Thursday, 3 June 2010

Recent(ish) OOTD and FOTD

My amazing playsuit was made by Claire. Not only that but she actually designed the fabric! Take a look at her spoonflower account here (isn't she talented? <3)
My tights are from Topshop and the shoes are very old from Office.
My hair looks funny because it was wet.

The only photo i got of my face, very unflattering :P
I was wearing:
UD Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation
some kind of powder.
Topshop Neon Rose cream blush
Mac Saint Germain lipstick.
Black eyeliner and mascara.

And when i came home i found a romantic prospect lurking in wait for me in the garden!
I love me a toad :)

oh and here are some photos of me and Digby that would be great if my arm didn't look like a giant ham :P



  1. I love how your lashes look. Very cute!

  2. I love that romper! Very cute. I thought that your hair was red! o.0

  3. OMG I want Sailor Lillian PJ's!!!!

  4. Lovely as always! And Claire's designs are BRILLIANT! :DD xxx

  5. ahahah you're so cute! Did it turn into prince charming?

    did you go back to blonde? Your lipstick suits you perfectly here, and those lashes...gorgeous!

  6. Phyrra:
    Thank you! I didn't know it was possible to have cute lashes :P

    Thank you! It is, this is from a week ago before i dyed it :)

    Evil Angel:
    :D It's very weird having a fabric of myself :P

    Thank you! Yeah she's a clever little fishy.

    Nooo but i didn't mind, i love toads more than princes! :D
    No i'm still red, this was before i dyed it, i miss the blonde though!
    And thank you, i really love that lippie but it's not my usual style :)

  7. Wow, Claire is very talented! It must make you proud when people ask where you got something and you can be like 'oh, the missus made it!' And you look adorable in pink lippie!

  8. Awwww Digby is growing up! What a cutie! I'm also envious of your super-special playsuit. I love the designs on Claire's account, esp the ones with peppermints!

  9. Dodos! That's inspired. What amazing prints. I now have to think of a way to use fabric...
    We haven't had toads for ages. Lucky you.
    PLUS what's on your nails, please?

  10. Aww! Those little dodos are so cute! :) Btw, what is that "blue flower" tree? Looks super cool! :)

  11. I wish I could sew, you look so lovely and claires fabrics are beautiful! would be perfect for prom :(


  12. Claire's designs look adorable and you look supercute in them! I love the makeup and HOLYMOLY do you have gorgeous lashes. The lips look yummy...

  13. Aw, you look so adorable!

  14. Omg, Claire makes the cutest designs ever!
    Also, you are adorable and do not have ham-arms. :D

    And even if you do, I rather like ham. xD

  15. OMG is he a sausage dog? ^_______^ *squeals*

    Claire is so talented! And St Germain looks so pretty on you :)

  16. so cute! (the toad that is..but the outfit is rather lovely too :D )

  17. Eden Bue:
    Thank you, she is :) And yeah, it's wonderful, though i'm even smugger if it's something i made :P

    He is, but he's still super puppyish and excitable :D Thank you! She's very clever. And i love the peppermints too, one of my favourites :)

    Thank you, the Dodos are probably my favourite, just so cute :) I love toads, usually we get some in the little pond in my garden but none this year :(
    And i'm pretty sure i was wearing Barry M Cyan blue :)

    Thank you, they are :)
    I'm not sure, i'll ask my Mum if she knows.

    Thank you, sewing is really easy! I taught myself to do it pretty well (if i say so myself) in a few months. Well it's easy to make simple things anyway, somethings are very complicated.

    Thank you :)

    Thank you, she's a very clever lady :) I'm not used to wearing such pale lip colours but it's so pretty!

    Thank you lovely :)

    :D the ham arm loves you too!

    Thank you, she really does :)
    And thank you, i don't mind my bingo wings really :P

    He sure is :D
    And thank you, she is.
    And thanks again, i really like it!

    Methadone Pretty:
    Hee hee, he was! But rather grumpy :P
    And thank you :)


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