Thursday, 3 June 2010

Are YOU the next face of Illamasqua?

I was so excited when a few hours ago a message from Illamasqua popped up in my inbox. And this was said message:

'Does your alter ego want to star in Illamasqua’s Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign?

That's right - you could feature in our next global advertising campaign, seen by millions of people. Plus you'll get the chance to rub shoulders with the creative elite from the worlds of hairstyling, fashion styling and photography, and of course, our very own Creative Director, Alex Box.
Details of this year’s Autumn/Winter collection are top secret but we promise it’s going to blow you away…
So if you’d like the chance to unleash your alter ego on the world, click here to upload your details. Or to find out more about the competition, read our latest news story here.
Everyone’s welcome and we’re looking for both men and women who love to self-express.
But hurry – all entries must be received by 9am on Monday 7th June, from which we’ll select a chosen few to attend a casting in London on Wednesday 9th June between 12pm and 8pm.
Good luck!

Please be aware that Illamasqua will not refund any travel expenses incurred when attending either the casting or subsequent photo shoots. However, those chosen to partake in the latter will be duly rewarded for their participation.'

What a fantastic opportunity! Of course i am planning on entering, Illamasqua are my absolute favourite makeup brand and the idea of getting to be part of their next collection is just... Well words can't really express how exciting that is! not that i imagine i could ever win, but it will be a lot of fun to enter I'm sure :)

Now I would like to ask for your help just with a suggestion as to what sort of look i should submit (you can only upload one photo). Should i go for a really out-there look to go with the Brands 'Make up for your Alter-ego' mission statement, something like this:

Or a photo where i look more 'normal' and you can see how i really look like this:

Or maybe something in the middle, like this:

Any suggestions you have for me would be greatly appreciated and please tell me if you're thinking of entering yourselves :)


  1. I can't think of anyone better to be the new face of Illamasqua than you Lillian - you would be perfect!! I think you should do something in the middle - let them see your face whilst also showing you style and personality...Good Luck! xx

  2. Hello :) this sounds like fun. I'm thinking about something in between but more on the creative/extravagant side. I hope you win ;)

  3. I think maybe do something in the middle.. If they're looking for you AND your alter ego, def show them both. I'd love to enter, but I can't make the casting anyway :(

    Hope you're well xx

  4. I'd go for the complete alter ego, as this is the spirit of Illamasqua. You are an artsy girl, and the concept behind the brand is artistry itself!

  5. I think you should use the second picture as it shows your true self and you look like a bubbly fun person.I like the other pictures too though, especially the one where you look futuristic!

  6. I love the first picture, but they're all great.

  7. I like the first totally-out-there style the most.

  8. omg! Definately go as crazy as you can. The point of makeup is to show your alter egos (notice how I said more than one egos LOL).

  9. I think you should do something creative and artistic while still being yourself -- you're a talented person and you have great ideas, maybe you should do something like "how I see myself" and let your feelings/thoughts guide your hands !
    Already looking forward to what you'll come up with -- Good luck Lillian x

  10. Carrsky:
    Awww you are so sweet! :D Thank you so so much <3

    I'm leaning that way too :)
    Thank you! :D

    Thank you, i think that's a very good idea :)
    Aww i'm sorry, i bet a lot of people would love to enter but couldn't make it :(

    Hmm that's very true but i'm wondering about it because they're going to want to put their own look on whoever wins, so if i have no eyebrows or whatever it might be a bit more tricky for them. Hmm. Thanks for the advice!

    Thank you :) I think the futuristic one is my favourite.

    Cheers lovely!

    Thank you! :)

    hee hee, there's definately more than one alter ego in me :P

    Thank you for the great advice! Sadly i don't have time to come up with anything new, the closing date is monday and i've got a full weekend :(
    However i really like the idea you suggested of "how I see myself", i'm definately going to do it when i have time to play with makeup :)

  11. hello

    i'm a new follower. found you from some other nail blogs I frequent and then I thought...we have the same well close to it.



  12. Probably the bottom pic. It's clear from that that you are not just another model-wannabe and you do have a personality! Plus the cheeky pouty smile and the direct gaze is just more attractive.

  13. I love both the bottom and middle picture! you look so pretty in both!

  14. I would go all out as I've noticed that the models in the Illa ads seldom look like themselves and not being afraid to do that is one of their tagline thingies.

    Plus, I'm sure they would appreciate the extra effort it takes to do the look you have in the first photograph as compared with the other two.

  15. The bottom photo looks great! Maybe do something similar but a little more out there

  16. I think the first picture, the elemental one. :D If it's alter ego, then shouldn't it be completely different from the regular, daytime you?

    All three are fabulous. :)

  17. Which did you choose? or have you not applied yet?

  18. shortnails:
    Thank you! I'm not a specific nail blogger as such but i hope you enjoy my blog anyway! And always nice to meet another Lillian! :D

    Thank you, i agree, i think the third pic was the best.

    Thank you so much :) I chose the last picture, i did not get through :P

    Thanks for the advice! :)

    If i had the time i would have loved to do that, but i didn't so i just used the last photo anyway :P

    Thank you!


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