Tuesday, 18 May 2010

BFTE Cosmetics

I was contacted by the lovely Crystal from Beauty From the Earth cosmetics to see if i wanted to try any of their products. Did i Ever! 

Again please believe that any reviews of these products will be entirely truthful and not sugarcoated in any way because i recieved the items for free. 

I have had a soft spot for BFTE since I first heard about them which was when the scandal about Lime Crime's repackaging was found out. It turned out that BFTE had been repackaging but didn't realise how it would upset people. When they found out they instantly apologised for any upset they caused anybody, reduced the amount of plain micas they sold and relabeled them all as 'primary pigments' so people would be aware of the fact. This seemed such a good, sensible way to deal with the problem, admit it and apologise and learn from your mistake. It made them seem quite trustworthy.

BFTE sells hundreds of multi use minerals (mainly used as loose eyeshadows) the vast majority of which are unique, original blends, as well as foundations, veils and blushes, lip glosses, primers and some false eyelashes and brushes and other supplies. Their website is really professional looking iwith tutorials, before and after looks and more. Their prices are competitive for an indie, mineral makeup company (for instance $6.50 for a full jar of shadow, $2 for a sample jar, £9.99 for a lipgloss etc). 

Anyway Crystal asked me to send her a long list of products i'd like to try and she would choose some to send to me. So, assuming i would be sent just a few samples, i went to town creating a long list of choices. Really long! My parcel arrived a week or so after i sent my email and was shocked to see that they had sent me basically everything i had said i was interested in! Of my ludicrously long list only a few items were missing. I couldn't, and still can't, believe the genorosity!
Here is what i was sent:

See, so generous!
I was sent 3 full multi-use minerals, 13 samples of multi-use minerals (12 pictured here and also a small baggie which i have forgotten to swatch), 4 blush samples, 3 foundation samples and 1 veil sample.
Please see below the cut for swatches.

I was very interested in trying their mineral foundations as i had been very intrigued with the idea so i took the opportunity to order 3 samples to try and find my correct shade.
from left to right the shades are:
Light beige, Ivory and Alabaster. The first 2 are hard to see as they are practically the same colour as my skin but bizarrely Alabaster, which looks too light here, is actually my perfect shade.

This is the yellow angel mineral veil which is supposed to counteract red tones (which my face has in spades).

Blushes. I decided to try a few peachy shades as generally i go for pinks. Left to right:
Georgia Peach, Buff Apricot, Lush, Doll Face.

Multi use minerals. Left to right:
Lace, Whisper, Spring Fever, Baby Girl, Wicked, Big Ego, Beach House, Big Island, Moonwalk, Golden Age, Lavish, Sour

Now trying to show the duochrome
Lace, Whisper, Spring Fever, Baby Girl, Wicked, Big Ego, Beach House,

Lace, Whisper, Spring Fever, Baby Girl, Wicked,
Baby Girl, Wicked, Big Ego, Beach House, 

Big Ego, Beach House, Big Island, Moonwalk,

Big Island, Moonwalk, Golden Age, Lavish, Sour

And these were the 3 full sized multi use minerals i recieved. 
Envy, Chaos, Pewter.

My initial thoughts are very favourable. The colours i recieved are beautiful and very well pigmented. The blushes and foundations are incredibly soft and very easy to blend. But i will be posting full reviews of all the products soon.
So again thank you Crystal! :)


  1. BIG ISLAND LOOKS FREAAKINNG AMAAAZINGGG. Srsly! OH btw, Im having a giveaway and I'd love for you to join =]

  2. Oooh Envy caught my eye like a venus flytrap with a fly! I'm really into greens now and have been trying to look for somehting that's close to my favourite, AL Absinthe Rock (an Angel colour)

  3. Y:
    it is very pretty! And i will put it in my giveaway window (i set them in tabs and enter them when i'm not busy :P) :)

    It is a very pretty colour. At the moment i'm a bit obsessed with green nail polish so i know how you feel :)

  4. Georgia Peach looks gorgeous! Do the samples come in jars? I'm starting to only buy samples from companies that send them in jars, saving Aromaleigh for full-sized stuff.

  5. Yep all the samples come in jars but i also got one sample in a baggie which was attached to a business card :)

  6. I'm so glad you got to give BftE a chance! I really like their colors and products. Additionally, Crystal is really sweet!

  7. Omg, gorgeous colors! I've been wanting to try some stuff from BFTE. Dang-o!

  8. Chaos looks like the new UD eyeshadow I wanted. Yay for cheaper alternative! I am trying out BFTE with my next paycheck.

  9. thats so nice of them! some great colours here, i really like the look of the blushers

  10. I need to check out yet another mineral eyeshadow company lol... honestly I am lemming so much right now! You're not helping :P

  11. Big Island, Big Ego and the 3 full sizes you got look AWESOME :D

  12. Phyrra:
    She really is a sweety and i love the products i got!

    Eden Bue:
    I am :P

    They really are great!

    Chaos is really pretty in real life, it's slightly redder :)

    The blushes are really pretty, nice and soft colours but very nicely pigmented.


    Small Town Gal:
    Heh heh, sorry :P I have the same problem, i've got a huge list of companies i want, nee, need to try out!

    Big Island really is beautiful, one of my favourites :)

  13. These are just lovely - especially Sour and Big Island! (I adore this whole blog. ^_^)


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