Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Exciting stuff!

So for the last week or so I've been very excited about a new vlogging project. You may have seen posts about this on other peoples blogs as I've been being slow due to the various woes of the early part of this week. The fabulous Wendy from Turtle Beauty has set up a youtube channel for a group of beauty bloggers to collaborate with each other - The Makeup Heroes! And I am very honoured to be part of the group :)

Our youtube channel is here .You can see all the videos so far and information about all the bloggers involved there. Our first videos are introductions and 13 Questions Tags. Here's Wendy's intro and the intro to the whole channel:

And here's my video:

... Oh dear :P

Peoples videos are still going up so they'll be more to come soon. Please feel free to subscribe or comment :)

And the second exciting thing is this competition I heard about through Kimberly . Candace at Cinnamon Candies is asking for people to nominate their favourite bloggers to win the Cinnamon Candies Beauty Blog Awards!

' How would you like to win some awesome prizes from Darling Girl Cosmetics, Dark Heart DesignsEvil Shades just for being a beauty blogger? Here’s your chance. Susan from Darling Girl, Tina from Dark Heart Designs and Andrea from Evil Shades have all agreed to work with me to bring you all the “Beauty Blog Awards”. and
How does it work? Easy! Send me an email with your nominees in the following categories:
  • Best swatches
  • Best reviews
  • Best eotd/fotd blog
  • Best overall beauty blog
  • and the fun category: Best indie make-up company!
Once the nominations close, nominees will be put to a vote. The winners will be announced and receive the awesome prizes from the companies mentioned above. Don’t worry, the winner of “Best indie make-up” will receive a lovely body pampering gift basket to give themselves a much needed break.'
(Taken from original competition post. You can find more rules and the email to vote on there :D )

I think this is just the sweetest, most lovely idea! It's so generous of Candace to have put this all together herself and such a nice way to build a community spirit among bloggers and indie brands. I'll be voting for my favourite blogs and it would be great if you did too!
(Please note I am not asking you to vote for me, vote for whoever you really feel is the best in those catergories! Not saying you shouldn't vote for me if you actually want to though! :P If I do happen to get nominated I will be incredibly honoured and grateful.)
You can even nominate yourself if you want to! (I'm tempted to because the prize sounds amazing, but I would feel too guilty XD)
Nominations close 7th July.

Anything else big and exciting happening in the blogging world that I've missed?


  1. I love your video! and your cute doggie in the background! I am totally a nervous wreck when doing videos and that's why I only have one video! I really need to work on them and get better!

    Thanks for the shout out too!

  2. Loved your video! We both have the same pet peeve-flaky plan-cancellers! I can't stand it, and think it shows a real disregard for the value of the other person's time. I too hate being thrown off guard and have to gear myself up for particular plans, and when they go suddenly awry (either when they get cancelled or plans suddenly include more people than I expected) I get very frustrated and anxious. My other related pet peeve is people who come up to me (total strangers!) and command me to "smile!" I wrote a huge blog entry about this, it makes me THAT crazy angry. It's interesting that you like odd numbers more than even-that sounds sort of synesthesia-esque. For me, some numbers strike me as having distinct personalities or colors associated with them. It's a really interesting sensory condition. Anyway, looking forward to more from you :)

  3. Awww! I love you Lillian! You're so fabulous :)

  4. Oh, how exciting! I wish you the best of luck with this new endeavor! Cheers!

  5. I'm so excited about the youtube thing, you guys are all awesome :) And the contest is a lovely idea!

  6. Lovely video, Lillian! You're far braver than I could ever hope to be. I've never been able to work up the nerve to make a video of myself for anything. I can hardly even take pictures of myself.

  7. Can't wait to watch this!

  8. Great video! I love your little doggy in the background! The Makeup Heroes is such a fun idea, really enjoying watching all the videos :) xx

  9. Your video is so friggin cute, your voice and accent are just adorbz. Move here and be my best frannnnn <3

  10. KimmieKarma♥ :
    Thank you! I'm a nervous wreck too, that was actually my fourth attempt at filming the video :P
    And your more than welcome, I wouldn't have know about the contest if it wasn't for your blog :)

    Liber Vix:
    Uhhh I know, flaky people drive me mad! It makes me really anxious and stressed and panic that they're not getting back to me because they secretly hate me and don't want to hang out with me or something. Uhh I've been told to 'cheer up love, it might never happen' a few times, it's so irritating! Especially as just not smiling doesn't mean you're unhappy!
    I'd love to have synesthesia, it just sounds so cool! I don't think I have it properly though, I don't see numbers as having personalities, I just like odd numbers better for no apparent reason :P

    Awww shucks, what have I done to deserve such praise? :)

    Thanks so much!

    Thank you! It's nice to do something collaborative with other bloggers. And the contest is such a sweet idea, I hope lots of people take part :)

    Aww thank you. I wouldn't call myself brave. Taking photos of myself really doesn't bother me at all, aking videos is a scary but I can cope with it. in 'real life' im a huge coward. But again thank you for being so kind.

    hope you like/liked it!

    Thank you! It is really fun, I've so enjoyed watching everyone's videos. I'm so pleased to be part of the group :) And thank you, he was being really annoying and kept yawning in my ear while I was filming :P

    Awww cheers fellow hero! :D I can't move to Oz though, it's way to hot there, I would wither away!

  11. WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE? and how long have you been on YouTube? i am a YT addict but i didn't know you had a channel!

  12. beautifulmonday:
    I'm afraid I cannot tell you why :P
    I've been on youtube about 2 years I guess, but I go through long periods of not making any videos.


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