Thursday, 10 June 2010

Magazine Freebies!

I'm sure most of you are aware of these as the news have been making beauty bloggers giddy all over the UK but i figured i'd just write a quick post on it anyway just incase anone didn't know.
You like free stuff? I know I do!

This week:
More magazine is giving away a voucher for a free Barry M Dazzle Dust in your choice of colour (i picked mine up and actually am considering buying more issues of the same mag just to get more cheap dazzledusts!)

Marie Claire is giving away a 50ml pot of The Body Shop Body Butter in one of 3 fragrances Mango, Shea or Love etc (sadly all the shops i went into only had Love Etc and i don't like that smell)

And Glamour magazine is giving away free Benefit pencils in Eye Bright, It stick and Bad Girl (haven't seen any issues of it near me :( )

Hope you guys can grab yourselves a nice freebie :)

And Red is giving away a Jemma Kidd lipgloss!


  1. I got my Jemma Kidd lipgloss on today. I got a Nails Inc and I'm going to get the Benefit bobbins.
    I love Benefit. Why don't they do nail polish though? Grump grump grumpy.

  2. Oooh who's giving away the Nails Inc and Jemma Kidd? So many freebies!

  3. I cant wait to get my copy of more and glamour later so I can grab some freebies tomorrow! I don't actually own any dazzledusts, which is shocking!!!

  4. yay, thank you for the heads up on more magazine and the dazzle dusts stuff.
    I am a new follower by the way, discovered you through the elementals contest: i hope your blown by the wind look wins cos it actually blew me away,
    have a good day
    liloo/@tsunimee on twitter

  5. I always see the UK magazines in the bookstore have a "this month get a free book!" or something on the cover, yet you ask the people behind the counter and they magically know nada. My mister says they do get the stuff in, so either they really don't know, or just don't wanna give up the goods :(

  6. Well I'm going to go to the newsagents...

  7. I love magazine freebies of this sort!

  8. JewlieMcK:
    I'm hoping one of my usual newsagents will stock the Glamour for me! Dazzledusts are fabulous, i have tonnes of them! :D

    :) Hope you can get some free goodies!
    And thank you so much! I think the looks i entered were good but a lot of very talented people so i doubt i will win :)

    Hmm that's odd! :/


    Me too, also i rarely buy magazines but do enjoy reading them occaisionally :)

  9. Thanks for the heads-up! You're a good'un :) xxxxxxxxxx

  10. I got my first dazzledust in 51 mushroom and I'm loving them! I'll need to pick up some more and just get over my clumsyness with loose shadow!

  11. I went round all the shops to see if I could find some copies of Glamour and finally found some in WHSmiths but all the freebies got pinched! What are people like! The magazine was only £2 ffs! >.<


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