Friday, 25 September 2009

Hi! I'm sorry for the intense lack of updates. I'm going to have an exhibition next month and have to make all the work for it (i am a painter and the curator wanted sculpture from me!) and next week i'm going to have a stall at the Islington Art Fair so i've got to sort out what i'm going to take to that too.

I hopefully will have a moment to make a video tomorrow and have some Face of the Day's to show too.

I am super poor at the moment, so I am not allowed to buy ANYTHING except my train fare to my illustration class in Brighton. The first one was on monday and was so much fun, but very scary. The teacher, Chris Gilvan-Cartwright is a friend of mine and is the nicest, sweetest, most talented guy ever. Seriously you should google him, his paintings are absolutely amazing, and he is a huge childrens book illustrator too. It was very frightening because of my social phobia, i had to introduce myself to the rest of the class and sort of squeaked 'hello' and then nearly cried. And later people had to call out suggestions for something and i was the only person who didn't say anything. Ho hum.

Anyway as i can't buy anything new for some time (unless i manage to sell some paintings! Come on art lovers) I'm going to try to make some '5 of my favourite ____' posts and vids and maybe some reviews of odd items of makeup i have, so i hope that will be interesting.

I also just wanted to say thank you so much to my new followers, it really means a lot that people want to read what i have to say <3

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