Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My First Franken :)

Well as you can see from the title this post is about my first Frankenpolish (the term Franken baffled me for a long long time). I really love the idea of making my own polishes and having seen that it really isn't that difficult at all means i am severely tempted to get myself frankening. But i doubt i will for a while because i need to get supplies like bottles, ball bearings, a nice supply of clear polish etc
However i thought i'd make one that is insanely easy. I've been wanting a gold-glitter-hologram polish for a long tme, as i've never seen one, only silvers and various other colours but no gold (please correct me if i'm wrong. Also anyone know a gold hologram polish that isn't glitter as there's no way i can make that :P) and i already had a load of the correct glitter from some art projects.
So basically i just bought a £1 clear nail polish (thank you MUA) and poured the glitter in, then shook it up.
It's not perfect, the glitter settles very easily and requires a lot of shaking, but the effect when it's on is quite good, especially as it only cost me a pound.


Shaken Up

After about 5 thin coats

And blurry to show the pretty colours :)

So you can see it's still a bit sheer, i think i'll wear it over a gold polish :) I'm please at how well this worked for how little effort it took, i'm going to make one more, using a black glitter i have. I hope that one goes well too because i've always wanted a black glitter polish (no other colours, just reflective black)

In other news it is too bloody hot. I hate it. I can't find my sunscreen so i know i'm going to born (luckilly my high SPF sunscreen is around) and i sweat and it just makes me miserable. And the doggies are miserable too, but they're also sleepy which makes looking after them a doddle :)
And i just realised that it is the football. Go on footballers and do your thang!


  1. Have you tried Sinful Colors All About You (921)? It's a clear nail polish with gold holo glitter (that changes slightly to green) and bits of orange glitter.

  2. I just checked my polish stash for you, since I was almost 100% sure I've got at least one gold holo. I found two :)

    Both are by china glaze, 'GR8' has smaller holo glitter while 'It's my turn' has larger holo glitter.

  3. That's pretty! And it's hot indeed, awful.

  4. I've heard it's a lot easier to add glitter to polishes where there is already some glitter suspended so it makes it harder for it to sink. Maybe give that a shot. =)

  5. Nice franken. I tried adding glitter to a clear and it all stuck the brush and clumped up ! Have you heard the result yet ? :D

  6. I have the clear polish and I bought the glitter but haven't got round to it yet.
    I hate the heat too. My head aches and my eyes are so strained.

  7. Beautiful Franken!
    A word of caution on the black glitter, black glitter is heavier due to the amount of pigment it takes to color it, so it tends to sink fast and it tends to bleed the black colorant into your polish.
    I've done a few and tried several black glitters and haven't found a light weight one yet. So if you find a black glitter that works, pretty please let me know! :o)

  8. Great job! I don't know if you saw it, but just the other day I posted my Cherry Culture haul and I swatched one of the new LA Colors Color Craze polishes called "Goddess". It's a gold shimmer with tons of round and hexagonal holo glitter. :)

  9. I don't own any holo polishes. This makes me sad.

  10. Ohhh this looks so cool! And I'm getting rather grumpy in the heat! xx

  11. oh that's an excellent idea, i've been looking for black glitter nailvarnish for a while!

  12. P.S. You've got a blog award:

  13. Helena:
    I haven't, it sounds beautiful! It's going on my wishlist :) Thanks!

    casey aimee:
    :D Thank you so much for checking! I am desperate for the whole China Glaze holo series.

    Thank you :) And apparently it's going to be getting even hotter D:

    Jeweled Thumb:
    Oh that's a great tip, thank you! :)

    Oh how annoying! Mine's alright at the moment, i hope it doesn;t clump up :/
    and hooray, we won in the smallest way possible :P

    What colour glitter you doing? :)
    And yes, i hate it so much. I have a problem with my eyes where they take in too much light, so in the summer they hurt so much even when i'm wearing sunglasses!

    Evil Angel:
    Thank you :)
    The stuff i'm planning to use is very fine, almost like a black mica, so hopefully it might work as it's not a normal gliter. I will report back to you. :)

    Thank you!

    Thank you! And yes i saw your post and that colour is beautiful. I love the big hexagon glitter. Going on my US polish wishlist :)

    Jade Carver:
    I only have one, this makes me sad too. I need all of them!

    Thank you!
    Yes it's horrible >:(

    Hopefully it will work. We shall see :)

    :) thank you!

  14. SilhouetteScreams:
    :D i love a good bit of glitter!


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