Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A lot of recent(ish) looks.

I do apologise for my sporadic posts of late. My lovely Claire just got a job, hooray for her! And so now i'm taking over the housework and looking after the dogs during the day and when she gets in at night i like to spoil her :) I am also trying to paint every day as i have been in a bit of a creative slump recently and various other things have just come up. But i'm going to find time to get back in the blogging swing as i have a lot of posts I am excited about writing :)
Anyway because i've been a bit slow recently i've got a lot of FOTDs from quite a while ago and i thought i'd just post them all at once. If you want to know what a specific product is please just ask :)

I went dancing:

Hilarious face but it really shows the neon-ness of the lipstick. 

My awesome shoes and tights.

Another dancing look:

And this was one of my failed looks for the Illamasqua elements look.


  1. Is the 2nd FOTD using Rebel lipstick from Mac? Lovely shade! Debating getting that so if that's it... mmmm, me want.

  2. Fab fabric. Is that one of Claire's?
    And what is the lippie in the very 1st pic, please? I would like one of those!
    You always look so....finished and polished and complete.

  3. Your skin always looks so flawless, could you let me know what lip products you are wearing in the 1st and 3rd pic please.

  4. You rock bold lip colors! WOW :D


  5. Cydonian:
    no it's Shrieking Violet by Morgana Minerals. I think Rebel is pinker :)

    Do you mean the neon flowery fabric the dress is made of? If so the dress is from New Look, in most of the other photos i'm wearing my pajamas :P
    In the first picture i'm wearing Top Shop lip gloss in Pulp :)
    And thank you so much!

    Aww thank you! The first picture is Top Shop lip gloss in Pulp and the 3rd is GOSH lip gloss in 0082 :)

  6. Nea:
    Thank you so much! I love bright lippie :)

  7. Your skin really is flawless! :D So pretty, and I love all of these looks, especially that divine purple lipstick. Yum! & I like your Illamasque look, totally un-failed there. :P

  8. I LOVE the second picture with the vibrant grape lips.

  9. OMG I LOOOOVE your style!! The purple lipstick on the second picture is stunning I want!!!!
    I also want the "Cookie" necklace and the look is so 80's I can't stop loving!!
    I'm gonna stop talking now lol

  10. Haha yaaay! I have a Shrieking Violet sample...

  11. I loooove that Cookie necklace! And the second to last look is my fave :)

  12. Congrats to Claire on her job! Loving your looks as usual :D

  13. I love the purple lip!! Is that a Heidi Seeker neclace you're wearing with your floral dress? x

  14. Naomi von Monsta:
    Why thank you, i'm wearing various foundations and powders and things throughout though :P

    Go Morgana! It's the most purple purple lipstick ever :)

    Thank you so much! It is a fabulous lipstick, so very purple! Cookie is one of my nicknames :) And i love to dress up all 80s. Thanks for a great comment :D

    :D Hooray!

    Thank you :) I was going to a glam rock club so i was very very glittery :D

    Thank you so much, and Claire thanks you too :)

    Thank you! And yes it is :)

  15. The "failed" look really reminds me of the mad hatter from the new Alice movie! I think my favourite look is the very first one and the dancing one with neon orange lips :D

  16. I really like the second look and those shoes are awesome!

  17. what's the neon orange lipstick?

  18. Spicy:
    Thank you :) Personally i hated the new Alice film but the makeup was good!

    Thank you! I got the shoes on sale for about £15 :D

    It's Stargazer 102 :)

  19. Really do love your makeup skillz :)

    The shoes and tights are awesome, love a bit of leopard print!


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