Thursday, 3 September 2009

Mizz Worthy's Super Heroes and Villains contest entry 2

This time i chose another Batman Villain, The Riddler!


The Riddler is a very flamboyant villain, obsessed with puzzles. He taunts Batman and the police by sending them complex clues and riddles hinting at his next crime.

My main inspiration came from Jim Carrey's portrayal of The Riddler in Batman Forever, i loved how over-the-top he was. While most of the Riddlers designs from the comic and TV series has him in green accented with purple, i loved the shocking pinky-orange of his hair.
My idea was to create a sort of mask made out of questions marks, with a green face and orange details. I didn't manage to do this one as well as i was hoping, but i was pleased with how symmetrical i got the question marks.




and sticking my tongue out at a poodle:

Here is what i used.
Ben Nye Magicake Aqua Paint in Lime Green
Dainty Doll concealer
a Green H&M eyeshadow
A green from Mad Minerals (the name has rubbed off)
a Black Avon eyebrow pencil
Kryolan Aqua Colour in Black
An orange claire's accessories liquid eyeliner on the eyelashes and bottom lip
A little bit of Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Petulant.


  1. Fab - thanks again for this entry too! xxx

  2. aw very cute, i like the joker. I've got a contest going on as well, check it out if you'd like :D


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