Saturday, 24 October 2009

I came into a bit of money just a few days ago, which made me very happy as i was able to buy all my christmas presents (i like to be super early so i can relax :P ) and still had some over to treat myself. I had a little drug store spree (UK people what do would be our word for this? Just low-end?) and picked up a few really good cheap bits i'm going to review, also a tiny illamasqua spree (in which i got Torrid, the acid green intense lipgloss! I'm trying desperately to think of a good look to put together with it!) and i've finally bought myself some proper make up brushes.

The ones i got were from 's new studio range. I got 10 brushes for only £35 and i've read excellent reviews of them! Until now i've been using a bizarre mix of brushes ranging from a few good ones (some screenface and gosh eye shadow brushes, a clinique lip brush) to a set of Hard Candy ones (that were once good but are now so old they're not the best) to the down right awful (a terrible, terrible powder brush that shed and scratches like crazy). I'm so looking forward to these arriving and testing them all out! :D

I've been very busy recently because just over a week ago i adopted a dog :) He is a miniature smooth haired daschund, about 4 years old and named Schnitzel Von Krum. I have always wanted a daschund but have a set of morals about buying dogs when there are so many out there who need homes, all of my pets (with the exception of 2 old cats who just arrived at my house years ago) are adopted and the idea of buying animals is weird to me now (not that i have any problem with anyone else doing it, my girlfriend has a gorgeous toy poodle she bought and that's absolutely fine and dandy, i just cant do it myself) so finding a little Daschund who needed a new home is just a dream come true for me. At first we had some problems letting him know who was boss, i did get bitten a few times, but he's settled down incredibly well in such a short time! He does get excited around the cats but he wants to be friends, not hurt them, and he is now good friends with my other dog Minnie. I'm really happy.

I was wondering if i could ask you readers for your opinions on some things, seeing as i'm so new to this beauty blogging world. Firstly do you prefer seeing review of things as videos, which is how i've been mainly doing them so far, or would is it nicer to see a proper written review with photos, or both? Also i was thinking of making a new blog for various non-beauty related ramblings, but would you be interesting in reading those too among my dreamings about lipstick? I really appreciate your opinions :)

Also i'm going to have a blog sale as soon as possible. Just a few bits that i never use and would like to go to a happy home. Everything is going to be really cheap, some of it free if you just pay me for the postage. If you could tell any friends who might be interested but dont read my blog it would be very much appreciated. :)

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