Sunday, 25 July 2010

New addition!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share with you the newest member of our family - Weevil the Kitten!

Lookit that face! (I swear i wasn't strangling him)

Sleeping <3

Cobweb head!


It's wuv!

We got him just last week from family friends who needed a home for him.
Weevil is about 8 weeks old and an absolute delight. He alternates between zipping around the room like a complete mental (trying to attack feet, practicing his pounce [like Simba in The Lion King!], literally climbing the walls, playing with his toys, chasing Digby etc) and falling fast asleep. While he does tend to scratch when he's play-fighting with your feet he is a real sweety, very affectionate and loving already. He's settling in nicely, he's made friends with Digby (though the poor puppy is a bit scared of him, despite being about 3 times the size of Weevil) and ignores Minnie as much as she ignores him. Our old grumpy cat Omelette is still unsure of him but no longer spits when she sees him and old grumpy Jim is too senile to care.
I'm also amazed at how clean he is! He's learned to use his new litter tray so quickly. It's a vast contrast to Digby who still has the occaisional accident.

So yeah, kitten joy! :D

And i thought i'd share my face and outfit while I had actually got off my lazy bum to write a post :P

My dress and tights are from the New Look sale, shoes are Irregular choice, crown headband is from the Asos sale :)

I look a bit weird here!
Eyes: Sleek Bohemion palette (light cream and bright yellow colours), MUA neon yellow glitter eyeshadow, black mascara
Lips: NYX Chaos

I apologise for being a bit rubbish at posting lately! I'm trying to tidy my bedroom which is a mammoth task. Sometimes it takes weeks on end to clear the floor, let alone sort things out! Anyway i have lots of posts planned so hopefully will get them written soon. And will be going back through and replying to comments ASAP :)
can't remember what blush it was


  1. Aww what a cutie! I love the look as well, lately I have been quite fond of how yellow on the eyes looks paired with a red lip. Lovely!

  2. Omg love the kitty's name! Your eyes look quite pretty in bright yellow/golds. :D

  3. AHHHHH LILLIAN!!! I love him soooo much he's such a cutie! He's going to grow up to be such a handsome fellow :D

  4. Weevil. Omelette. Digby. Highly superior names.
    I love black cats. My beloved Katie was pure black. *sad face*

    Like your crown.

    If only cats would let you play with their gorgeous paws....

  5. oh my god I love the kitten! Your description of how he's fitting in the fam is funny..."Jim is too senile to care" LOL

    I miss the kitties who used to live on my bf's roof so much! When me and the boyfee move in together we are going to get a kitty too. they're so cute!!!

  6. oh by the way, love your makeup so much!
    You can pull off red lips any time!

  7. Awwww! Soo cute! Brilliant names for your pets :)
    My cat is just 1 year old, he's all grown up and likes to spend most of his time being cute either rolling around or sleeping. I miss having a crazy kitten running around!

  8. I want a kitty :(

    Love the crown headband!

  9. How on earth have you made your lips so perfect? In fact...I think it's beyond perfect. I love the kitty :)

  10. :o What a little cutie!!!!!! I wanna squish him with kisses!! So cute!

  11. Ohh, he's just adorable! I love him, and his name!!

  12. Weevil is so cute! I love little black kittens :)

  13. Awww, so cute! Love that red lipstick as well.

  14. Weevil is a fab name!! Awww so so cute! Your shoes are great too :) xo

  15. Your pets have the most amazing names!!! Love your dress so much! xx

  16. Lilian!!!! You won the Illamasqua contest, and look at what Alex Box said to you! I knew it! you're great! yayyyyyyyyy I'm so happy for you!

  17. Outfit + kitty = adorable! Very cute kitty cat...especially the name. Weevil! :)


  18. Super cute kitty, and congrats on winning the Illamasqua contest! xxx

  19. What a cute kitty! So adorable. You look super stunning as usual!

  20. eww, u look disgusting here, no offence but u look abit uno... fake and like a .......


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