Saturday, 5 March 2011

Early March favourites video

Hi everyone! Some of you already know this, but I've started making videos for my youtube channel again. My channel is here so please give it a look and subscribe if you want to see more :)
This is my most recent videos about a few of my recent favourite products:

Videos are really fun to make but boy is my double chin noticable!
If there's anything you'd like to see a video of let me know! :)


  1. great video! love the wonder woman collection

  2. I wanna try and models own balm for sure.
    I got my MAC WW order and have been waiting to play with it on my next day off work... I finally got my day off today! Excitement! I got both blushes and the green mascara :D x

  3. Would you say the Gosh foundation shade is more neutral or is it very "peachy"?

  4. i didn't know you did YT videos!! I'm going to subscribe when I get home from work!!
    hope you're ok x

  5. I didn't care for the Wonder Woman collection. Also, I don't think you have a double chin at all. Cool hat!

    Fierce Nerditude

  6. Lovely video! I love the tacky WW packaging! I picked up both blushes because I couldn't decide between the two, but I think Mighty Aphrodite is my favourite. The two colours swirled together are really pretty :)
    I can't believe how pigmented the models own balms are!

  7. You are too cute! Love the green leopard-print beret. And I like tacky packaging, too. :)

  8. Your accent makes me happy xD

    HNGH I want the Just A Girl lip candy so bad, I cannot get enough of purple lip colours, and I have super dry lips so I think this product will just be perfect for me.


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