Monday, 31 May 2010

Mizz Worthy and Illamasqua Elementals Contest - Ice

 I had so much fun with my first two looks for this contest i decided to do some more :) This is a second entry using the element of Water but this time i wanted a sort of Ice Maiden look.

First i painted my whole face white and powdered with a white translucent powder and then an iridescent shimmer face powder. I contoured my nose, eyes, cheeks and forehead with blue eyeshadow and applied it lightly to my lips too. Then i used the white side of a double ended mascara on my eyelashes and eyebrows and then pressed an opalescant, chunky glitter on top (the glitter i used specifically says not to use it on the eyes but i paid no heed to this. Oooh i'm a rebel!). Finally i slicked my lips with a blueish, iridescent lipgloss and sprayed my face with a setting spray before shaking large flakes of glitter all over my face :)

I used:
Kryolan White face paint
Screen face white powder
Aromaleigh Opal powder
Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow
Illamasqua Medium pencil
Estee Lauder crystal flash lipgloss
Sleek double ended mascara
Rocket City glitter
Early learning centre 'snow glitter'

Hmm i think i prefer my first 'water' look, but this was a lot of fun to do too :)


  1. AMAZING. I didn't recognize you from the photos. The glitter looks just like frost and you look fragile and strong at the same time.

  2. Love it. It's very similar to one of the ideas I had in my head that I never got to carry through...instead my ice was just white and didn't give enough definition. Love your use of the netting as well. x

  3. You are really amazing at this stuff! x

  4. So pretty omg!!!!! <3 This is... this is how I think a snow goddess would look. :3

  5. This is heavenly pretty!

  6. I definately like this look! I love the ice bits

  7. Wow! The glitter flakes make this look!

  8. Have you considered shaving your eyebrows? Or would it not suit your usual look?
    The ice looks almost like a lens filter - it has great depth.


    Actually no, please don't.

  10. This is so amazing! I love it!

  11. Saila:
    Wow thank you! Being unrecognizable is basically what i was going for! :D and I like the idea of looking strong and fragile! Thank you for a fantastic comment, sorry for the inarticulate reply!

    Sparklz and Shine:
    I really loved your ice look! I had to cover my hair with the net because i'd just dyed it red and it didn't go with the ice look at all :P

    Aww thank you! I love to play around like this :)

    Pixie_a_la_mode :
    Oh you are such a flatterer! <3

    Naomi von Monsta:
    :) thank you beautiful!

    Thank you, i was lucky to have the icy looking glitter around :)

    The Postcolonial Rabbit:
    I agree, it's great glitter! I think i should have used more of it :P

    Thank you :)

    I don't think it would suit me, also i am not good enough at precise lines to be able to draw them back in :P I sometimes block them out though which gives a no-eyebrow look :)
    Thank you so much!

    :D SHAN'T!

    Thank you :)

  12. Fabulous - God, I wish I had a tenth of your creativity!


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