Monday, 6 June 2011

Easter Face and Stylish Blogger award

This was my face on Easter Day. Yes, yes I am stupidly slow at posting, but I've actually got ones from over a year ago now that I still haven't put up. I SUCK!

 I'm wearing Sugarpill Paperdoll and Birthday Girl, a lime green Avon liquid eyeliner (name has rubbed off), High Voltage Cosmetics Eyebrow Powder in Redhead and OCC Lip Tar in Vapid. I can't remember anything else. 

Also I was tagged by the lovely Miss Bekka to do this Stylish Blogger award :) I love doing these things. I know I've probably missed tags in the past, so if you ever tagged me and I didn't do it then I'm sorry! I just tend to save things in tabs or my favourites and then forget about them because, as I said, I SUCK!

Anyway here are the rules for this one:

General rules of the award(s):
1.  Thank the person who gave you the award(s) and link back to them in your blog.
2.  Tell everyone 7 things about yourself (per award).
3.  Tag more bloggers for the award(s).
4.  Contact those bloggers to let them know they’ve been tagged.

I'n never keen on tagging people because I feel really anxious that I'll offend people I don't tag! So while I am only tagging Carla and Georgina please know that I think everyone I follow is super stylish :)

Ok so 7 facts about me:

1. I have a birthmark at the top of my left breast. It's sort of a triangle but with an odd top, so I like to call it heart shaped :P

2. I don't know how to ride a bike. I never really learned as a kid (I could ride but only with stabilisers :P) and though I'd really like to learn I'd be too embarrassed and self concious to now. If I could I would get a chopper!

3. I have quite a good singing voice, but only when I'm drunk (but not toooo drunk) or if noone else is around. Otherwise I'm too self concious and deliberately do a sort of weird comedic voice.

4. I'm honestly not sure what colour my hair is naturally now. I haven't had more than about an inch of roots since I was about 12. And my roots used to be darker than the rest of my hair. Anyway it used to be a dark blonde colour, and I imagine it still is, but I can't be sure.

5. I'm allergic to pineapple, kiwi fruit and a certain E number or something. Well I don't know what it is, I assume it's an e number. It's in pear drops, Apple Jolly Ranchers and some ice lollies. When I eat any of those things my tongue starts itching like crazy and I start choking. I'm also allergic to ant bites, they make me swell up in odd little cones.

6. I managed to insult Thomas Dolby via an old blog I had. Another claim to fame is that Harry Hill once called me a 'weird kid'.

7. Until I was about 6 or 7 I had quite an odd and sever speech impediment. I had a terrible lisp and could not pronounce 'K' or 'L'. I would say things like 'snate' instead of snake and I couldn't pronounce my name at all. I would say my name was 'Yeeyan' and people would think I was some weird girl called Ian. I also have a vivid memory of some adults (friends of my parents) laughing hysterically as I told our dog to 'sit' because my lisp made me pronounce it as 'shit'. I had no idea what they were laughing at.

So that's some stuff about me! Tell me things about you :)


  1. I totally do the same thing when I'm singing! I love to sing, but only when I'm sure no one can hear me. Or else I use the mock singing voices. :P I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does that silly stuff. ^____^ And riding a bike is totally overrated. I didn't learn until I was ten, and it was awful. I was lanky and super clumsy. I still have scars on my elbows. :/

  2. Fun story on speech. When my brother was little, he couldn't pronounce my aunt's name (Elizabeth), so he just called her "Sissy". Then I come along, and I turn out having a pretty significant lisp as a tiny kid. So I try and take his lead, but her name winds up becoming "Thithy".

    Moral of the story: Elizabeth is an evil name for kids.

  3. haha I had to laugh at the last one. That was too funny but cute at the same time.

  4. I wish Harry Hill called me a weird kid! I once saw Al Murray (who at the time had a slot on Harry Hill's show) walking through St James Park with a little boy on his shoulders. It was cute.

  5. "people would think I was some weird girl called Ian" - LOL THAT IS SO CUTE XD

    I really like Vapid on you!

  6. Vapid looks awesome! And Ian.... d'aaaw. I like Ian for a girl!

  7. My daughter, Philippa, couldn't say /f/. So she was Silippa. We used to talk about 'fluffy fish' a lot too....Not easy.

  8. I don´t know how to ride a bike either. Last time I tried with a friend´s bike I almost crashed with a car :D

    Also, I did not learn how to pronounce the letter "R" (rolling r) until I was a teenager. People used to imitate me at school.

  9. Gorgeous make up, I love the pink with the green liner :)
    Aww, such sweet facts about you, I like 'Yeeyan', it's too cute! xx

  10. Awww so cute, and I love the look!


  11. I love the green liner with Birthday Girl! Love the sunglasses too!

  12. PrettyunDead:
    Yes exactly! When I'm on my own, or too inebriated to care I can happily belt it out, otherwise I get all embarrassed and stupid :P
    And see I wouldm't have minded the scratches and bruises as a kid but now I'm a complete wimp! I can't cope with the prospect of falling off a bike!

    Miss Bekka:
    HA HA! Oh no! XD

    I know, so embarassing XD At least I was only 6 or 7!

    Aww! I loved him in Harry Hill's show, the big brother Alan! :D

    Now I can find it cute and laugh at it but at the time it was infuriating XD
    And thank you! I thought it would be a bit too pale for me but think it actualy looks nice!

    Thank you! It's a very nice colour, it actually usually looks better but had separated a little and I was too lazy to spend a while shaking it :P
    Ian's actually quite nice for a girl! But it was very frustrating trying to explain my name!

    I like Silippa, it's like a silly slipper :D
    And what is the fluffy fish??

    bright side:
    Oh no! :P I can just imagine me getting on and falling over and over and over and I can't be bothered with the cuts and bruises!
    Aww I really like when people can't pronounce 'r' I find it very endearing!

    Thank you! I did little green specks over the eyes too but you can't really see them in the photos.
    It's funny thinking back on it now but was incredibly frustrating at the time! XD

    Dreams That Glitter:
    Aww thanks! :)

    Thank you! The sunglasses are from :)

  13. I can't ride a bike either!

    I remember when I was little I couldn't pronounce "R" so I just said "L" instead. It's really weird to imagine that now... O.-
    I couldn't pronounce *trying to come up with an English word... failing* the sound of a Spanish "J" either.

    I've really started loving your blog lately btw. ^-^

  14. Michilicious:
    Hooray! I don't know anyone else who can't ride a bike, I'm not alone!
    Oh no! I like the r/l mispronounciation :) I don't think we have the spanish J sound in any english words!
    And thank you! :)

  15. LOL@ the last one! It's funny but in a cute way!:) And you look very couture in the pics.;)

  16. Red lips, Black hair:
    I was a weird kid. And thank you, I don't think I've ever been called couture before! :D


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