Monday, 31 May 2010

My nail polish collection

So this came about second in the voting on my 'little round up' post but i decided to do this one before my 'top 5s' because i am lazy and those posts will take more effort than this one! XD

Basically i store my polish on these weird little 'shelf'' things in my room. I'm not sure what they are, maybe an odd form of picture rail? But they're just perfect for displaying all my polishes so i can see them all easily. It also saves me a lot of space because nothing else will really fit on the tiny shelves :P
I have only recently got very 'into' nail varnish having seen so many gorgeous, exciting colours and manicures on various nail blogs. The frightening thing is that i have probably bought more than half of these in the last 6 months :O

Wall of polish!:

I arrange my polishes by brand and then colour but i'm not strict about it at all. 

nail care stuff. Top coats, base coats, cuticle oil, quick dry spray and oil, files etc.

Claires, Asos Paint, Illamasqua, OPI, Eyeko, Avon

OPI, Eyeko, Avon, 17

Avon, 17, Collection 2000 Hot Looks

Models Own Glitters

Models Own Glitters, Metallics, brights

Models Own Brights, Pastels

Models Own Grey, White, Barry M Glitter, Barry M Blues, yellow

Barry M Yellows, Greens, grey, Red/Black, purples 

Barry M purples, pinks, corals and oranges, GOSH


China Glaze

Urban Decay


The last shelf with the misfits! (either only 1 or 2 polishes per brand or polishes i rarely use)
No 7, Rimmer, Mattesse NYC, 2True, and a lot of single polishes 

And finally here's my NOTD. Barry M Spring Green (2 coats) and Gosh rainbow (1 coat) with Barry M 3 in one top coat (which worked beautifully! No bubbles, no shrinkage, very shiny, perfect! :D)

If anyone wants to know about a specific colour please just ask :)


  1. damnnnnnnnnnnnn such collection, well done :)
    Love it ^^

  2. Omg you have such a good collection! I need polish shelves like that.

  3. omg you own the "old" Urban Decays... so jealous!

  4. great idea of storing them! would you recommend those glitter models own polishes? i always thought they seemed thick and not smooth if that makes sense!

  5. what a lovely collection so bright and cheerful x

  6. What an amazing collection, I'm all jealous right now! xxx

  7. lovely! I really like that way of displaying them :D

  8. Oh my!! That's definitely a nice collection! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. That is such a quirky way to store your polishes - I love it! Mine are just in a box which is boring :/ You have an amazing collection too!

  10. Wow! I've been so lazy with polishes lately. Maybe I should get back into it LOL

  11. Love the shelves! I only have a tupperware box for mine :( Great mani too, layering twin! I think I need Rainbow in my life x

  12. What a fantastic collection! I only own about 4 nail polishes as I'm rubbish at doing my own nails!

  13. Awesome! Rainbow is an amazing polish... I've misplaced mine and it makes me sad! :(

  14. Oh my goodnesss, how did you do your wall?! I LOVE it! Please comment me back on my page with any help you can offer, I want to do my makeup room sometime in the near future similar! You have tons girl! I want some of those ModelsOwn polishes but cant get them here :[ ♥ best wishes*! Adoreee your blog ;)

  15. You have such a fantastic polish collection! The storage is a great idea, I'm trying to sort out storage for mine but unfortunately I have no little shelf like that. I'm thinking of just putting up a big shelf to stick them on.

  16. I swear you must own every Barry M and Models Own polish imaginable!! xx

  17. Such a lovely collection and those shelves are sweet. I admit that I'm panicy looking at them though, I have kids and narrow shelves aren't great with little ones running around shaking walls and all. lol

  18. Lovely collection! What is your favourite brand for bright colours?

  19. Love your collection! And I found it cute that your blog background is really similar to your wallpaper. :D

  20. I keep forgetting that peachy-looking GOSH. I want that one.

  21. Eh wow! Love your collection. The metallic models own ones look amazing! xo

  22. WHOA, I'm in total envy of your collection O___O

  23. I love how beautiful and organised this is! Your collection is enviable :P

  24. :OOOOO

    although I think that if I did the same thing with my eyeshadows, you'd have the same reaction at that ahahah....

    I love those pastels from models own, I wish I had money right now, I'd make an order...they're so nice! Do they dry quickly?

  25. liloo:
    Thank you! :D

    Thank you, they're really handy! But because i like to keep my polishes at the fronts of the shelves so i can see them easily they have a habit of falling off :/

    Jeweled Thumb:
    I was lucky and found a load of them selling for £2 in my local superdrug. There are loads of them on ebay as well :)

    Thank you :) To be honest i'm not sure. They're not very smooth but then i've never found a glitter polish that isn't :/ They're no worse than the others i've had though :)

    Thank you! I love bright colours :)

    Aww :D The frightening thing is that my collection is so so much smaller than a lot of nail bloggers! :O

    Thank you, i'm running out of shelf space though :P

    My pleasure :) xx

    I never know what polish i want before i have a look through all of them so i got fed up of storing them in a box and having to tip them all out every time i wanted to paint them. I think it's pretty practical! And thank you :)

    Hee hee! Oh no, i'm an enabler!

    The Postcolonial Rabbit:
    Thank you! I love Rainbow, it's my first flakie :)

    Letter Prof :
    Thank you! I used to be rubbish too but reading a lot of nail blogs have got me painting my nails every few days! And practice makes perfect :)

    Eden Bue:
    Oh no! Well i think there's 3 for 2 on Gosh at the moment, so if there was anything else you wanted you could get a free Rainbow :)

    Hi Sara, I'm afraid i don't think i can actually be that helpful :( My wall is just wallpaper (from Homebase which i don't think you have in the US) and then the shelves were already on the wall when i moved in. But if you have any questions or anything
    please email me :)
    Do Models Own not ship overseas? Though that would be really expensive i guess :(
    And thank you <3

  26. Sorcha:
    Thank you! That sounds like a good storage idea. I'm useless at DIY, can't put up a shelf to save my life, so i'm very happy these were already on my wall :)

    Ha ha not even close sadly! They have a LOT of polishes :D

    Evil Angel:
    Thank you! And yeah, kids and them definately wouldn't mix :P I often knock a few of them off, it can be pretty frustrating.

    Thank you! I think my favourite is Barry M, they're cheap, great quality and come in so many pretty colours. But the few China Glaze ones i have are great and they have an amazing colour rage. Models Own are good too :)

    Thank you! :D Hee hee i love hearts!

    It's a very pretty colour!

    Thank you! I've only worn the gold so far of the metallics but it was fantastic!

    :D thanks!

    thank you! This is probably the only thing in my room that is remotely organised :P

    Ha ha ha! Yes they probably look more impressive in a big line. I'm a lipstick and nails girl... though i do have a load of eyeshadows too... I just have too much makeup :P

    Models Own are odd, nearly everyone else i've spoken too dislikes their formula but i love them! On me they dry really quickly and smoothly and are just great!

  27. woooow
    you serious have a lot nailpolish

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