Monday, 7 September 2009

Boots Original Beauty Formula

On the way home from Ireland I had to avoid the duty free section as I tried Touche Eclat for the first time and got a bit obsessed, but i knew i could get it cheaper off ebay or something.
So to get away I went into Boots just to look and the cheaper makeup available, didn't get anything but a new range of Skincare caught my eye.


I got the Skin Tonic and Cold Cream. I've only used these twice, but here is my firs review.
Firstly the sole reason i bought these were because of how insanely beautiful it looks! There is a whole range available, all in matching packaging, but with different coloured boxes. And here is what is inside:


Absolutely stunning! (sorry about the bad photos, the camera i used was about to run out of batteries)

Anyway, i'm so glad i got these, the products are as great inside as out! The Cold cream managed to wipe off nearly every trace of makeup i had on yesterday, including thick liquid eyeliner (I did have to use a bit of cleansing oil to get rid off the last bits of my mascara) and left my skin feeling wonderfully soft. You apply it with your fingers and then use tissues or cotton wool to wipe it off, which is perfect for me (i have a phobia of going underwater and really dislike getting water in my nose or eyes). It is thick and heavy, if you don't like greasy products on your skin it is not for you, but personally i have no problem with it. As i bought the toner as well i simply use that to wipe away the last traces of the cleanser. The toner leaves my skin feeling nicely refreshed and clean. Both products smell lovely, they have a rose scent, it's very natural and not overpowering at all, but of course the fragrance won't be to everyone's taste.

I'm really pleased, I'm not picky with skin products, usually i'll just use whatever is hanging around and i bought these because of how nice they would look on my vanity table but they're so far doing a really lovely job.

I've never been brilliant at keeping to a skincare regime, in fact really i'm quite shameful. Up until recently i've only washed my face when i'm in the bath, and only used cleansers to get rid of heavy makeup. But recently i've decided I need to start taking better care of my skin and cleansing or at the very least moisturing twice a day.
I'll maybe do a follow up review of these after i've been using them for a couple of weeks. Also my girlfriend just bought 'the wave' which i'm excited to try.

Edit: forgot to say, i put the cold cream directly onto my (thankfully closed) eyes by accident, but it didn't hurt at all! Extremely gentle stuff.

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