Tuesday, 27 October 2009


At the moment i'm feeling hideously jealous of all you American guys and gals.
You've got such amazing beauty stuff! I'm absolutely lusting for the new Hard Candy range at Walmart and i'm desperate for a huge order from Sephora, but they won't ship to me!
Last time i went over there i didn't have enough money to have a huge beauty splurge, i got some L'oreal HIP and MUFE and a few little bits, but now i wish i could just go crazy in a big Walmart or Walgreens. I want Wet n Wild and Milani and anything really! And everything's so much cheaper! I want cheap MAC!
If anyone ever wants to do either a drugstore or higher end swap for some stuff you can't get across the pond please think of me!


  1. Hehe.:) At least you have easy access to BarryM, Sleek,Illamasqua, Stargazer, REVLON (yes, even Revlon is not available here anymore:() etc and MAC is cheaper than here. I wanted to buy a MAC brush in Tallinn (can't remember which one exactly- some face brush) and it costed 45£, 10£ more than in UK. It's ridiculous. But positive side is, that some nice brands are available here (Make Up Store, Lumene, ArtDeco etc) and that our tiny country has internet connection everywhere and I can make online orders and get stuff all over the world.:D

  2. Sil:
    That's very true, we are lucky in the UK but i want MORE MORE MORE!!
    I wonder why Mac is more expensive with you? I assume it's cheapest in the US because it's made there, but surely it doesn't cost any more to send it to different places in Europe?
    If you ever wanted to do a swap i'd happily send you some Sleek or Stargazer or anything you wanted :)


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