Sunday, 13 March 2011


Here's quite an old FOTD, but for once i can remember most of what I was wearing! Yay! 

Here my Paris Hilton eye is particularly strong!

Face: don't remember. Probably Avon tinted moisturiser and some powder, Possibly Sleek Flamingo blush
Eyes: Inglot shadows. They were a prize in a giveaway and come in a freedom palette so i don't actually know the names, one is black with tiny gold shimmer/glitter and the other is a very light gold.
Lips: Barry M Mandarin Lip Lacquer

Not very complicated, but still more than my very lazy lipstick-and-mascara-alone looks that i do the majority of the time :P


  1. Love the symmetry of the eye makeup and those lips are stunning! Perfect Cupid's bow. Your porcelain skin looks very elegant and classy. :)

  2. Love the lip colour; it looks amazing on you :) I love your top too, it's adorable :) In fact, I love it all :) You look lovely :)

    Kelly x

  3. gorgeous smokey wing!

    I love your hair- beautiful!

    hmm that Barry-M does have an orangey tinge, I thought it looked very coral when I looked at it but I may investigate it again. I hardly ever ever wear make up but you and your blog are very inspiring!

  4. I love the smokey outer v! You matched them perfectly, I can only ever get one side right! :)
    Your top is very pretty too x

  5. The blending in this is so nice! x

  6. Lovely! The lip color is gorgeous, too. :)

  7. wow you look stunning and beautiful. All the colors you used go perfectly together.

  8. You are so beautiful!
    That kind of shape on the eyes is very flattering.
    I like the lip color :)

  9. LiisK:
    Thank you very much! Ha ha I don't think I've ever been called elegant or classy before :P

    Thank you! I love that top, bunnies! :D

    Thank you so much! It is sort of a very reddish orange, or a very very very orangish red, it's a gorgeous colour anyway!

    Thank you! Usually I can't get them symmetrical at all, but i did manage to get those pretty even!

    Thank you! I'm usually rubbish at blending :P

    Lemon Bunny/Mandy:
    Thank you! I love that lip colour :)

    Thanks so much! I didn't really think about the colours going together but they do look nice as a whole :)

    Aww shucks. thank you!

    Sparklz and Shine
    Thank you :)

  10. Love how you did your eyes! So gorgeous.

  11. What a fantastick neutral eye, it looks delicious with your eye colour! Love the lips and blush as well, they're really flattering on you!


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