Saturday, 12 March 2011

Swatcharama - Illamasqua Lipsticks (with mini review)

 Here are swatches of all my Illamasqua lipsticks. I can't actually do a review of them as a whole because oddly basically every lippie I have applies or feels different on me. I'm not sure if they're different due to the different pigments, or maybe I got a few dodgy ones. Either way I can't either recommend or reject these because each colour is different! I've done a small mini review of the product under each colour.  They retail for £15.50 which is a little steep even for the good ones but incredibly disappointing for the bad.


Blaze is a lovely brightish red based orange, it's a little dry to apply but not drying. It applies nicely, smoothly and creamily despite it's dryness.


This came out with the Art of Darkness collection, it's a gorgeous colour, a true navy blue. HOWEVER I've only used this once to do this swatch and can't see myself using it again because when I went to apply for the first time I noticed that the bullet was broken. So it had snapped while it was just in the tube :( Anyway applying it was very tricky because of the broken bullet lying at a slight angle, also the formula is very dry, it doesn't feel drying but because the formula is so dry it can drag slightly and look a bit patchy.


This could possibly be the ultimate purple lipstick, the colour is amazing, a true matte violet purple. However the formula is HORRIBLE. You can see how patchy it looks on me, and isn't opaque even though this was after putting on layer upon layer. Also it sort of 'balled' up and rolled off my lips. And it was dry.


A nice matte pale coral colour. This one is dry  
not drying, it does apply a little patchy. Not terribly though.


One of the nicer lipsticks, slightly dry but applies smoothly and evenly and doesn't feel drying in the slightest.


Another one that could be amazing but isn't. It's a purple with blue shot through it. However it's horrible on me. Very very sheer, this is many many many layers and still isn't opaque and is very patchy. It's dry and incredibly drying, sucks the moisture right out of my lips, it wears off quickly by 'balling' off like Fetish.


 Lovely opaque silver. Nice and smooth and creamy once on, though still a tiny bit dry to apply (not drying though). But again this was the first time I applied it and the bullet was already broken!


This is a new one from the Toxic Nature collection, and the formula is far superior to the old ones. It's a cerise-ish pink with shimmer and a tiny shot of blue through it. It's still a tiny bit dry to apply but doesn't drag at all and feels creamy once it's on. Opaque in one layer and not at all patchy. Also I don't know why but it's really smooth to apply, look how even my lip line is (i applied straight from the bullet, no lip brush or liner). A full review of this will be coming up :)

I really don't know what to do with the ones where the bullet was broken. I can't really apply them from the tube but as they're expensive lipsticks it seems really annoying to have to depot them and only be able to apply with a brush. I would ask or a refund but Vengeance was bought AGES ago (half a year or more) and Disciple was a present :( 


  1. I love Trash and Atomic. I'm so into OCC Lip Tars at the moment but I do have an Illamasqua red that I love....

  2. I don't own an Illamasqua lipsticks because I had seen reviews about them being drying, which was upsetting because they have such great colours! I like the purples and Atomic is really pretty :) xx

  3. I don't even like pink and Atomic looks incredible. I think I want it :s x

  4. Thnaks for the post, I am hoping they have changed the formula a bit for new shades this year as I do find their lipsticks a bit difficult to work with. I love the look of Atomic on you.

  5. I'm surprised that Trash and Vengeance sit better than most of the others -- I'd've expected the glitteriness to make them drier, if anything. Huh.

    Atomic does look really good there!

  6. Drooooool, these look awesome! There is no Sephora where I live and I have never ordered any Illamasqua online as it is rather expensive (don't you hate when you order something expensive off the internet and then it sucks?) I really really love disciple, and I really love Atomic, Underworld, Obey, and Fetish on you! I ordered Obscurity recently from Evil Shades after seeing your swatches here, it looks like it is a decent dupe for Disciple and it sure is a better price!

  7. Trash, Vengeance and Atomic look awesome! But that's such a shame about the formula and lipsticks snapping =/ I'd expect much more for such a high price point!

  8. Nice swatches! Some of these shades are quite interesting and I would love to own Trash. It's a shade some colors didn't work well, especially for the price you pay.

  9. ...? Dunno if it works or not! I'd expect a nicer formula for the price, but if the new one is that great, then hopefully all others now will be good too!

  10. I agree, Illamasqua lipstick are dry, but OK once on. I've got Trash, Underworld and Vengeance also and Underworld is such a let down!

    Loving Atomic though, I'm hoping they release toxic nature on ASOS soon as I've got some vouchers to spend there.

  11. atomic is definately my fave, yum!


  12. Atomic looks awesome, I definitely want it! And dang it, I just read somewhere about how to meld together broken lipsticks but I can't remember how or even where I read it. :( If I find it again, I'll send you the link.

  13. Atomic is just plain HOT, lol. They did a great job of naming it!

  14. I think you should definitely contact Illamasqua about this. I did that once with a nail polish, all my others from there were amazing but this one didn't apply quite right, so after emailing them I got another one posted to me. They were so lovely and helpful.

    I have those 2 purple lipsticks and mine are both absolutely fine, so I really encourage you to contact them.

  15. If you are looking for an amazing purple lipstick...Manic Panic lippie in 'Deadly Night' and you can also get a purple lipliner/eyeliner to go with it...called 'Ultra Violet' and it goes on really well and doesn't dry out at all...


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