Saturday, 18 June 2011

(Almost) Free nail polish :)

Hi everyone, sorry you've probably had this post pop up a lot on your blogroll over the last few days! But incase you haven't I'm sharing this deal.

I was sent these 2 lovely polishes by Sammy from Jam (thanks Sammy!). One - Atomic is a beautiful, nearly neon orange (possibly a dupe or similar to Illamasqua's Gamma) and the other - OMP! (Oh My Pink!) is a bright pink.

You can get them yourselves for (almost) free by picking up The News of the World on sundays. You need to collect 3 vouchers printed over the next 4 weeks from Fabulous magazine (The first voucher is released tomorrow 19th June) then take the vouchers to Tesco and redeem them for the polishes between the 3rd and 11th of July.

So they're not completely free (unless you already buy the News of the World on sundays) as you need to buy 3 issues of the paper. But I guess that will come to about £3 and the polishes are worth £22. Plus there are codes on the back of the polish box for 20% off at the Nails inc website. Plus you can get a half-price manicure at participating Nails Inc Salons. So it's a really good deal as long as you like the colours :)

I've never tried Nails Inc polishes before so this is a great opportunity to pick up something out of my usual price range. However I have some similar colours already, so there may well be a little giveaway coming up (when I can afford postage :( )

You can see some lovely swatches and a brief review of the polishes at Get Gawjus' blog here


  1. These both look like beautiful colors!

  2. These look gorgeous i must remember to collect the tokens xx

  3. The Peach:
    They're both really lovely! I'm feeling all greedy and wanting to keep them even though I have dupes already! Noooo bad Lillian, give them away!

    They're really pretty and definately worth the price of 3 rubbish newspapers :P


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