Tuesday, 8 June 2010

BFTE Foundation in Alabaster

Disclaimer: I recieved this product free for review, however the review i have written is entirely truthful based on my own experiences.

Out of the amazing package i recieved from Crystal of Beauty From The Earth for review this powder foundation is what surprised me the most. I had never tried a powder foundation before and, stupidly i now realise, didn't imagine that the coverage would be any good. I guess i just expected a loose powder foundation to be similar to a loose setting powder... I was DEAD wrong!

I think this is probably the best foundation i have ever used. I have quite good skin so didn't start using foundation at all until about a year ago, i like a matte look but only need light coverage and have dry skin. I think i can get a good look with liquid foundations but probably haven't got the full hang of them. I usually end up applying too heavilly and cant do it all with brushes without getting a streaky look and i am so pale and pink i find it really tricky to find a good match anyway.

This, to me, is pretty much perfect. I just have to buff a little of this on with a powder brush, the way i would with any powder, and i'm left with a really even, flawless and matte look. It conceals all of my redness and discolouration but doesn't look cakey or overly made up and i don't need to use any setting powder. It usually lasts me almost the whole day but in this really hot weather i sweat a lot and i need to reapply after a few hours.

Wanna see for yourself?

The little sample pot i recieved lasted at least 5 full faces plus some light re-applications. The colour Alabaster is the very lightest shade available and is absolutely perfect for my skintone. I also recieved 2 other shades of foundation which both work just as well as this one, but the shades do not match me quite as well.

A sample jar costs $2 and a full jar is $12 for a full jar (not sure of the amount you get as i couldn't find that info on the website). I will definately be buying a full jar once i use up some of my other foundations.


  1. This looks REALLY nice on you!

  2. I am super pale, so I'll definitely have to check this out. Finding good foundation is hard!

  3. Wow, you're not lying! That is amazing..

  4. That is good. And $12 is by no means expensive for a good foundation. As long as the P&P is reasonable I'd say that's a must-have.
    Great matte coverage.

  5. You could try Alima Pure, too, if you like matte + they have very light shades. I have some dry parts on my face it settles nicely despite of that.

  6. Thats amazing coverage! Perfect match for you too!

  7. Phyrra:
    Thank you! I'm really looking forward to getting a full jar :)

    It is, usually they're too yellow for me too! :/

    Makeup Zombie:
    :) i think so!

    I'm not sure about the P&P, i hope it's reasonable. I think this might become my 'holy grail' foundation :D

    Hmm i'd never heard of Alima, thank you for the tip :)

    I think so too, the coverage is actually quite light (you can see some of my freckles through it) but somehow it just blurs away any imperfections :)

  8. This looks great on you :) I've wanted to try their foundations for a while, but I remember staring at their product photos and just didn't even bother trying to figure out which would be a good match >_>

  9. You look like you have ghost makeup on!

  10. You look like you have ghost makeup on!


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