Saturday, 5 March 2011

Swatcharama - Nars Lip Products

 Today I have some swatches of Nars lip products for you! Hope you enjoy!
Also I added a new Barry M lip pencil to this page, I'd lost it until today.

Nars Gloss in Chandernagor.  This is discontinued (I think, it's not on the website) and I'm actually assuming it's just a gloss because it says nowhere on the packaging! It's a bit like a lip stain in that you get these brush strokes of pigment but it is also very thick and pigmented. It's not sticky like a gloss, it's more satin like a stain, but again it doesn't really 'stain' the lips, it puts on a layer of product. Anyway it's a pretty colour :P
Edit: I searched for Chandernagor and it turns out it's a 'lip stain gloss' which must be a whole discontinued range of lip products. I'm smug because it turns out my wittering on about it being half a gloss and half a stain was right! :P

A few more under the cut :)

Nars Lip Lacquer in Diablo. This is a thick, sticky lip product which is almost opaque but not quite. I don't like the taste, it's flavourless and just a bit yucky but it's not so bad I can't cope with wearing it. The taste reminds me of Sleek lip polishes if you know what they're like.

Lipstick in Funny Face. Had to get this one because of the name! Funny Face has been my nickname for as long as i can remember (though only my Mum calls me it). Luckilly it's a gorgeous colour anyway :)  If you're wondering this is not a dupe for Stiletto by Evil Shades, they're both pink with a blue sheen but Stiletto is a darker pink, a bit more cerise whereas this one is fuchsia-ish.   

Lipstick in Time's Square. Barry M's Plum pencil (number 11) is the perfect match for this!

The lipstick formula is nice but not amazing. The pigmentation is great but it's a bit dry. Not terrible and not drying but just dry to put on.


  1. Oh my dear, sweet Lillian! NARS lip products are my absolute weakness. How dare you taunt me so!

    All of these shades look stunning on you, by the way!

  2. Times Square is my lipstick soulmate!

    Fierce Nerditude

  3. Chandernagor is freaking gorgeous! It sucks that it's discontinued.. :c That's so funny about the name of that lipstick, and it's such a pretty shade, too. :D

  4. G:
    heh heh heh I am pure evil! :P I need more though, I really love the colour of their 'hot wired' lip lacquer and various lipsticks and glosses.

    And thank you!

    It really is lovely, I have a few similar shades but nothing the same.

    Lemon Bunny/Mandy:
    I know, I hate when things get discontinued! And i hit lucky with Funny Face being so pretty, I'd probably have bought it even if it was hideous :P

  5. Funny Face and Diablo are gorgeous! *___* I only have a NARS lipgloss in Striptease (at least I think that's what it can tell I never wear it, haha) and I don't really like the colour or texture =/

  6. Nice I love the look of them all and I do like 'Funny Face' I don't own any NARS products :O

  7. I love Funny Face, it's such a pretty colour and I love the blue sheen to it :)

  8. SilhouetteScreams:
    You should pop it on a blog sale, lots of people looove Nars. I just wish Diablo didn't taste so damn bad, it looks so pretty!

    I only have these and one eyeshadow, for some reason the brand just doesn't excite me too much. The products I do have I like though.

    uh huh! I love those sort of shades I have a tonne of pink lippies with blue sheen :P

  9. I really like how Time Square looks, I suppose it's the more wearable shade out of all the ones you swatched here.


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