Saturday, 10 July 2010


I realise that the kind of heat we experience in the UK is piffle compared to so many countries, but my body just doesn't seem to cope with it at all. At the moment i am completely miserable. My skin feels really weird in the heat, I can't really explain it, it's partly that my skin actually feels hot to the touch, but it's also just uncomfortable and odd. Whenever i leave the house i get a terrible headache, i'm nearly blind all the time (i have a problem with my eyes where they let in too much light, so even in the darkest sunglasses the sun is too bright in the summer), i'm constantly in pain because my suncream gets in my eyes and honestly i just don't feel up to doing anything. All i want to do is lie on my sofa and complain! Which is pretty much what i'm doing now :P GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP!!

Anyway this was from about 2 weeks ago (i'm so behind!) when i went to see one of my favourite singers in the world, the beautiful Neil Hannon.

The lighting here was so flattering :P The blueish cast made my skin look so nice! I was actually only wearing some powder, but it looks pretty flawless! Go lighting!

I liked my hair, curly :)

And here's a closeup of the lips. It was a new Inglot my Mum got me as a present from Inglot in Finland. My first Inglot lippie and i'm guessing it won't be my last, i LOVE it!
The colour is so so pretty. And it's hard to explain. It's basically an orange red but there's also some pink in there and has a hint of coral too. It's completely opaque but glossy, supremely moisturising, long lasting AND it smells lovely!

(I also like this closeup as I can't see my little moustache XD)

You may have noticed that recently i am hardly wearing any eyeshadows and my looks end to be pretty simple mainly just eyeliner and lipstick. The reason for this is sheer laziness on my part! Basically i have only one eyeshadow brush which is clean enough to use. My brushes are all sat patiently in my bathroom, waiting to be washed... They have been waiting for over a month! I actually like washing my brushes, i find it quite relaxing and i like the grossness of watching the filth come out, but i just never seem to get around to starting to wash them! Maybe tomorrow... Maybe.

I realise and am sorry that basically every entry in my blog these days has to mention comments and the heat but i need to do it again! 

If you commented on one of my last two posts i'm afraid to say that your comment may have been deleted! I promise it was not me. For once i actually recieved some emails telling me i had comments. When i went to reply i discovered that all of my comments were gone! Apparently this happened on some other people's blogs too. So i am really sorry about this glitch and hopefully it will not happen again.


  1. Your skin looks so perfect and porcelain. Love the lips, too.

  2. Lillian! You always look so pretty! Like a pin-up and a doll if you could combine them! *-*

    (I have mustache too! Yay! I also love when they don't show up in the close-ups!)

    I love your lipstick!

  3. You look gorgeous and that lipstick is stunning!

    Have you tried Clinique's Super City Block? That's one of the few sunscreens that doesn't make my eyes sting.

  4. FYI: Your lips are amazing. Like a doll.

  5. You are soooo pretty! Your look is simple, but I love it. <3

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  7. Sorry Typo!!

    bah I dont do summer either,
    ewww being hot and manky!
    I dont understand holidays to beaches either,
    I would rather stay in my room with a fan thank you!

    Fotd is lovely though!


  8. Great lippie. I hate this weather too. Stifling. Not good for creative people. De-energises. My eyes hate it. Beaches? Keep 'em. I hate tans too. Pale is interesting. Tans are pikey.

    We should form a group: PAH!

    People Against Heat

  9. Your skin looks fantastic in that! :D

    And I know what you mean by suffering from heat. It's 27 degrees here and I live in damn Finland where it shouldn't be this hot. It's only noon and they've predicted over 30 degrees for next around a week. Aargh! :P

  10. Come up to Scotland - it's not very warm and is rather rainy! I have a long Inglot wish list - that lipstick is such a beautiful colour xx

  11. Agreed about the heat! I think anything above 25 degrees Celcius just isn't civilised :)

    That lipstick is mind-blowing. I think I might do a red lip today too after seeing this look.

  12. Gorgeous! Your complexion looks amazing, and your lips are done perfectly! You're a stunner!!

  13. I love the lips, I really am struggling to resist Inglot at the moment!

  14. I love that lippie! And your skin does look flawless.

    It too hot over here in Sweden too. It's not THAT hot really, but too hot for me. So i don't mind you complaining, I do myself whenever i get the chance too. :)

  15. I hate this weather! I seem to be coping better than my mum though. I flat out refuse to get a tan. Just no. How gross.

    You look beautiful! Remind me to crack out the blue lighting from time to time!

  16. That lipstick looks absolutely gorgeous! Looks amazing with your flawless skin :) x

  17. Wow, that lipstick with your fabulous complexion look AMAZING. :D

    I like the warmth if only for being able to go swimming! It's so fun.

    I don't like tans though. I like being pale, but that's hard to do when the boy you look after loves it outside everyday.

  18. Not all of England experiences the sort of heat that you get down in London. The north is very pleasant during the summer, average temperature around 20° C, and doesn't get all hot + humid like it does in the South.

  19. The lipstick looks lovely and your skin is flawless- I'm jealous!

  20. Hehe, I enjoy cleaning my make-up brushes too! And I'm not really enjoying the weather :( I think British heat is unpleasant heat. I'm fine if I go abroad somewhere, even if it's actually hotter.

    Your skin looks amazing...then again, I've yet to see a picture of you where it doesn't, so I don't think it's just the lighting!

  21. Oh man. I am the same way with my makeup brushes. You'd think I'd clean them more regularly since I'm a bit of a germaphobe.

    The makeup combined with your hair color is lovely. You look like a grown up Annie :)

  22. Whoa you look like a doll! So freaking pretty. :)

  23. Phyrra:
    Awww thank you!

    You are so sweet! I like the idea of a pin-up doll!
    My moustache is deceptive because sometimes the sun bleaches it and i forget it's there, and then it will come back and i'll be like 'oh hello mr moustache' XD

    Thank you!
    I haven't, thank you for the recommendation, i'll have to look into it! It's annoying because the two i use (a Mac SPF 50 primer and some generic sun cream) are designed specifically for use on the face but they still sting :(

    Thank you! I was particularly happy with how i got them looking :)

    Thank you! These simple pin-up looks are probably my favourite, but i've been doing them and nothing else for a while and am craving lots of wild eyeshadow :P

    I don't mind beaches so much because i like paddling in the sea and looking in rock pools but i really don't understand sunbathing. It's just so boring, lying in the sun waiting for the UV rays to damage you :P
    And thank you :D

    Agreed. And yes, you've hit the nail on the head, the heat is totally de-energising. I just don't feel up to doing anything. :/

    Thank you!
    I think we got up to 32 degrees yesterday, i can't cope!
    Also i'm stupid, my Mum and sister went on holiday to Finland last month, and i was really surprised when they said it was warm. I expected it to be cold because in my mind scandinavia is always snowy XD I'm a moron!

    Oooh i would love to come to rainy cool scotland right now :P
    I need to get to the Inglot shop. I've tried a few Inglot products and loved them all, particularly this lippie :)

    Agreed. I certainly am not civilised in the heat :P
    And thank you, red lippie is the best :D

    Painted Moogle:
    Aww shucks :) xx

    It's an amazing lippie, i'll find out what it's called soon :P

    Thank you! I'm really so impressed with the lippie, the formula is just great!
    Hee hee, i'm glad your not annoyed by my constant whining :P

    Me too! Although actually i don't tan. I go slightly darker pink and then straight to lobster red :/
    Thank you! I don't know why the light went all blue, but it was so nice for photos :D

    Lady Danger:
    Aww thank you xxx

    Thank you!
    I went swimming or the first time in years about a month ago, it was so much fun! I'd been putting it off because (oddly considering i generally wear tiny short skirts and bustiers as tops) i didn't like the idea of people seeing me in my swimming cossie.
    I like tans on some people, but not me. I don't tan though, i just burn :P

    Ohh i am jealous, i could easily cope with it around 20 degrees!

    Thank you! My skin is naturally pretty good (though very pink) but the weird blue light really added something! :)

    It's fun isn't it? :D
    I agree, and i guess if you're on holiday you have nice things to take your mind off the heat. When you're at home you just have to do your normal stuff but with the added unpleasantness of the heat :/
    And thank you! I do agree i have good skin, but the blueness took away somne of the red in my skin, which makes it look really smooth and ever :)

    Ha ha! Shockingly i did not get around to doing mine today. There's always tomorrow :P
    And thank you! I need a little red Annie dress now :D

    Awww stop, you're making me blush :) xx

  24. I know how you feel about the heat, it's easy to pile on clothing when your cold. But it's not like I can take me skin off if it's too warm.

  25. These pictures are so pretty and your lips look amazing!!

  26. what a lovely lip stick ?
    I loved this colour and it made your skin bright
    Love the look

  27. Looks perfect! I love your brows :) xxx

  28. I wish I could pull off a look like yours with just a bit of powder - you look fantastic!! I'm also jealous that you can wear such a beautiful red shade on your lips.

  29. Just googled Neil Hannon images and found yours. Lovely. Brilliant make-up. Keep going for it!


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