided to blow it all by going on a shopping binge :( naughty naughty Lillian. Last week the Seven dials in covent garden had an event one night where the majority of the shops all had 20% for one night. So i had a little splurge there and then i went to Kingston on saturday and had another little haul. There's also some bits and bobs shoved in that i got a while back but haven't shown yet.
I know some people don't like seeing hauls so it's all under the cut :)
Also i've put a * next to products i'm planning to review, if there's anything else you'd like to see a swatch or review of please just leave a comment :)
All prices are without the discount taken off.

Clockwise from left:
bug shaped nail clippers, pretty nail scissors and tweezer set from Octopus.
'Booze' hip flask (a birthday gift for my friend Xenia) and tiny pearl collar necklace from Urban Outfitters.
Robot Ring from Octopus
velour powder puff  and false lashes from Screenface.
A book and cd of circus fonts (great for my art!) and a book of 1950s photos and illustrations from the Dover Bookshop
Set of cute rice bowls and chopsticks from octopus which is a present for my Mums birthday

Red Minnie Mouse ears (i collect minnie/mickey ears)  Minnie Water bottle, Minnie glass and Daisy glass. I bought the Daisy glass for claire and she got the Minnie glass for me :)
Tights haul, clockwise from left:
asose black with pink hearts, Emilio Cavalini silver and black metallic houndstooth , New Look white with white bows, American Apparel Sheer grey with orange spirals, New Look cream with grey/blue bows, American Apparel sheer cream with pink heart tights, New Look plain white/cream.
The American Apparel tights with hearts are the most expensive tights i've ever bought. I'm not going to say how much they cost even because i'm very ashamed. Basically the other tightsfrom AA were pricey but not ridiculous (£12) and the heart ones were on the same row so i stupidly assumed they were around the same price. But no, they were much, much higher. I only saw the real price when I was paying and was too shy and embarrassed to say anything so bought them anyway.

From the Topshop sale: nautical shorts, red and black bow earrings and (not really visible, the flash killed them) kitten earrings.

Knickers!!!! It was 3 for £9 at Topshop and 5 for £10 at New Look

 Then i did a big ol' Boots haul to take advantage of their special points event (10 points per pound instead of the usual 4).
I got:
Boots Expert brand heat protection spray for when i blow dry or use my curling wands (i don't do it often  but when i do i usually don't use anything to protect my hair). 
My favourite glitter eyeliner, Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in Va Va Voom which is a sort of blue/green with holographic.
Urban Decay Surreal Skin cream to powder foundation* in Illusion and lash primer*
Soap and Glory Sit Tight lotion* (this apparently firms your body as you sit :O ... yes undeniably this is too good to be true but i want to give it a go!)
17 nautical but nice set. This is a free gift when you spend £6 or more on 17. I had to get it because the tin is so beautiful and i loooove nautical stuff (as you probably know if you've seen my many sailor style outfits) the products that came with it are great too! A bright red nail varnish, a turquoise mini eyeliner and a blue/green duochromey eyeshadow Great free gift in my opinion.
To get my freebie i bought the new spring season Dolly mixture eyeshadow trio and as i couldn't find anything else i really wanted i got a nail base coat because it's always useful.
And finally there was a Bourjois offer where it was £10 for 2 selected products so i got a mascara and a very pretty vintage style cream eyeshadow.


A huge collective haul of nail polishes here:
Models Own: magenta devine, pink punch, snow white, utopia, blue gem, misty grey, mixed up, silver fox, gold finger, proper copper, emerald city, green tea, grass green
Avon vintage blue polish, Avon Arabian Glow Teal Waters, Boots No 7 Twinkle (bought with no 7 £5 voucher so it was only £1.75 wooo)
Illamasqua Rare and Insanity (£6.50 each from Asos sale), Barry M Cyan Blue, Pale Blue (or blueberry icecream), Spring Green, Cobalt Blue (these were 2 for £5 from Boots), OPI Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice, 2True nail polish in shade 4, 2 and 3 (3 for a fiver)

 Stargazer lippies in numbers 115 and 102, Mac lippies in CB 96, Saint Germain and Cockney (i did a back to mac for one, Claire bought me Saint Germain and i actually paid for cockney), Models Own face and lip paint in Neon Orange.
swatches: Stargazer 115, 102, Models Own neon orange, Saint Germain, CB 96, Cockney. These don't look ever so true to life i'm afraid

And then in the post i got a haul from Morgana Minerals which i bought about a month ago when Melissa had a 20% off weekend sale. I bought a tonne of lippies.

Morgana's Ethereal and Mysterious veil, Sub Zero lipstick sample.
lipsticks in:
Raspberry, Shrieking Violet, Glittering Poinsettia, Coralines Kiss, Serenity, Slime, Metallic Maiden, Azalea, Lillian, Valentine.

swatches: raspberry, Lillian, Valentine, Metallic Maiden, Slime
Azalea, Coralines Kiss, Glittering Poinsettia, Shrieking Violet, Serenity, Sub Zero.

And that's it. Phew!


  1. fabulous haul x can't wait to see whether the soap & glory stuff works x

  2. Ooo the lipstick swatches are so nice. *stares at them for a bit.* Those shorts are cute as hell! Goodness! What are you going to wear them with? You'll look so cute eeee!

  3. I love like everything you bought. You have such good taste!
    I really hope my Boots has Nautical but Nice!

  4. Can you say a little bit more about Saint Germaine? A few people have recommended it to me, but so far I've been let down with MAC's lipsticks! :(

  5. Louise:
    me neither! If it does i'll be so happy! A product that firms my bum while i sit on it? Brilliant! :D

    thank you! I'll probably pair the shorts with a stripey tee for full on sailor style :P They were nice and cheap too, only £12!

    Aww thank you! If it doesn't i could pick you up one?

    sure, i'll do a review for you :) I love Mac lippies, what is it about them you don't like?

  6. amazing haul! is the pigmentation good on that bourjois shadow? i nearly ordered one off the website as i didnt have chance to go in store! :)

  7. Omg this is amazing! Love the nail polish haul...Illamasqua on sale you say?!?!

  8. Damn ... I've commented yesterday and my comment didn't show up :/ Ah so I'll repeat myself :P

    I love this amazing haul!!!
    I'd love to se a FOTD with the orange Stargazer and maybe a review of it as I'm planning to buy it :)
    I really love your lippies and nail polishes haul *droll* :D

  9. Ooooh so much lipstick and nailpolish! :D I cant wait till my Morgana samples order gets here

  10. awesome, AWESOME haul! I ordered a bunch of Models Own polishes this weekend too! I really love your taste! (and I love that graphic design shop in Seven Dials, have spent hours in there myself!) x

  11. Awesome haul.
    Love everything you got :)

  12. Woah amazing haul! Love everything, so bright and colourful!

  13. I would love to see a swatch for the Barry M blueberry ice cream nail polish! I have a huge weakness for blue nail polish 8D

  14. Too embarrassed to say anything! Love it, I'm exactly the same! The lipsticks are delicious! Will you actually wear green and blue? xxx

  15. I love Collection 2000 Va Va Voom. I have loads of these liners but had never seen that colour until a couple of weeks ago. J'adoooore.

  16. Ooh, Morgana's Minerals again! I've been eying them for a while now. Is Sub-Zero as neon as it claims? :D


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