Saturday, 18 June 2011

First proper haul in aggggeeessss!

At the moment I still have basically no income (should have some basic ESA reinstated but the DVLA forgot about it -__-) so I can't really afford to buy makeup or clothes or other nice luxuries. I still make some very small purchases occaisionally but they are few and far between. I'm also currently having some problems leaving my house, so Claire decided to take me out shopping and buy me some presents. We went to Kingston. I was very anxious and had some real difficulties but in general I had a lovely time, Claire was really good at looking after me and calming me down and she was really generous! I got lots of goodies and technically only spent £2 of my money! I felt accomplished afterwards.

Claire also decided I needed to have my picture taken. I'm not sure why, I didn't look particularly nice! And yet I am sharing for some reason :P

It doesn't look it in the photo but it was too bright for me to see, which is why I'm pulling a silly face.

And I like this photo because it's just like this one from about a year ago when we first got Weevil :) Yet again it looks like I'm strangling him when I'm not, and he's a lot bigger of course!

And the other day Jesus appeared in my cooking!

It's Jesus or some kind of crab-beast anyway :P

Now please follow under the cut if you wish to see my haul. 

First we went to Superdrug and Claire picked up a few bits for us to share: 

A Ped-egg and 2 Beautyuk Pearl liquid eyeliners in Purple Haze and Eclipse

And she also got me some goodies: 

Accessorize Nail Polish in Purple Dream, Barry M instant nail effects in pink fizz and blue print, MUA pencil eyeliner in Bright Orange and glitter eyeliner in Shade 7


You can't see properly because it was impossible to get a good picture of but Purple Dream is an amazing purple/blue/pink/copper multichrome coloure.

Then I went into Office and found a pair of shoes I love in the sale. They were only £18 and I'd wanted them for ages so was really pleased. Then I tried on my usual size, an 8 and they were far, far too small. But by some strange miracle they had one size 9 which fit perfectly! So Claire bought them for me :)

You can get them in beautiful red in sizes 3-8 here 

Finally we went to Boots and I decided to spend some of my 3970 advantage card points. This is the first time I ever bought something with points and it was great, like getting something for nothing :) 

Soap and Glory were on 3 for 2 so I picked up a large bottle of the Righteous Butter Lotion, a bottle of the new Soap and Glory original scent perfume and a tube of Sit Tight. I've tried the regular Righteous Butter and love it so I thought it would be good to try a lighter weight version for summer, I adore the smell of Soap and Glory products so was absolutely delighted you can get a perfume of the scent and I've tried Sit Tight before and really like it. 
That lot came to just under £30 so I still have about £10s worth of points left to spend :)

I also £20 my Grandma gave me the last time I saw her so I treated myself to a bit of makeup.

Models Own smash up nail polishes (yet more crackles!) in Silver and Purple and Lipstick in Plum, Bourjois nail polishes in 18 and 13

Both Models Own and Bourjois nail polishes were on 2 for £8 and the lipstick was £6 so I only spent £2 of my own money! Good times!

Also Claire's Mum sent her a parcel and along with it she put in a few bits for me :) Thanks Claire's Mummy!

She sent me a Glamour with all 3 Benefit freebies, a sample pot of Cliniques Redness Solutions face powder and some lovely pants with french fancies on them! 

Here's some swatches of everything:

Benefit freebies - Benetint, Posietint, High Beam

Beauty UK pearl liners in Purple Haze and Eclipse (these photos don't do them justice! is an insanely beautiful royal purple colour and is a really complex deep dark colour which is sort of grey, sort of navy and sort of green all at the same time and they both have a fantastic pearly sheen!), MUA pencil eyeliner in Bright Orange , MUA glitter liquid eyeliner in  Shade 7, Models Own Lipstick in Plum

I'll probably review everything at some point but if there's something you're really interested in let me know and I'll do it ASAP :)


  1. Awww, I love your outfit. I want most of the things you bought myself! Excluding that MUA orange eyeliner because I don't really wear orange, and the MUA glitter eyeliner and Accessorize Purple Dream because I already own them. Purple Dream is one of the most gorgeous nail polishes ever, you will love it. I pretty much just stare continuously at my fingernails when I'm wearing it!

  2. Ooooh, I like the look of that Models Own lippy! I love that orange liner, such a bargain! You should layer the crackles, I think they'd be cute!

  3. Yay for new stuff! I don't have job or income either besides the little bit of loan money that is left over after paying for my classes at school, so I have to depend on my bf to buy me things. I feel bad because I feel like he contributes way more to the relationship than I do, but I'm thankful to him for keeping me around! :)

    And you are too ridiculously cute for your own good. Just thought you should know!

  4. Jesus/the crab-beast appears in the strangest of places! I'm glad he stopped in to see you. :) Sometimes Very Fat Jesus sometimes appears in our hair swirls on the floor.

  5. Omgoodness great haul! I especially love the shoes! I <3 your face. :)

  6. It's probably going to be incredibly TMI, but I'd love if you did a review on the Pedegg. I get awfully dry skin on my heels during winter and it drove me nuts last year to the point where I considered buying one!

  7. haha your cat! Nice velvet trousers =) so cute.

    Loving your outfit of course, the colours are so pretty.

    The righteous butter is so lovely, I have the mini tub and sort of use it as perfume as the smell is really long lasting and lovely, I think it smells a lot like Miss Dior Cherie but not as sherberty and tapered, which I think is a good thing.

    I'm very curious about the nail varnishes!

  8. Cute shoes. I love the lining. it's details like that which really make an item special.

    Btw it wasn't Jesus. It's clearly a HORSE!

  9. Julianne:
    Thank you! It's a nice dress but a bit small for me at the moment :P
    I can't wait to try Purple Dream, I have 2 of the Accessorize Illusion polishes already and they're so so pretty! I don't know what other colours the eyeliner comes in as they only had orange at the shop I went to, but it's such a lovely formula! It's so pigmented and creamy! If they have other colours you should give them a go :D

    The lippie is prettier in real life! It's one of those pink with blue flash ones that I seem to have a million of but it also has a strong purple tone and the blue is almost glittery! I can't wait to try the orange liner, the swatch was so creamy and lovely. And yeah, I've never layered crackles, I wonder what that will be like!

    Jessi M:
    Yeah I feel a bit guilty too, but I'm having such a hard time at the moment I can understand people wanting to treat me to make me feel better. I'm sure your boyfriend wants to do those things for you. And thank you :)

    Ha ha! Aww fat hairy Jesus sounds great! He's never appeared to me before, I felt very honoured XD

    Red lips, Black hair:
    Thank you! The shoes are great, I love bows on shoes a little too much :P

    Ha ha! Can do! I'll just put it under a cut so noone has to see my skanky feet if they don't want to :P I've used it once so far and it was GREAT!

    He's lovely! I love cats little trousers :D
    And thank you, I just threw my outfit together really, the dress needed a good ironing!
    I've heard that the Soap and Glory scent is a dupe of Miss Dior Cherie but I've never actually tried that, I think I'll have to give it a sniff. I loooove sherberty smells!

    I agree, the lovely gold lining really makes them, even if noone else will see it seems luxurious to me. Also it's padded so it's really comfy!
    I see the horse now but I think he looks more and more like Tentacruel:

  10. Awww look how much Weevil has grown! So cute :D
    Purple Dream is one of my favourite polishes, such an awesome colour, but a nightmare to try and photograph.
    I love the shiny shoes, I used to be obsessed with shiny black shoes, but I never seem to see any apart from in childrens sizes. I love the bow on yours :) xx

  11. What a nice haul! OMG your shoes are tooo cute from the inside out! <3

  12. I love the shoes, I'd like them in red but I'm now thinking the 8 won't fit me. How small was the 8? x

  13. Gemx:
    I know, he's a big boy now, but with a tiny pinhead :P
    I bet, I'll take photos when I wear it and I'm expecting it to be hell, so pretty though! I looove multichromes.
    Shiny black shoes are great, in fact I just love shiny shoes in general!

    Thank you! And they are, I love the golden innards :D

    To be honest I'm afraid I'm not sure Andrea. I can fit anywhere from a 7.5 to a 9 but am generally an 8. Other Office shoes fit me in a size 8 but these really cramped my toes. If you're wuite a small size 8 they might be fine, but if you're a bigger 8 then they'd probably be too small :( I wish I could have got them in red!

  14. Lovely haul! I laughed until I nearly pissed myself at your jesus appeared in my cooking picture, LOL!

  15. Vulcan_Butterfly:
    Thanks! It was nice to have Jesus pop over to see me :D


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