Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ups and Downs

Going to illamasqua very soon! I'm so excited.
Claire's Mum's bathroom. It's full to bursting with every skincare product imaginable, and i get to use them all!
Hartleys pots of jelly. The only vegetarian jelly i've ever tried that is actually tasty!
Sketching Ben and Perry (the dogs)
Taking good care of my skin.
Always having painted nails.


I had a cold sore last week and used zovirax to get rid of it. It did it's job, but gave me a rash all around my lip :(
Having lost my bag of duty free somewhere in Claire's room.
Started biting my cuticles again.
The constant rain showers over here! I want to go on nice long walks in the country, but it's just too wet.

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  1. pretty, you like of look like Doe Deere the Lime Crime lipstick founder


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