Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Makeup Critic

You may have seen this blog on some posts already. Basically it's some horrid person insulting beauty bloggers because they dare not do their makeup how it 'should' be done. It's stupid and mean and basically pointless except for insulting people for spurious reasons like their nails aren't absolutely perfectly manicured.
The writer is not a proper makeup artist or cosmotologist (though apparently her and doesn't seem to know much about makeup herself. She doesn't share any of her own looks, and the only tips she gives are tired old beauty 'rules' you read in every magazine, dictating what makeup should be like. And some of her advice is just incorrect.  The blog is not helpful, it's just mean. 
But.... God is it funny.

I can understand why some of my featured friends found the nasty criticism written about them hurtful, it really is horrible that someone would take the time to just criticise and bitch about things like that. But... God it's so stupid and funny!  She knows NOTHING! She's basically insulting beauty bloggers without even understanding what beauty blogs actually do. And she has very limited knowledge about actual beauty practices. She doesn't know what the point of 
FOTDs is, doesn't know why someone would show nail polish swatches, doesn't know what a cut-crease is, think nails breathe, etc etc.

What I find particularly funny is that the writer has only the shakiest grasp of the English language. The blog reads like one of those spam emails about a Nigerian dictator leaving you money in their will. Now I don't think there's anything wrong with not knowing English perfectly, God knows I couldn't write anything in a different language, but when your entire blog is basically saying 'you shouldn't write a blog about things you're not a complete expert at' then the ridiculous grammar mistakes and incorrectly used words sort of work against that point :P Her overuse of 'qualitative' is particularly hilarious, she doesn't use it correctly a single time! Some sentences are completely incomprehensible.

It's also funny because, like I said earlier, she doesn't actually seem to know a lot about makeup. Lots of her 'tips' are either incorrect or just stupidly dated. And the thing I find funniest is that she claims her posts are good for the bloggers they insult. That she's just kindly giving them some tips.

Criticism as a whole is not bad. Constructive criticism can be very helpful, and even vital. And I have no problem with snark, where the criticism isn't really constructive but it's used for humour. There's also a lot to be said for criticism where it's really deserved, towards liars, cheats and so on. But this blog is is just bitchiness, aimed at people who haven't done anything wrong, very poorly disguised as advice.

The whole point of her 'critiques' (which is really just her excuse for writing a blog full of petty insults) is that if you're not an expert you shouldn't do tutorials, or even just share your makeup, which really goes against the whole idea of beauty blogging. Of course there are some professional makeup artists who have blogs, but the majority are girls who just love makeup and want to share what they love, what works for them and any tips they might have. I actually prefer reading blogs written by non-professionals because I'm not a makeup artist myself. My needs are different than what a makeup artist needs and my skill with makeup is nowhere near their level, so it would be very difficult to pull off a lot of professional techniques and looks. So I prefer to read advice from people like me, who just have a passion for painting their face and whose looks I might actually have a chance of replicating. If only experts are allowed to blog there would be basically no baking blogs (only bakers could share recipes), no weight-loss blogs (only professional fitness instructors should write diet advice) and only a few makeup blogs, most of which would use products out of my price range.

She also thinks that if your makeup is 'perfect' then you have no right to be showing it at all.

I am under no illusions that my makeup is 'perfect'. I very rarely do tutorials because I do not feel that I am qualified to tell people how to do their makeup as I'm well aware that I don't know how to do everything in the 'proper' way.  I do it how it works for me, whether that means using a tiny concealer brush to apply my foundation, occassionally using sponge applicators, wearing colours that don't quite suit my skintone or forgoing eye primer because I am forgetful and damn lazy. Why do I share it at all then? Because I want to. It's fun. I don't expect anyone to look at my blog and assume I am a proper makeup artist and they should be copying my looks. But I think some of my ideas are fun and interesting and mostly I just share because this is MY BLOG. It's a personal thing for me to do what I want and I'm not ashamed to show how I look.
And what exactly is 'perfect' makeup? I would say my favourite makeup artist is Alex Box, I think her looks are just stunning. Look at this:

I would say this is 'perfectly done'. But I'm sure lots of people would disagree. It's over the top and fantastical and it would be hard to find an occaision suitable for such a look.

Wayne Goss just today said that to him this is 'perfect':

The skin is flawless and the look is natural and conventionally attractive. But to me it's a little dull.

Maybe my friend Mikey's makeup is perfect?

...Ok so that's a no :P

But my point is, if makeup is an 'art' as the blogger claims, then there cannot be any 'perfect' makeup. Art is by it's own nature subjective. Everyone has different ideas on what is 'good' art and NO-ONE'S opinion is correct.

There is no such thing as 'perfect'. There is no such thing as 'normal'. Everything is subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

And even if there was such a thing as perfection, the idea that you shouldn't share things because they're not perfect is moronic. Where would we be in life if everyone acted like that? No-one would share ideas, they'd basically be no art, music, film etc. Also how will you ever become better at what you do if you don't share? As an artist I know my work isn't perfect, but I'm still going to show it to people and appreciate the compliments I get and think about the constructive criticism I'm given. If I'd never shared anything I would never have grown.

When she discusses the fact that makeup shouldn't have rules she says: “Yes, make up has no strict rules, but there are some guidelines to help avoid the most serious mistakes and did not look ridiculous and unnatural.” (although she then goes on to say some bloggers have failed the 'rules')

But I WANT to look ridiculous and unnatural! A mistake for me would be 'my lips but better' lippie on,  french tipped nails, brown mascara etc because I wouldn't feel pretty or comfortable. But is that sort of makeup a mistake for everyone? Of course not.  Do what you want, it's your face! Makeup is worn for so many different reasons, you can't apply the same rules of makeup to, for instance, a drag act or performance artist than you can to a woman who just wants to look good for work. And there should be no rules anyway. NONSENSE NONSENSE NONSENSE!

In a way I don't want to feed the troll by posting this and pointing you towards the blog, but some of the comments on her blog are wonderful, heartwarming and exciting. 

If you've been featured on her blog, or if it happens in the future, I can imagine how hurtful it would be, but try and look at it this way: How much bravery does it take to start a blog, never show any of your own work and basically anonymously (while her name is there there is no indication it's her, any talk of her life and the photo thats supposed to be her looks very much like a stock image) slag people off? She's not doing anything constructive, she's just insulting people who dare to put their faces out in the world and share their creativity. 

All the people she's insulted have thousands of followers and huge amounts of postive comments, so obviously they're doing something right! All she's got is a bunch of people who hate her for being a nasty critical person. Also seeing as she's so mean we have an excuse to laugh at her amazing destruction of the English language. 

I really hope that she genuinely doesn't understand how meanspirited and bitchy she comes across as and that after she's read all the comments on her blog she will rethink what she's doing. If not then she's just an idiotic butthole.


  1. What a moron. If you're not showing your own skills, then you have no right to criticize others.

    Just because there have been a few looks on the blogs I read that I wouldn't personally wear, I'm not about to sit down and write some bitchfest blog post about what a terrible makeup artist they are. That would be stupid and not constructive at all.

  2. I'd never heard of this blog and I just had a look. How bizarre! I agree with you, I want to look ridiculous and unnatural, that's the whole point. Can bright coloured cosmetics be worn any other way?

  3. This woman is absolutely ridiculous. Her writing is almost incomprehensible at points. It's almost as if she wrote her posts in her native tongue and then stuck them through Google Translate.

  4. I hadn't heard of this blog until I read about it here and having read it I really have to question what she is trying to achieve with her blog. She posts stock images; publishes details of products and companies as if she has just taken them from their website or a press release and she seems to base her readership on criticising popular and established bloggers without putting much independent thought into it, in effect she is a parasite feeding off of the effort and originality of others.
    I'm sure this woman would love a world where everyone looked exactly the same, had the same interests and opinion; something which disregards the beauty (I mean that in the sense that the variety of looks and tastes rather than everyone looking like a supermodel etc) of cosmetics, blogs and of people's creativity and individuality.
    To take her criticisms of peoples makeup and blogs seriously would be like taking Kim Jong-Il criticising the West as undemocratic seriously: might not be perfect or it could be flawed but it is still much better that what she is offering.

  5. Is this the moonsbeam person on twitter that has been slating everyone?

  6. hehehe I like that post! I agree on everything, what the point of makeup if you can't play with it?

  7. She's trying to up her hit count. Possibly swing some advert deals, then *pouf!!* switch the focus of her blog. It's all a gimmick to increase her exposure fast.

    This is why I don't care to link to the cow. Why reward bad behavior?

    Oooooo, someone should take screenshots of everything. Show her future advertisers what kind of person she is. (If it's even a woman writing this. My personal vote is for "a team of people".)

  8. "If not then she's just an idiotic butthole. " perfect way to end it :)

  9. Thanks so much for this post! I couldn't have said it better myself! I am not a professional makeup artist (or anything close to one!) and I tend to read makup blogs from other people who are like me, because I can relate to them! I was appauled when I saw The Makeup Zombie share about this blog yesterday. I actually took the time to email one of the bloggers that was criticized in that blog, and told her how much I love her blog and enjoy seeing her creativity.

    I thought I was following your blog, but guess I wasn't. Caught this post looking thru Phyrra's blog roll, so I had to stop by and put in my two cents! Thanks again for your well thought out post!

  10. It seems to me that this person has typed out her post in her native tongue and then popped it into Google translate. And I am pretty sure that by qualitative she actually means "quality". I am 99% sure her photo is a stock photo. I don't really understand her purpose. :/

  11. According to this post => ; Her name is Vera Kempner. =P

    I call trolls. Or stupid. Either or. 8D/

  12. I couldn't have said it better myself! I see that moron has taken down the original photos of Phyrra and Becky, even though she's claiming that she followed copyright law. And she's actually responding to comments, but she's such an idiot I can't even comprehend what she's trying to say.

  13. "But I WANT to look ridiculous and unnatural!"

    Amen! Perfectly put-together has its time and place, but it isn't the rule. Makeup is fun. Makeup is creative. If it weren't, how many of us would be into it?

    To be perfectly honest, I don't know what colours truly suit my skin and eyes. I just know what colours I love. And I can't claim to know how to contour to compliment my face shape, or line to make my eyes into something desirable. I just know how to do what *I* like. And you know what? I don't care if I haven't covered my dark circles properly - if someone doesn't like my genetics, they can go f#&% themselves. I do beauty for *my* enjoyment, and I blog for my friends. Simple as that.

  14. Tsktsk, I've never heard about this blog. This is ridiculous. It's actually embarrassing to see this "author" ridicule other bloggers. Blogs are your opinion and what you think looks good. If you don't like what you see on someone's blog, then don't read it. Seriously

    I also find it hilarious how the comments on her blog are like "dude, lay off the blogger." or "stfu"

  15. She is a sad little beasty and that is all!

    Your makeup IS perfect and you are as lovely as can be!
    I personally prefer the "unnatural" makeup look but I can see beauty in most any makeup style.

  16. Sometimes you write stuff that makes me fall in love with you all over again *le sigh*.

  17. I think the fact that her English (whilst very good) isn't colloquial enough for a blog makes her sound pompous. Which is hilarious because she comes across like a Grade 1 kid trying to teach Daniel Barenboim how to play the piano!

    Trouble is she doesn't show her own stuff so she shoots herself in the foot. Does anyone read her? She's kinda pointless.

    I love pictures of real women wearing stuff they bought themselves. I never look at magazines. You buy it thinking you'd love it and you hate it? Tell us. I want to see it - warts and all.

    I think you have it right, Lillian (I so want to call you Lil but I guess you'd slap me!). She's not a nasty person. She's just somewhat over-zealous and full of her own importance and hasn't found the right tone, partly due to her English being ever so slightly 'off'.

    I shan't be reading her. She has nothing interesting to show. I need PICTURES.

  18. I hadn't heard of this blog, although I remember Phyrra tweeting soething about it, now. What a fucking loser, to put it bluntly. Please don't feed this hateful troll anymore, ladies! *stops feeding troll.*

    Oh, except for one more thing.'Qualitative' and 'quality' ARENOTHESAMEAMFG, unless she wants a qualitative kick in the fanny.

  19. Haha! The comments on this post are all amazing. I hadn't seen this blog either and I'm glad I did... so I can avoid it.

    Haha qualitative kick in the fanny made me spit out my Ribena, Robyn!

  20. I absolutely agree! I live to look ridiculous and unnatural! :P And I agree that with my hair grown long, in my natural color(whatever that is...), with neutral shadows and a sheer lip color...I'd feel like I was being untrue to myself. It's not where I feel comfortable. I suppose I find my preference to be outside of the norm. Guess I just don't like to be forgettable. ^_^
    I have this vision in my mind that she's this cantankerous eighty year old woman who just learned about the internet and is shocked at the way women wear makeup these days. And she sits and awkwardly types up these posts while huffing Virginia Slims and cursing about floozies. I'm sure that's not the case, but I'll pretend.

    What we have here is an amazing thing for us all, and more. Being able to share out love for makeup, and unique looks, and other nonsense is great. And we shouldn't let a poo-pooer stop us.

  21. seems like she doesn't get it.
    i feel bad for people like that.
    this is the kind of person who is really hung up on looking ideal and probably miserable and unable to have fun with their appearance.
    As they get old they'll be more and more miserable

  22. I tried to read the blog but I couldn't understand it. What the frack does a quote about living someone else's life have to do with makeup?

    When is a gray-blue a bright color? What is a "manicure procedure" that doesn't involve painting nails? Her "procedure" is impossible to read and... includes nail polish.

    LOL, this blog is ridiculous and confusing.

  23. You said it all perfectly! I saw that blog and thought it was such a horrible thing to do. I love reading posts about how people wear there make up and I don't care if they didn't follow set 'rules' on what you should/shouldn't do. In fact some of the best make up looks I've seen break the rules!

  24. U bein troll'd.

  25. this blog (not yours!) is disgusting and should be taken off-line immediately

  26. What a well-written post! It's too bad that some people have to act like @$$holes. I have always had fun with blogs because usually everyone is very positive and supportive and nice. It's too bad that some people have to act like jerks and ruin things for others. Personally, I love makeup because I think it's amazing how every person has their own style, their own ways of applying products, and their own unique looks and I don't care if people's makeup is "perfect" or "correct", that would just make things boring! Also, I love your friend Mikey!

  27. This is such a well written and structured post and I totally agree with everything you say! (unlike said blog...)

    Thanks for taking the time to write it x

  28. I thought it was interesting that she got practically no traffic and zero comments on her blog, until she decided to attack Phyrra. So maybe, that was her intent? Because it seems like the only reason she started a blog was to get negative, yes, but nonetheless, attention. All of a sudden, she was getting 20-30 comments on each of her posts. She created a blog for the sole purposes of trolling and I think by linking it all over twitter, people were feeding the troll.

    I do feel terrible that the things she said hurt people, especially someone as sweet and friendly as Phyrra. But I think people should stop linking to her blog, because it's only what she wants, so in a warped sort of way, she wins.

    On a side note; I love how people think they are complying with copyright law, so long as they credit, yet still don't bother with asking permission. Haven't they ever seen a copyright disclaimer? "Do not use (or redistribute) without permission?" This bothers me because someone can benefit and profit from using my creative and intellectual property long before I get the Google Alert or track down my digital watermark. They think they can use my property in a way I never intended, or in a way I would never agree to.

  29. Another thing: She's a BS artist. Everything on her "about me" is another steamy load. She claims that she came across her expert knowledge on makeup because her Mom is a cosmetologist. Um. Cosmetology school generally focuses more on overall beauty, hair care and skin care. There might be some light focus on basic makeup application, which is probably why all her "pro tips" seem boring and dated as hell.

  30. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I have been busy seeing just how much the troll would eat before it explodes.
    But I thought I ought to come back here to say what I think about some moron who wants to strong arm beauty bloggers into becoming Barbies. This is what I told her.

    "Maybe people think I am ugly because of my natural facial features and my bad skin. And you know what? None of my features bother me. What bothers me is that my appearance is more important to other people than it is to me. What bothers me is that there are so many women out there who are TAUGHT to feel like they are ugly when they aren't. That women are CONVINCED by people who share your opinions, but are more talented than you at framing an argument, that their self expression should take a back seat to looking like some kind of majority definition of perfection. But that majority definition is not realistic for any of us because it is based on computer-edited images of women.
    You are a symptom. I don't say any of this for your benefit, I say that to give hope to all the other women who have come here to defend their friends and their aesthetic. Because we won't be put down and we won't stop and we won't change for you."

    So I'm sorry that I fed the troll. Because I think that Tea is right. But I wanted to say what I did in that space where so much ugliness is written because I think that people such as yourself, Lillian, as well as Phyrra, are doing something good for women. You are helping us reclaim makeup for our own. You are helping us redefine cosmetics so that they aren't a required covering for flaws, but instead a way to tell a story.

    And that's why I think your friend Mikey's makeup is much closer to my definition of perfect than the Wayne Goss definition, because there is just more going on to make me smile and to make me think. But if Wayne Goss is into a natural look, that's cool too. Because beauty isn't created in a mold that I design either.

  31. "There is no such thing as 'perfect'. There is no such thing as 'normal'. Everything is subjective."
    yes!!! You are actually a huge inspiration to me to look ridiculously awesome. When I see you wearing bright blue lipstick and a circus outfit, it gives me the courage to be whatever I want for the day. thanks! :)

  32. I don't dig the idea of giving this woman any attention.

    Also, your friend Mikey? I'm totally feeling the whole look that he has going on. =D

  33. She created a blog just to trash my makeup (at least that's my assumption since I'm the first entry), and then moved on to other bloggers. I think she's a sad individual. I don't claim to be a guru or perfect. In fact, I state I'm practicing and trying to improve my skills, but I also play with makeup for me, to have fun.

    Her ip is in lithuania, by the way. I won't be visitng her blog again because I don't want to improve her page rankings. However, she commented on my blog and I put all future comments from her into moderation so that she can't just spew her vitrol.

    You're beautiful, you're unique, and you're awesome. So are your friends. I love to look at so many different blogs because I appreciate all types of beauty and find inspiration everywhere :)

  34. Am I the only one that finds irony in the fact that on her blog's header is a proud phrase of: "criticism is prejudice made plausible"?

  35. dull_flame:
    I just think there's nothing wrong with criticism but it's just a bit pointless to do it in such a horrible, vicious way. If she went 'I dont like this look, but I like the bravery of the colours, maybe you could do a softer look using it' or something like that then it would still be unsolicited criticism but wouldn't be just a huge bitch fest.

    Yeah, it would be like me making a blog just going 'uhh look at this person and her natural makeup, how dull!' or something (I don't actually think that, natural looking makeup is great, I just don't like it on myself)

    Jessi M:
    I would have thought she did that but she repeatedly misuses words :P It's hilarious!

    I really don't understand the point of it. It's been said she's a troll, but now she's writing more positive blogs so I doubt that. I really hope that her English is just so terrible she doesn't understand what she's really saying! The whole point of a blog critiquing other blogs without their asking is just moronic to me.
    It's just lazy too. 'I can't be bothered to write anything from the top of my own head, I'll just find some other blogs and talk about that' there's no real skill in that.

    I don't know I'm afraid, I've not heard of moonsbeam!

    Exactly! But also just everyone's opinion of what looks good is different, so you can't say there's a wrong way to do makeup.

    you're quite possibly right. I feel a bit silly now for getting so angry about it! I've taken screencaps of all the posts, sadly after the photos were changed.

    :) cheers

    The Peach:
    Aww thank you! It's just such a stupid, stupid thing to do. It's a close knit community, there were some bloggers she criticised that I've never heard of but I'm going to stick up for them regardless! Following you too :)

  36. Winni:
    She definately means quality and just doesn't understand that qualitative doesn't mean the same thing :P I don't understand the purpose of her blog either, I guess just an outlet for being a bizyotch? :/

    I'm voting for stupid, I can't understand her being a troll when she's now posting more positive posts. I could be wrong though!

    I don't know enough about copyright laws but her blog is even stupider without the photos, you can't even see what she's bitching about!
    I just find her English hilarious, she claims it shouldn't matter because her blog isn't about english, but her 'critique' cant be understood or taken seriously when it doesn't make any sense!

    Miss Bekka:
    Exactly, there can be no rules because there are so many different things you can do with makeup! For instance theatre makeup has to be applied in a really over-the-top, cartoonish manner so it can be seen from the stage. You can't apply the same techniques to the makeup a woman going to the office would wear, so you can't have rules. And because of that noones makeup is done the 'wrong' way.
    And you've taken the words right out of my mouth, what I wear might not always be the most flattering, but it's what I want to wear so you can't tell me it's wrong for me!

    It really is ridiculous. Who does she think is going to be impressed? I know, I've seen one positive comment, the rest are all just telling her she's a moron :P

    Evil Angel:
    I think that's an insult to little beasties! :P
    And you're very lovely :) And exactly, I have my own preferences for myself but I can appreciate other styles and I would NEVER think to tell someone what they should wear.

    AWWWW < 3 you're so so sweet :D

  37. jaljen:
    I know, it's both really pompous and terribly grammatically and linguistically incorrect! Like getting all bogged down about the dictionary definition of 'manicure' when you think 'qualitative' means 'quality'
    She's definately only had people reading because it's so nasty and they want to express their disgust.
    And you can call me Lil if you want, I promise not to slap! :D

    Agreed, I apologise for feeding her! But yeah, I just found that funny! It's not a qualitative eye makeup look! XD

    Yeah I was looking on it out of fascination to just how spiteful someone can be, but now who can be bothered? Let her be a bitch and she'll see where that gets her.

    Absolutely. When I'm dressed like a 'normal' person I feel odd, not myself and even less self confident than usual!
    I love your idea of her! I like to think she's just completely baffled as to why people haven't accepted her criticism and thanked her! XD
    And don't worry, it doesn't look like anyone has let her really get to them... I'd actually quite like her to critique me, I'd love to know what she'd have to say about my green lips and dolly cheeks!

    Kara Mae:
    Yeah, I hope she either is a troll and so doesn't actually believe such narrow minded things, or she's young and will grow out of it and realise it's just rude and silly.

    I really really don't know. It's just moronic.

    Yeah, some of the best makeup throws the rulebook away and is just so expressive and exciting. It's a stupid stupid blog and at least it won't go anywhere.

    Quite possibly. Not definately though, the new positive posts don't seem very trollish.

    She's now at least stopping being so cruel and nicking people's pictures. It just seems like such a waste of time.

    Thanks! Up until now I've had a vastly positive experience with blogging. A few people have said nasty things but for the most part everyone has been lovely, supportive and really become like a sort of sisterhood :)
    In the immortal words of Groove Armada 'If everybody looked the same we'd get tired of looking at each other'
    And yeah, Mikey's great, that's his glam rock makeup :)

    The Postcolonial Rabbit:
    Aww thank you so much!

  38. Tea:
    I think her attack on Phyrra was her first post. Great way to start a new blog, slagging off an incredibly popular blogger :P
    She may well just be a troll hoping for the attention writing a nasty, hateful blog will get her. In which case I've only helped her, which I'm sorry about, I just wanted to get all the annoyance off my chest.
    To be honest I know nothing about copyright laws, but I actually thought it was ok to reuse things without permission if it was for purposes like parody and you didn't claim it was your own?
    And yeah, her advice is all rubbish and her claimsabout her mum are probably nonsense. And her photo is totally a stock image :P

    Your comment is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for writing it. Feeding the troll might not be a great idea but you said some really important things and you did it beautifully and eloquently :)
    And thank you so much, I've never really thought that my blog could be helpful to other people in anyway, to be honest I just write it because I find it fun! But now you and other people have said such lovely things I feel really... I don't know how to describe it but it makes me so happy and it's just lovelyto know that my silly ramblings could actually be helpful to anyone in anyway!
    And I agree, natural makeup is cool and tricky to do so beautifully, and then makeup like Mikeys, slapped on for fun and artistic reasons is great too. You can't compare the two because thye're done for completely different reasons. Neither's better than the other, they're not really comparable! But I too prefer Mikey's silly slap :D

    Thank you so so much! You have no idea how lovely your comment was to read! :) I'm all weepy now! You really are too kind.

    I know, I really regret writing this now because I should have just let it die out. But I was so angry at her upsetting my friends I just wanted to bitch! :(
    And yeah, Mikey's awesome. Not many other men put on makeup, a wig and a catsuit and jump around on stage at 43 years of age!

    It's very sad and I'm really sorry if it upset you at all. It's so ludicrous that she acknowledges the people she criticises are just bloggers, not professionals, and yet expects them to do everything just as the experts would.
    I'm sorry if my linking to her was a bad idea or annoyed you at the time I thought it was for the best but now I see I should have just well enough alone :/
    Thank you so much! And I agree, I read tonnes of blogs who don't share my exact style but I find it really interesting to hear about what other people like best.

    To be honest I've never understood that quote!

  39. You didn't upset me at all! It's just when it was pointed out to me that linking to her was exactly what she wanted to get more followers/hits, I didn't want to encourage more of it. She needs to take a hard look at herself and what type of person she is.


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