Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Things I want but can't afford number 1

Hullo everyone. I'm feeling a lot better today, the sun has gone in and though it's still rather hot the stormy weather has taken away my heat exhaustion. But I'm in quite a bad mood because of the ridiculous tribunal service I'm going through. A couple of weeks ago I was told that I shouldn't expect my appeal to be heard until mid December. Today a letter arrived saying in fact it would be happening mid august. While it will be great to get it over and done with this means I have less than 2 months to prepare and gather evidence and stuff :/
Anyway this is that start of a new regular (or I hope to be regular) feature 'Things I want but can't afford'. These are basically things I am lusting after but do not have the money to spend on them. 

So the first thing I am longing for but can't bring myself to buy is: 

If you've not heard of these then they are basically temporary tattoos for your lips. How cool is that? It means you can have lips with tiny hearts

Or polka dots

Or even amazing nautical stripes!

(all photos shamelessly nicked off Violent lips website)

I love bright and bold lips and sometimes like to do 'arty' things like heart shaped lips, or different shades on the top and bottom or even more complicate stuff but no matter how much lipcote I put on or how carefully I apply the lippie I always end up with a bit of colour blending or smudging or it just doesn't look great to begin with. I certainly would never do a look like that if I was going for a night on the town. So if these work they would be right up my street! An easy, quick way to get a neat patterned lip look. Most people would probably think these look too unusual or tacky or even downright freakish but I find them quite beautiful!

They cost $14.95 (or a few styles are only $9.99) for 3 applications and at the moment have free shipping and 20% off if you spend over $30. I see this price as neither hugely expensive nor cheap. While $15 may sound a large amount for something you can only wear 3 times I figure that these are mainly a novelty thing. I love bright, bold, stupid colour lips but even I wouldn't wear these just to go down the shops. They're meant to last 4-8 hours so they sound great for going dancing or to a party or something. And if you think like that $5 (i guess about £3) for a really fun look for a night out doesn't seem that bad.Well that is if they do indeed work!

Having said that I'm in no position to be spending $15 or even $10 on lip tattoos :( Maybe some day though!


  1. I have never heard of these before! I bet you would rock some of these fun designs! Some day.... :)

  2. I've seen some pictures of these, and some of them looked cool, but others just looked kinda weird. Like you couldn't really tell what the image was :\

  3. I just got a few to try out, my main concern is how they feel on your lips :s

    Hhaha I'll let you know how they go

  4. those stripes are amazing!!!

  5. GET OUT that's the coolest thing ever!!!

  6. Those violent lips look so cool!I want some!

  7. I really want to try those Violent Lips too :D

  8. These look awesome! I'd be interested to see easily them come off, to be honest. I mean, if they wore off funny and then couldn't come off... I wouldn't want half stripedey lips!

  9. That's so weird, but it's pretty cool

  10. The Peach:
    Thank you, I feel I could rock a stripey lip :P

    I'm not keen on the 'patriotic' flag designs or the rainbow ones but I love all the patterned ones.

    Ooh please do! I was wondering how they'd feel too. Apparently you can use lip balm on top.

    I know! And the little anchor is so cute! :D

    Isn't it just?

    I know, so so cool! :D


    You should! I'd love to see them on you :)

    It says on the site not to get any grease or oil on them as it wears them off so I assume it would come off easilly with an oil based makeup remover. But I'm with you, I hope they don't wear unevenly.

    I agree, very weird but very cool!

  11. Wow, those look very daring!

    I think you should just call this section 'things i want'. By adding the 'but i can't afford' bit you might inadvertently make yourself feel a bit down as it's a little negative.

    Love you and your blog btw!

  12. I love the name of this post, haha! I was checking these out the other day. I would totally love to have some of these.

  13. Anonymous:
    They sure are! I'd feel so cool wearing them :P
    I understand what you mean and I appreciate your concern, but actually labelling these things as 'things I can't afford' is helpful to me. Because I have a bit of a problem spending more than I have, so I need to remind myself that while I may want these things I just cannot justify the expense at the moment :) Also I just think it's a fun name. Thank you for the suggestion though, it's very sweet of you to worry about my feelings! <3
    And thank you so much!

    Thank you! If you do try them then you must tell me what you thought of them! :D

  14. That is pretty darn cool! I actually didn't know they have lip tattoos available. I'm not too sure about how I feel about it. It's neat though. Just not sure if I'd wear it.

  15. I kind of love them, but I'm sure I'd be crap at applying them. Like the nailpolish strips - I'm sure I'd have bubbles and rough edges and patches where it didn't transfer.

  16. These look great! I say a video of someone applying them and they looked really good. I wonder how well they last or if you have to avoid food and drink all night? :P xx

  17. These are insane! The glitter ones (coming soon) look very promising.

  18. Pang:
    It's definately not a look for everyone! :)

    I've never tried the nailpolish strips, I really want to as well! It depends how easy they are, if they're like the temporary tattoos I had as a kid, I remember those applying quite easily but peeling around the edges :/

    I think they look so cool. It says on the website to avoid greasy food and drink through a straw :P If I ever try them then I will let you know what they're like when you eat and drink. I do a lot of that :P

    Oh I know, the glitter ones look AMAZING! I think when they come out I might have my resolve leave me :P

  19. www.pinmeez.com has these 3 for $10! They are so much fun and they have their own brand of interchangeable flip flops that are also 3 for $10. So much fun and so affordable!


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