Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bit of a rant

There's a programme on about people with albinism. When i was younger i used to be a bit obsessed with albino people because i thought they looked so beautiful, and i'm just very interested in genetics and things like that. It's incredibly depressing though, because everyone on it just seems to have got so much abuse. Called freaks and things and even physically attacked.

While it is completely unacceptable for people to be cruel for any reason in a way i can understand why people might make fun of me for wearing what i do, because i have chosen to look this way. But when it comes to the colour of someone's skin or height or something they have nothing to do with it just completely baffles me how they could feel anger or mock someone. Maybe i'm naive or something but to me it just doesn't make any sense.
I guess there are just a load of horrible people in the world.

Also apparently people are just stupid, a black woman had some albino children and security guards wouldn't let her pick them up from school because he didn't believe they were hers. But albino people don't look like 'normal' white people! And black albino people look pretty different from white albino people.

Though i guess in a way i'm not clean as snow, as i am watching this programme because i'm interested in them. In my defense though it's because i'm interested and attracted, not because of a 'freak show' factor. There's a kid who said he put some tan on his arm and felt 'normal' and that just made me hurt. There is no such thing as normal, and even if there was it should e judged on personality, not on the way you look.

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