Friday, 7 May 2010

New Gals in Town

Anyone on the blog circuit has probably heard all about these anyway but incase you haven't i thought i'd discuss a few of the new makeup lines that have popped up recently in the UK and share my thoughts about them.

All For Eve:

All For Eve is a truly amazing and noble brand. Many companies will donate a percentage of profits to charities (for instance MAC donates all the money from Viva Glam sales and Illamasqua donates a percentage from SOPHIE products) but this is the first beauty company i have heard of that will donate ALL of the profits of EVERY product to a charity to research women's cancers.
The brand launched in October of 2009 but the products have only been available to purchase recently.
The products look wonderful to me, currently they stock an always glamourous bold red lipstick and nail polish, crystal nail file and a whole range of body care items like body scubs, lotions, shower gels and hand cream. The prices are really reasonable for classy looking products, the toilettries are all under £10 and the most expensive item is the nail file at £12.50.
i plan on getting the red lipstick because you can never have too many red lippies! ... well maybe you can but it's for a good cause :) and also the crystal nail file. I'd been planning to get one anyway and this one seems averagely priced, is pretty and again supports a wonderful charity.
The body and bath stuff sounds great too but i have a huge stash already i need to get through, but when that's done i'll be giving it a go.


To much anticipation Topshop launched their own makeup range earlier this week. There are two collections, the core collection which i suspect will be around with some additions and discontinuations for a good long while and a limited edition seasonal range. As you might expect from the brand the colours and products are bang on trend (particularly the nail polishes which boast all of this seasons pastels and the newly essential matte topcoat) and there are some very interesting looking colours and formulas. The packaging is superbly designed and the products look to be great quality.
I was actually surprised by the prices of the products, Topshop has been steadily growing more expensive over the years and i was expecting the makeup to be way above drugstore prices (possibly rivalling MACs or other lower high-end companies). I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while the prices aren't cheap, they're pretty affordable. The most expensive products are the foundations and highlight liquids at £10. The rest of the products range between £3 - £8. A few Topshop's have the products but not all, but Topshop deliver worldwide. I actually went to Oxford Street today and bought, swatched and checked out the whole line, so expect a haul post and then review coming soon :)

Models own:

Well the brand isn't new but they've just released a huge amount of new products, basically doubling their collection. New products (adding to their previous collection of loose eyeshadows, cheek and lip tint, nail polishes, lip glosses, brushes and eye pencils) include blushers, face paints, lip balms, lipsticks, mascara and pressed shadows as well as new shades of their polishes. The new products aren't available on their website yet but you can get them on the Boots Website and Asos as well as in selected Boots stores. I popped into the Oxford street Boots today and had a look see and the products i swatched (lipsticks, face paints and blushes) all seemed really lovely. Basically everything is a fiver. I've got a big stash of their nail polshes already and really love them, a lot of people seem to have problems with the formula but i've always found them really excellent.


MUA (Makeup Academy) is a new range for Superdrug and i am very excited about it because every item is just a pound! There are a great deal of products available already such as eyeliners, mascara, lipsticks and glosses, blushers and bronzers, nail varnishes and eyeshadows and a great colour range. Having seen a few little reviews already it seems that the quality is variable, though really you can't expect perfection from a pound. It's available online or in select Superdrug stores (have just found out it's in Wimbledon so i'll be heading out to try it soon). I'm excited to see the colours in real life and quite interested in the glitter eyeliners, which are apparently pretty bad quality wise but come in neon shades which i've never seen before and the eyeshadows are meant to be very good.


  1. fab post lillypoo! cant way to see your haul, im looking at the Topshop makeup now... apparently the lip glaze's are v.compareable to MAC! and a lil birdie told me they was even made by the same people...hmmmm!
    cant wait to see your haul x

  2. I plan on getting the All For Eve Red Lippie aswell! So excited about the Topshop and MUA ranges too although my local Topshot is tiiiiiny so I can't see it getting the makeup in! :(

    Another great post! x

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  4. Nooberella:
    Ooh that's interesting! I read a review where someone said they smelled the same as a lipglass!

    Cheers! The only topshop near me is absolutely tiny and just part of a department store so i have to go into Oxford street. But it's pretty easy for me. If you ever want swatches of anything and can't find them anywhere i could get some for you :)


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