Sunday, 19 June 2011

Advice please

So, like I said in my last post, I have no income (I get about £40 a month working for my sister, which just covers my mobile bill and pet insurance). Claire and I are still working really hard on our secret project which we hope to launch by August and that should bring in a bit of pocket money (hopefully!) but in the meantime I just can't afford much of anything. It's getting to be really depressing as I can't afford to pay my Mum rent and Claire has had to put the vast majority of funds towards our project as well as buying lots of things for me. I really hate to even think about it, but how would you feel if I had ads or a paypal donate button on my page? Please be completely honest, if you hate that idea and think I'm being greedy just say, I won't be offended at all. Also I've accepted some things for review recently, which I've always done, I've just got more offers recently but I assure you I will always tell the truth about my feelings for the product and always point out what was sent to me. I will never accept sponsored posts because they give me a funny feeling.
I've also been thinking about giveaways. I've wanted to do one for ages and infact have a few tiny bits and bobs stashed away but couldn't actually afford the shipping overseas at the minute (and I don't really have enough for a good giveaway at the moment anyway). I've never approached anyone asking them to send me products to review (in fact I have no idea how one would go about doing that!) but have been wondering about asking some companies if they would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway. What are your opinions on that?
I'm going to do a big blog sale soon, would you prefer it to just be on this blog or do you prefer it when people have specific sale blogs? 
Also in one of my recent posts  I asked about making a separate blog about hosiery. A lot of people said I should just post them here, I still think I'll make a separate blog because I've been wanting to post about tights for ages and never got around to it. I think having a blog that will be only for tights will give me the incentive to actually take some photos and make posts, otherwise the blog will shrivel up and die :P But people's reactions got me thinking about what you might like to see on this blog. At the moment it's almost entirely about cosmetics with a few fashion bits now and again. So I've put a little poll up there if you';d like to see any changes.
And how would you feel about some weekly posts? I used to do 'Muso Mondays' about my favourite bands but that shrivelled up and died :P I was thinking about things like a weekly post of things I'm lemming, or a favourite product of the week or something like that. How do you feel about those sort of regular posts? Or any suggestions for posts like that you'd be interested in?
Thanks for any comments you have for me!
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  1. 1 By all means go the ads route. Normally I dislike them on aesthetics ground and also that (for me) I might be advertising stuff I disapprove of. But at your age and in your position you have to be pragmatic. Do it.
    2 Blog sale? Fine. For me I can keep track of either a separate sale OR a sale here. Easy either way. If you're selling cosmetics this time then count me in.
    3 Too right you should ask a company to sponsor a giveaway. It's free publicity for them. They can always say no. I have no problem with that.
    4 And I see no harm in soliciting products for review. It may not be your preferred course of action but I trust you to be honest. You'd have a disclaimer so - reader beware.

    It's all fine.

  2. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't be too keen on a paypal donate button. But I would happily buy from any blog sale you might hold in the future.

  3. I don't mind any which way you do it. Hah, I know that's not the most helpful comment. But I'm not bothered by ads at all, as long as they're placed in reasonable spots on the blog and don't make it impossible to read or navigate(which I'm sure you wouldn't do). And I say this is your blog, you blog about whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like. ^_^ If you prefer the separation, whether for the sake of organization or courtesy, then do it. But I'm lazy and would prefer to see all of you in one place. The blog sale is a great idea to put some extra money in your pocket(yeah, straight from my wallet). I'll buy your old makeup from you! It's for a good cause! And weekly posts are fun! I love to read them, it's nice to see what you like to do/read/watch/etc in your real life. ^_^

    I think that covers it. Either way, I think all above are great ideas! <3

  4. Personally, I find the donate button tacky. But if people feel the need to donate, then maybe it will work for you. While I don't like ads, it may be a better option.

    As far as other posts such a fashion and tights, put them on this blog! No need to start another one! Remember, its your blog, do with it what you feel like! People will read the posts that interest them, and bypass the ones they aren't interested in!

  5. I wouldn't mind if you put ads on your blog at all, I have ads on my blogs myself, have done for a long time, I was a student when I started and since I finished uni I've been only sporadically employed. Quite a few online cosmetics stores have affiliate schemes as well that you could join, so if you write about a product that they happen to sell you can put the link in your post and then if anybody buys it you get commission. Some people are a bit funny about affiliate links but I think that as long as your post is clearly unbiased (ie. a proper review with pros and cons listed) there's nothing wrong with including them.

    Sponsored giveaways sound great and I'm looking forward to the blog sale, I don't mind whether sale posts go on main blogs or specific blogs, but more people will probably see it if you keep it on the main blog.

    I am also really looking forward to reading your hoisery posts! You could always put them on here and have a 'Tights Tuesday' hahaha. I am OBSESSED with hoisery.

  6. I forgot to say - I don't think there's anything wrong with having a donate button up, some people think they're weird but before I read blogs I read webcomics and it's fairly standard for webcomic sites to have a donate button, so I'm used to it.

  7. Honestly I think if you want to put a donation button up, it's your choice. No one has to donate, if someone doesn't like it they can ignore it. It's your site. If someone really wants to help out a little bit they have that option. =] If people don't want to help, they don't have to.

    I also don't have an issue with ads. I think sometimes they can be obnoxious but when you don't have much income you do what you need to do. I try to click on ads when I visit blogs if something catches my eye. Every little bit helps. =D

    I personally like blogs that have a slighter wider broad of posts. It's just nice to see a little variety when you read a blog. =]

  8. I think you should definitely put ads up. I don't find them obtrusive at all and I actually do click on ones I find interesting. About the donate button... I'm not sure. I see how in your situation it would be helpful (other people who do it just seem greedy), but it just feels sort of odd to me. I would feel weird accepting money from people. I think it would kind of be like asking acquaintances/friends in your "real" life to donate money to you. It would just be sort of awkward. But I feel like you would be doing the donate button thing for the right reasons, so either way I will still support you and love your blog.

    And definitely go for a blog sale. I think it would be fine to have it in another tab on this blog and you can just link to it in your posts and such. Plus, it would probably be easier for you to keep track of.

  9. Ads are fine by me, I don't even see them I'm so used to them. I'd be happy for you to have a donation button and ooh can't wait to see this project, I look forward to it.

  10. For the ads, why not? As long as the ads aren't in your face obnoxious, and the blog keeps its general feel, I don't imagine I'd mind. And the donate button... Well, I've considered it myself on occasion, but have passed because I think it's generally in poor taste. It wouldn't put me off, personally if you put one in, though. I've just always wondered how others react to those things.

  11. All of those things sound fine to me. :) I expect some amount of ads on blogs, as bloggers have to purchase a fair amount of stuff out of pocket because they can't receive *everything* for free. So that kind of stuff is fine with me. :)

    Honestly, I probably wouldn't go to a separate blog for hosiery, but that's just because I'm really lazy and follow blogs that are listed on someone's master list of blogs that I also find an interest in. However, I wouldn't mind at all - and would read - those kinds of posts here. I like it when you include bits and bobs from your life and don't think this has to be a makeup-only blog. There are plenty of those out there. Frankly, since so many bloggers have overlapping reviews the things that bring me back to a blog are personality and other kinds of chatter, posts, photos, and talk of what's going on in their lives. I'm always curious about other people and how they live, their interests, and stuff like that. So feel free to post anything at all you'd like to on your is your blog after all. :p I'll keep reading. :) Unless you start posting only about frog legs. After a few days of frog leg posts I might have my fill and go elsewhere....just sayin'. :p

  12. A sponsered giveaway sounds like a good idea, especially if it's from a company you like anyway, it's free advertising to them :)

    I don't mind blog sales being on the same blog, or in a separate one. I think that should be down to how you want to do it and what is easiest for you. If you want a seperate blog for neatness then as long as you link to it from your main blog it's all good :)

    Regular/weekly posts would be good too, I'd love to see the Muso Mondays one. I'm still finding old indie bands that died after 1 album years ago that I missed out on! :) I find the problem with writing weekly posts is if I knew I had to do a post every week I wouldn't want to do it. I prefer to blog when I want to, which is pretty regular anyway, but if I thought I had to do it, I probably woldn't blog as much. Maybe I'm strange though :P I'm really looking forward to your tights posts! xx

  13. Ads, Paypal, whatever. I got no problem with it, you do what you need to do.

    I'm sure you're known enough that a company would agree to sponsor a giveaway.

    Blog sales being on a separate blog might be more organized? But on same blog means more exposure, I definitely think.

    Weekly posts sound fun; long as it doesn't eat up too much of your energy, I'd love to read them. Lemmings, faves, meta...

  14. -I'm perfectly fine with ads and would have them myself if I got enough traffic. My boyfriend has some websites where he has ads and they create more revenue than I expected. I say go for it!

    -Paypal donate button is reasonable. It gets expensive buying items to review and whatnot, so I think it's a good idea to have a donate button for this cause.

    -I really like the idea of you having a separate blog for your hosiery because I think, like you said, it will give you incentive to wear them more frequently which will mean more posts.

    -Sponsored giveaways are great I think. Some lucky person gets a bunch of free stuff and the company gets more potential customers.

    -I think a blog sale on this blog is a good idea. Everyone knows where to go and other bloggers do it seemingly without a hitch.

    Aaand, I'm super excited about your secret project! :D I say, do whatever you feel is right for your blog. I know you'll always be honest and whatnot so I stand behind you 100%!

  15. Much like everyone else here, I think you should go for the ads. I know it would be frustrating if there was an ad for something you didn't like, but at the same time I think that since your blog is technically work you do (just because it's fun doesn't mean it can't be work!) that it should pay you. I basically feel the same about a donate button.

    As far as selling things here--I think that having other people reading your words is highly personal and that for somebody to come here and buy something that was yours, it sort of cements a feeling of friendship. I hope that doesn't sound creepy! Anyway, I would much rather buy some bracelets or earrings from you than from some chain store.

    In any case, you have every right to earn some money for yourself! If I had a job I would certainly buy some stuff or contribute; I've used my money for worse!

  16. I like muso mondays! weekly things sound cool =)

    I understand your hesitance, but as you can get ads and know they could help then why not? You've explained everything so well, I don't think anybody would offended and I'm sure you would choose carefully.

    Oh yeah, have you smelt givenchy- ange ou demon? that is very sherbety!

  17. I agree with all that's has been said, I like better the ads idea than the donate button, and I can't wait for the secret project and the hosiery stuff!
    Courage, as it isn't easy to struggle with money problems :(

  18. Ads and PayPal button and so on - absolutely fine. You seem to be a nice person who puts effort in your blog, and you´re fun and clever. I think that if you can´t bring home the bacon (so to speak), you have to figure out a way to make the bacon come home to you. It´s awful to be constantly broke. Don´t be afraid of pulling in some £.xx/tanya

  19. I don't see why anyone would object to a donate button. Makeup blogs are expensive .. goodness knows I don't have the money to afford half of what people review. Whether someone donates you a product to review or gives you actual money does it really matter? Without money can you really review products :P Granted a lot of bloggers are gifted items to review but for a lot of bloggers they buy most of their items.

    Hope it works out for you!

  20. Noone should care if you put ads or a donate button up. It's your business what you do with your blog, not anyone elses. If someone doesn't like it, then they don't have to read your blog!

  21. firstly, I agree with everyone else that it's your blog, and you should decide what you put on it. There aren't that many blogs with no ads whatsoever, so you wouldn't lose many followers over that. It looks like more people don't like the donate button, probably because not that many bloggers have it. My only major preference is that the ads are for a product that you actually like/use. But if that doesn't work as well, I totally understand. Maybe you could link to this post under the donate button so new readers would know why you have it. Or not. Whatever you do, I'll keep reading. :)

  22. I really do love your blog! I like when you put in posts of your outfits because they are awesome! If you did a blog sale on this blog, I would certainly browse around, I'm sure you have lots of awesome stuff!


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