Monday, 5 July 2010

Off to the Circus

Last week i went off to Ward and White's Kareoke circus. Which is an event run by my aquaintance Martin White basically a live Kareoke event with open spots but also celebrity comedians performing songs of their choice. My friend Foz plays guitar in the band and my other friend Chris is one of the judges, they live in Brighton so it's always a joy to see them. Anyway more about this will be written at my other blog if anyone is interested and wants to hear about comedians throwing shapes and singing off key :)

Here is what i wore:

And here is my face:

Pretty basic. Red lips, black eyeliner and a bit of a neutral and pink eyeshadow.

And apologies again for my terribly slow replying to comments. As I said I've been busy with boring home stuff (we managed to clear the room for my sister to stay in, now it is full of her stuff :P) and i still am not being emailed about my comments, or will get one out of about 5 so i will think I only have a few comments and then go to reply and i'll have about 20 and get flustered and not end up replying to any. Doh!
Also i got a nasty anonymous comment on my last post which has upset me a little to be honest. :/

I really want to do some reviews soon, those are my favourite posts to make, but they take longer so i just haven't had time recently. Hopefully soon!

Kiss Kiss


  1. Crazy bag. You look about 14 in the bottom pic! Almost innocent!

  2. I am in love with everything you wear Lillian - your glasses, your skirt, your bag - AMAZING! xx

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you're adorable. I love how you do your lips.

  4. Your lips are just the most beautiful shape!

  5. i love that stripy bag! where is it from please? x

  6. I like how light and fresh your eyes look.

  7. Your outfit is so fun and your makeup is classy and elegant. Beautiful!

  8. *gasp* That skirt! It's so adorable on you! You look like a bad girl from the 50's. ( Which isn't that bad since it's the 50's lol.) You should wear red lipstick for forever. *nods*

  9. Jeweled Thumb:
    :D Thank you!

    I love my circus bag! And ha ha, i love how shocking it is for you that i look almost innocent :P

    Thank you!

    Awww you are SO sweet! :D Thank you!

    Thank you! I love doing little rose bud lips :)

    Methadone Pretty:
    Thank you! I love playing around with different lip shapes, particularly little rose bud ones like this :)

    It's from Whittards. It's actually a little case in the shape of a circus tent and had a kids plate and cup set in it! :D

    Thank you! I need to do more bright and fun eye looks though, i think.

    Thank you! They were cheap as chips :P

    Aww thank you! I don't think anything about me has ever been called elegant before :P

    Cheers beautiful!

    Ha ha thank you! I LOVE bad girls rom the 50s! And i agree, i really should, but the other colours seduce me :P


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