Saturday, 24 October 2009

This Weeks Ups and Downs

Schnitzel. The little sausage makes me very happy.

Sleek's Pout Polishes. At the beginning of the week i had awful chapped, sore lips, i picked up one of these and have been wearing it alone or over lipstain for a few days and it's performed miracles!

Having some money!

Getting ready for christmas.

Barry M flamingo pink nail polish. Amazing corally pink colour and really impressive staying power!

pink and orange lipstick. This month i've been wearing them even more than my usual red!

A mysterious illness that came upon me in Topshop yesterday. Often because of my social phobia i get minor panic attacks in crowds, and i thought it was just one of those, but it turned into something awful and fluish and i'm still feeling bad today.

Lime Crime. I hate that woman so much, it makes me so sad reading all these comments by peole who were huge fans of hers and she's treated them badly.

Not being able to find my Lancome mascara :(

my body. I've put on a lot of weight recently and need to diet, but i am rubbish at it!

The people at the Illamasqua counter and B never too busy to Be beautiful(who were otherwise wonderful) putting the hard sell on me.

What are you loving and hating at the moment?

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