Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A FOTD actually from today!

Shocking i know :P


UD surreal skin cream to powder foundation in Ullusion
Physicians Formula powder foundation with SPF 50 in Translucent light
Topshop Blush in crushed berry
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals eyeliner in Dig It
Black mascara
Morgana Minerals Lipstick in Metallic Maiden

I am currently enjoying being a ginger, but after i've used up the dye i have i think i will go back to blonde, this dye seems to fade very quickly and i can't afford to keep buying dye at the moment :(

I also have been instructed by Claire to thank everyone for their kind words about her fabric designs, she is very touched and grateful :)

If i am even worse at replying to comments than usual (am going to get through them all i swear) because for some reason i am only being emailed about half of the comments i am getting, so i have to check my posts to see all of them, and that's easy for me to forget.

I have a lot of new things going up on my blog sale. I'm sorry if you dislike me posting them but i like to offer what i'm selling to my friends and followers first and it keeps me from having to pay ebays rediculous fees!

And finally as i'm sure everyone in the UK is aware, whether they want to be or not, tonight saw the beginning of our last ever Big Brother. I usually try my best not to watch it but then get sucked in around halfway through. But this time i am going to have to watch it for a while, until i have properly seen the bathroom.
This probably sounds rather odd but i ahve a good reason! My friend and ex Illustration teacher, Chris Gilvan Cartright, was comissioned to design the wallpaper and interior of the bathroom. You can see some photos here but it's hard to see it clearly. Chris is insanely talented and i am so proud to know him. Tomorrow i'm going to see him in his Caberet act with my other friend Foz, yay! :)


  1. What??! You're not getting all of your comments? How positively crass. I'm your latest follower.

  2. :D Thank you! Luckilly my comments are all showing up on my blog but i'm not being informed about them, very cheeky!

  3. You look amazing as a ginger! I always wanted to paint my hair but I'm always afraid it won't turn out good!
    You look like a pretty doll! *-*

  4. Actually, seeing you looking so pretty is giving me the courage to try! (I wanted to paint my hair ginger as well (but a bit more orangey).... or maybe another shade of orange/red. I'm not sure.... but I'm warm toned and I don't know if I'd look good... gah! Dunno!

  5. I love that lippie on smoochie!

  6. You look so good! <3 I love the lip color you've got on.

  7. I loooove the lipstick on you! So gorgeous!

  8. I echo Cacau's comment. You do look like a pretty doll.
    I think it is partly your very large eyes. Studies show that large eyes are a very desirable feature in a person. And you have them!

  9. Wow, loving the lipstick on you, and the whole look is so classy and matches perfectly with your new ginger hair!
    And you have perfect skin. I'll check your blog sale now :D

    PS: I haaaate BB, I have never watched it (only watch clips of a programme called "Never say Big Brother", which shows the most ridiculous moments and comment to fool the guys around, and display them as the ignorant they are. Well, at least here in Italy LOL)

  10. I can't wait for Big Brother to DIE :D Its cool that your friend did some of the interiors though - thats a pretty big gig! (Sounds hypocritical of me :S)

    And I don't mind blog sales at all!

  11. You're far to beautiful for your own good! stop making me jealous! haha I'm sat here ill with food posting and an exam 1.45hr away :(

    Simone xxx

  12. Too bad on the ginger dye thing :( it really suits your skintone!
    Love the lippie, too!

  13. I love you as a ginge!
    You should try for hair dyes, they have all the bright colour brands, but they do some natural colours by those brands, and postage is flat rate (I think) so you can bulk buy... Obviously it's still an expensive habit, but they're the best prices I've found so something to bear in mind for you :)

    I think you look beautiful!

  14. Cacau:
    Thank you so much! I want to go a bit brighter too so I'm going to buy some bright orange dye to put over the top :)
    I'm cool toned so i can't really say if it would look good on you, but if you don't like it you can always dye over it in a darker color, or use this stuff called 'color opps' or 'colour b4' which takes dye out of your hair, so it would go back to your natural colour :)

    Evil Angel:
    :D thank you! I love it too. x

    Aww thank you! It's a great lipstick :)

    Thank you! It's such a lovely colour, and he shimmer makes me happy.

    Aww shucks, you're too kind! I do like my eyes :)

    Thank you! It's not often i'm called 'classy' :P
    I hate Big Brother too, well i hate it now, i think the first 2 or 3 series were more interesting. Bu i always just get suckered in D:!

    Oh me neither, it's a terrible show these days. But yeah, it's great for my friend! :)

    Awww you're so sweet, i don't deserve it!
    I hope you're feeling better <3

    Thank you, i do really like it but just too pricey :)

    Thank you! I've heard of them before but never ordered. Do you know any of those brands that do a natural-ish ginger colour? I'm going to get some brighter orange to go on top too :)
    And thank you!

  15. You look amazing! :) I agree - this lipstick looks perfect!

  16. Oh this look is soooo pretty! I love how your eyes and lips stand out in the fist photo.

  17. That lipstick is utterly beautiful on you, and your application is perfect :)

  18. Lovely! The Dig It liner is awesome too! I haven't used mine in a while.

  19. I love your face.
    just wanted to say that


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