Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Thanks everyone!

Thank you everyone for your advice! I'll be replying to all of your individual comments ASAP :)
The general concensus seems to be 'Do what you want Lilzorz!'
So you may see I've made some changes to my layout, I think it looks nice now but if you have any suggestions I'm open to them!
I've added ads (thank you to anyone who clicks them for me!) and a donate button.
I know some people have problems with me asking for donations, and I'm sorry truly for that. If I lose followers over it I will understand and there's no hard feelings or anything. There is absolutely no pressure to donate, I'm not expecting many people to, but if anyone is generous enough to help me buy more things to review I will be delighted.
It's only temporary though, I will be getting rid of it as soon as my secret shop opens! 

So far the poll is saying that you like my blog as it is, with more fashion posts coming a close second. So I'll be keeping it basically the same but adding a few more outfits whenever possible. I'll be starting a new blog for tights but will occassionally post some posts here for anyone who doesn't want to follow that one as well :)
And blog sale will be put here, on a page thing. And I'll be contacting some brands to see if they would be interested in sponsoring a giveaway, I can only but try right? :)

Sorry I'm being a bit rubbish at posting recently. I'm doing that thing where I've got about ten different posts all semi written and I flit between them all and so never complete any! 


  1. It's your blog, do whatever you like! Still, the proposed changes sound really interesting and they should keep everyone happy. Will be taking a look at your blog sale when it's up!

  2. I have too many things to say about this. In short it's disgraceful.

    But you obviously don't care about public opinion so I'm just going to unfollow.

  3. The Student's Guide To Nail Polish:
    Thank you! I hope so everyone's ok with it. And hopefully the ads and things will be gone shortly :)

    I'm sorry but I honestly can't tell if you're joking or not!
    If you're serious then I'm really sorry that I've upset you. I do understand you not wanting to support me anymore but I just hope you can appreciate the reasons for the changes.
    If you're joking then... I can't understand sarcasm :P

  4. I honestly cannot believe anyone would say that to you Lillian! How very rude.

    I love you blog, and I think it's wonderful that even though you're having a tough time money wise that you still take time to write posts for us

  5. Can't find the donate button? I wanted to leave you some cash to buy crap.

  6. Good for you! You deserve to be getting a little ad revenue! Your blog is very popular and you are very poor, ads make perfect sense.

    And I am not being sarcastic. (Sometimes I can't tell either.)

  7. Simone:
    Well I think Georgia may have been joking because, like I said in the post, I can completely understand people not wanted to follow my blog if you have a big problem with ads and things but what she said was a little over the top!
    Thank you very much. I love writing my blog, it's a nice escape from 'real life' :)

    I got rid of it, I wasn't comfortable with it after all :)

    Nocta Dea:
    Thank you very much. I'd rather not have ads but needs must and as I've chosen to just have one so far (you can also get them after every post) I don't think it's too bad.
    I need emoticons to tell me if people are serious or joking!

  8. yep, the new layout is much better :) I like to drop here from time to time, though I do not make up myself very often. you're very inspiring person Lillian.

  9. ashka:
    Wow, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my blog so much, I'm very touched :) Glad you like the new layout too, though I'm not sure I'm done playing around with it yet.


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