Friday, 30 October 2009

Terrible Day

I'm having an absolutely awful day.
Schnitzel attacked me twice, this morning he bit my foot badly and then in the evening he just flew at me for no reason (i was nowhere near him, he just attacked me when i called his name), trapping me on the sofa. I had a box luckilly, which i managed to use to block him from jumping up. If i hadn't had it he would have savaged me. It's scar. We had a vets appointment anyway, and our wonderful vet said it didn't sound like normal behaviour caused by dominance or anxiousness. I think i'm going to take him back to Battersea, because it's not fair on my family, or me to have to live in fear of a tiny dog.
It's devastating. Even though he hurts me i love him lots, and i know it's not his fault. Giving up on him makes me feel like such a huge failure and so incredibly ashamed. I can't bare the idea of him having to go back and live in that clinical place with all the other poor dogs, but what else can i do?

My pet rat died 2 days ago. It was just of old age but i still feel so incredibly sad about it. He was a really good friend and now he's gone.

I'm meant to be having a Halloween party tomorrow, i really don't know if i'm up to it, but i really don't want to let my friends down either.
But then if we still have Schnitzel don't know if i should let them come over, what if he attacks them?

This is just awful :(

Sorry, back to the beauty stuff soon, but at the moment i have to get all this awful stuff off my chest.


  1. Oh, hun that's aweful.
    My two cents is this, if he is harmful to you he can be to others. You need to take him back so that he can be placed with someone who is trained to manage his behavior and help him. He needs special care and you have to love him enough to give him the chance to find that care so that he can be happy.


  2. *hugs*

    I know you love him but its probably best for BOTH of you if you take him back. It sounds awful, but its not a good situation for either for you.

    Don't feel like you failed! You tried! You talked to the vet and everything. Plus, you need to know that if he hurts someone, it gets blamed on you and they can even put him down (I know that probably doesn't make you feel better, but its the truth).

    I'm sorry about your rat :( I know I'm gonna feel the same when my guinea pigs die, I love them so freaking much!!

    I hope you get everything figured out and don't feel guilty.

  3. Its such a hard decision but feel good knowing youre doing the right thing! Im also sorry for the loss of your rat. I too have a rat that I adore :) we lost his brother awhile back and he just hasnt been the same.


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