Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hi everyone
i just want to encourage all the ladies in the UK who haven't yet to go out and vote :)
I'm still not sure who to vote for as my favourite parties are the Lib Dems or Greens but i might have to tactically vote for labour to keep ot the Tories.
Also i'm poorly :(

hopefully will be back blogging as normal soon.


  1. I went red to keep out the Tories as well. Was a nightmare choosing though!

  2. Good for you for voting :)
    Looking forward to you blogging more <3

  3. Who did you decide to vote for in the end? if you don't mind me asking

  4. I voted lib dem this morning, I hate tactical voting, why can't we all tactically vote lib dem!

  5. you don't have to vote in the UK?

  6. Small Town Gal:
    Yeah! I found out Wimbledon (my constituency) was basically always going to be blue so i ended up voting lib dem. This hung parliament is pretty interesting!

    Cheers Phyrra :)

    I ended up voting lib dem anyway. I figured i didn't want to have to vote tactically, and then i looked at some figures and it seemed like my constituency was always going to be conservative so there wasn't much point voting tactically.

    I joined you in the end :)

    nope not if you don't want to. Actually though this year we had the biggest voter turnout ever and things went badly. It was appalling, the polling stations hadn't prepared for the amount of people who turned up so they ran out of ballot papers in some places. It was completely inexcusable!

  7. haha, i've been watching it on the news, and this hung parliament business is very entertaining. it's so funny, that no matter how you look at it there's no certain way to solve this. oh dear, i sound voyeuristic....

  8. really wanted to vote this time just to keep cameron out (ave really bad feeling about him) however, due to whatever way my birthday lands I have to wait until next year to vote. Our lovely lands may be buggered by then.

  9. I'm 16 so I can't vote but I've accepted the fact that the majority of Tyne & Wear will always be labour. My dad who turned 50 voted for the fist time in his life this year! my mum doesn't get a vote though :(
    At least at 16 I know what politics is about, sombody asked me why people had vote labour signs in their windows and asked why people keep talking about child birth. or another girl who I herd of who was 18 and voted torie because she supports Chelsea...we live in a weird world. I think I'd have gone Lib Dem most likely.


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