Sunday, 13 June 2010

My favourite perfumes

I really love perfume, but don't wear it everyday. The reason is simply because i keep it on my vanity table and quite often forget to pop any on if i haven't been sitting down there (which i don't do when i'm in a rush). I tend to like very typically girly fragrances, light and fluffy and fun, usually with very fruity tones. I also love perfumes from indie brands that smell of sweets (i have a great perfume oil i was given as a gift and don't know the brand of that smells just exactly like bubblegum) with only one note. I dislike vanilla, musk (which is good as some are still made from poor mr musk rat :( ), woody or spicey smells. 

Anyway here are my top 5 perfumes.

I apologise because i am useless at describing scents and don't know anything about notes or stuff like that.

Le Belles de Ricci

My absolute favourite perfume ever ever ever! You can't really get it anywhere anymore except for on ebay and i am out of it, i need to get a lifetime supply somehow. I would bathe myself in it if i could!
I love everything about it, i think the bottle is beautiful, the colours are so pretty and the smell, oh god it's just angelic. To me this smells just like tomato flowers. This might not sound nice but i swear to you it is just the most beautiful smell ever. It lasts all night but isn't overpowering (as long as i resist drowning myself in it). Just perfection and it makes me so so sad that it's not being sold anymore.

Gap So pink

This is the perfume i wear most often and, as i don't have any Belles, is probably what i'd consider my 'signature' scent. To me it does somehow smell 'pink' like some sort of cynnasthesia thing, if a bright, hot pink had a smell i bet it would be very similar to this. The bottle isn't particularly interesting but the scent makes up with it. To me it's main note is of grapefruit, but also has a hint of bergamont and some sort of floral all mixed together, it's very fun and feminine but not really delicate, it's brash and fun and a bit trashy. It lasts quite a while but not all night.

Lush The Comforter

The scent of this is just lovely and very edible and tasty smelling, it reminds me of a blackcurrant pastille or cordial. It's main note is of blackcurrant but also has a bit of something a bit like pepper. I love the smell so much but don't wear it so often as the others as i find it's solid formula a bit of a pain to work with. It doesn't melt easily so it can be difficult to actually get it to go on. It seems to me to stay more on the finger i apply it with than on the skin where i intend to put it. It doesn't seem to last very long, but that might be because i can't get it to apply well. The little jar makes it nice and easy to carry around with you for though.


This one was my signature scent for a few years but i have moved on to the others on the list in recent times. I love the bottle, it is so cute and actually works as a spinning top! The scent of this is more floral than my other scents, but still has a distinct fruitiness. Like So Pink this has a main note of grapefruit, but this is covered by florals, there's some rose and a tiny hint of vanilla (weak enough i can cope with it). It's very sweet and almost sickly, but i like it.
Sadly my bottle of this appears to have soured a little, i have had it for a long time though and it was on my window sill in the sun for a while. I am dumb.

Claire's Accessories Cherry perfume.
Super cheap but super good! (couldn't find a photo online) This smells exactly like Cherryade, which to me is a great thing. There are no other notes at all, it's just pure fizzy, sugary, candy cherry flavour. 
The scent doesn't last that long but for £4 nd from Claire's i wouldn't expect it to, and it doesn't disappear instantly, just after about an hour. I left my bottle of this in the sun and it went 'off' after just a few month, so i'm not sure if that's just what happens to it or if it was because i left it in direct sunlight. I'll get another bottle and see what happens if i keep it out of the light.

Based on these does anyone have any suggestions for scents i might like? I think my next perfume purchase will be Next's Diamonds, which is meant to be an exact dupe of Miss Dior Cherie, which in turn is meant to smell like the Soap and Glory scent that i love so much (sadly the Soap and Glory perfume isn't quite the same as their products scent. At least it isn't to me!)

Also just a little note:
I will try my best to have my blog sale goodies sent out tomorrow, but it depends on if some money has come into my bank. It's going to get in tomorrow, but it might be too late to get to the post office, if so i will send them tuesday morning. Sorry about that. x

Also i have started writing in my other blog, i know i've gone to and from using that blog a million times but i've decided i want a blog for my everyday musings as well as reviews of things like films and somewhere I can link to on my art website. If you';re interested in my paintings or any of the stuff i just described please follow me here   :)


  1. I think we are perfume twins. I don't like grown up scents, heavy of flowers, musk, vanilla or the perfumy chemical scent.
    I love girly, fun, playful sweet scents, fruity, sugary almost edible in smell.

    I have one from hot topic called Sweet revenge and it is so yummy but discontinued.

    I also like beachy, tropical scents like suntan lotion. lol

    I'll never grow up.

  2. Awesome review! Have you tried grumpy girl candles? They have some yummy scents!!! @ evil angel...What's wrong with never growing up? ^_-

  3. Oh I adore YSL Babydoll. Such a gorgeous scent! Love the Comforter too. Le Belles de Ricci is such a weird shaped bottle!


  4. Ooh you've inspired me to do a post of my own! :DD

  5. I used to LOVE Les Belles de Ricci! Had to get a new favourite when they stopped selling it!

  6. I really like floral, light and fruity perfumes. I don't like typical "night time" heavy scents. I'll have to try the Lush one!

  7. If the bubblegum one is the one from me it's from this store:


  8. I just went and bought Next Diamonds, purely cause I'm a skint student who can't afford my 7th bottle of Miss Dior Cherie! I hope it smells the same, £6 versus £40 is a no brainer.

  9. That Belles de Ricci range was great. Oddly enough my OTHER daughter loves Ricci.
    So do I.
    And most YSL.
    I am a perfume fanatic. Reminds me to do a blog post about it!
    Got my parcel, LL. Thank you SO much!
    I've thanked you on my blog too.

  10. I LOVE Les Belles De Ricci!!! Can you get it on Ebay? THANK GOD! x

  11. I just discovered your blog/youtube channel and am so glad I did!! You are super adorable and I love your style and how you aren't afraid of bright makeup. I've been wanting to experiment more with makeup (I'm terrible at it!) and you are a perfect inspiration. <3

  12. LES BELLES! Me and my friend used to wear this when we were teenagers, the smell evokes such memories for me! I was sad when they discontinued it :(

    Have you tried YSL Parisienne?
    Also, the floris range of fragrances.. Really old fashioned and floral!

  13. I love YSl's Babydoll :) Such a super sweet fragrance but really quite lovely for the summer :)

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  15. the belles de ricci i have got the bottle ,,,sadly empty now. Its LUSH very cucumbery and Tomatoes but in a lovely way. Like your in a vegetable greenhouse. mmmmmmm

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