Monday, 27 June 2011

More of my stupid face

I was going to finally finish writing one of my many review posts on the go. But yesterday I had to go for a picnic with my family (was my Dad's birthday) and despite sitting in the shade in my ludicrous new sunhat I managed to get either very mild sunstroke or heat exhaustion or something. I still feel awful and have been lying in dark rooms and having lukewarm baths all day. So I don't feel able to write properly.
So instead, have a lot of very old FOTDs. I've put in whatever makeup I can remember I was wearing, but unfortunately there isn't much! Enjoy! 

I know I was wearing my Illamasqua eyeshadow palette from the Dystopian collection but it doesn't say what the shade names are.

Wearing Evil Shades Stiletto lipstick, Eccentric Cosmetic eyeshadows in  

Wearing Goldilux eyeshadow. The terrible lighting makes it look yellow.

And then I started singing...

Oh dear.
Ps. Hopefully my mega blog sale will be up by the end of this week. Claire and I are hoping to raise money for more stock for our secret shop so if you could take a look we'd be very grateful. Kiss kiss.


  1. Will the blog sale be open internationally?

  2. Lovely FOTDs <3

    I hope I will be at home (=near computer), when you have your blog sale. I'm SO interested!

  3. Hey pretty lady! I love the faces you make; they make me happy. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope you feel better soon, sun sickness is terrible!

  5. Yay mega blog sale!I love your singing brows :D

  6. I love all your eye looks! Feel better soon

  7. VijiiS:
    Yep but shipping will obviously be higher :)

    Thank you! :) Aww I hope there's something you'll like!

    Jessi M:
    Thank you! I like making stupid faces a lot, my face is good at it :D I'm sure I'll be ok by tomorrow, I'm already a lot better than yesterday.

    Thank you, I can't cope with the sun at all!

    Ha ha they're good brows! You can tell how seriously I'm taking my singing :P I hope the blog sale pleases you!

    Thank you! I'm usually very lazy with my eyes :P

  8. Announce the blogsale on Twitter when it's up so I can take a looksie! :D I'm so excited to see what both of you will be offer from your secret project.

  9. I've been lurking on your blog for a about a week now...and I must say that I like it! You are witty and charming...and I love your style. A+

  10. Oh, and I wanted to tell you that I also have Social Anxiety Disorder...which makes me super awkward in real life...but, in the blogosphere, I'm pretty cool. :o)

  11. Awww I hope you feel better, beautiful! I loved all your FOTD's, especially the singing one LOL. You look so gorgeous and modelesque in the 1st one!;)

  12. So many fun looks! Love the one with the bright red lips! Hope you get to feeling better! Take care of yourself!

  13. Stiletto looks AMAZING on you. Your lips are so perfect!

  14. :( feel better. And that star hair clip is awesome. :) I'm so excited for your blog sale, I hope I'll be able to buy something. :)

  15. You look fantastic and so pretty, I love your blog header! :)

    The Cat Hag

  16. ARGH, it sucks when you get too much sun, it just leaves a girl feeling awful and drained :( Your makeup looks are super cute!

  17. internationallyspicy:
    I will, in fact once I have it all sorted out I'll schedule it for a few days after so everyone is aware when it begins.
    I'm terrified that the secret project is going to be very underwhelming now, lots of people seem excited about it! Oooh I'm so nervous.

    Thank you so so much :) You're very sweet! I'm the same, in real life I'm ridiculously quiet and nervous but over the internet I can be loud and obnoxious :P

    Red lips, Black hair:
    Thank you! And gosh, I thought I looked ridiculous in the first picture! I'm feeling a lot better today.

    The Peach:
    Thank you, I just relaxed all day yesterday and I feel fine today :)

    Evil Angel:
    Cheers lovely :)

    Aww thank you! I like my lips, they're very small and a bit wonky but I think they suit my face :)

    Thank you! I love Stiletto, it's such a lovely colour.

    I'm feeling a lot better today thank you :) The hairclip came from here: but I don't think they make them anymore :(
    I hope there's something you'll like!

    The Cat Hag:
    Thank you! My girlfriend made the header, she's very talented :)

    Yeah it was horrible! I was exhausted, felt nauseous, had a terrible headache and all my skin felt itchy and hot and dry constantly. But a storm has broken and I feel alright today :)
    And thank you!

  18. Fabulous as ever - and oooh I always love you blog sales!!! :DD xxx

  19. I love all these looks, but particularly the first one with the vintage-y cut crease :) and omg those singing photos are so cute XD

  20. PS: I know how shitty heatstroke/sunstroke can be, I get migraines triggered by heat + dehydration and it makes me wanna die :(

  21. You are so adorable! Coloured lips definitely suit you.

  22. Red and Hot pink lipsticks look the best on you

  23. So pretty! I love them all, but especially the Dystopian look - that crease is KILLER!

  24. Wow you look amazing, I love how bright lipstick really suits you :) Also yay for blog sale! :D xx

  25. MessyCarla:
    Thank you! It's gonna be biiiig this time!

    Thank you! I need to do cut creases more often 'cause I'm still not very good at them.

    Thank you! And I agree, I think I look a bit weird with nude or sheer coloured lips.

    Thanks! :)

    Thank you! I'm surprised that one is so popular, I thought it was a bit rubbish :P

    Aww you're so sweet :) I love bright lippie, it brightens up my day and face :P I hope you can find something you like in my sale!


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