Tuesday, 27 October 2009

TKB Trading

In reponse to the whole big repackaging mineral makeup scandal my girlfriend and i did an order from TKB trading and it arrived today.

So this is what we got:

And all this, including shipping to the UK was around £20. Yep £20. For ALL of this.

And if you were wondering, here is me holding the bag so you can see the size.
Holy Zombie Jesus! There's just so so much! I'm going to put them in little jars (probably 5 gram jars) to make them a bit handier, and i bet i can get at the very least 4 jars worth from each baggie. It's an insane bargain! I'm going to have to buy a tonne more :D

Here are swatches:


no flash:

from left to right the colours are:

Grape Pop!, Tangerine Pop!, Apple Green pop!, Lemon Drop Pop!, Blueberry Pop!, Strawberry Pop! and Raspberry Pop!


no flash:

from left to right the colours are:
'Pink Blue Red', 'Green Apple', 'Coral Reef Blue', 'Cloisonne Red', 'Pure Purple', 'Totally Teal', 'Lotsa Lime', 'Antique Silver Mica', 'Polished Silver' and 'Sparkle Violet'.

(all swatches are used dry and without any form of base or primer)

And here is a look i put together using 'Antique Silver Mica', 'Polished Silver' and 'Sparkle Violet'.




First impressions are that these are absolutely amazing. The colours are so incredibly bright and pigmented! It's amazing to get such a huge variety of colours for so cheap. The shipping was quick and painless, and though i've only been wearing them for a while they're holding up really well and i found them easy to blend (though i am pretty terrible at blending anything!).

All the colours i got are safe to use anywhere on the body (with the exception of 'Green Apple' which can't be used safely on lips) and with these lovely low prices and extraordinary colours i'm going to get some of their lipstick base and have a go at maing my own. Who knows, perhaps i'll even get good enough to sell them one day :)

So if you want straight pigments go buy from TKB!

Or if you want somelovely hand-blended colours check out Mineral Makeup Mutiny to find sellers who definately do not repackage wholesale pigments:


  1. Woah, those colours look amazing. Love the looks you came up with! xo

  2. So pretty!! I have many of the same ones you do, but I don't have any of those colors you are wearing *plots a way to buy less groceries and more makeup*

    K, so this is what I (and I think everyone else) did with the badge. Go to Layout and Add a Widget and Add a Picture. So save the badge on your computer and upload it there. When you upload the picture, you can add a link!

    Let me know if you need any further help!!


  3. Do I live under a rock? Why didn't I know about this place? Do they ship to the US? I might just have to list them on my blog.

  4. Emma:
    Thank you! I'm so looking forward to playing with all the bright colours and mixing up some concoctions.

    Lisa Kate:
    Hey the samples are only $1.50 i'm sure you can have food and eyeshadows! The 'polished silver' is particularly lovely, i put it on wet and it looked like tin foil on my lids!

    Evil Angel:
    They're a US company, in fact they're the wholesale place that all the repackaging companies get their colours from. These pigments are sort of the basic primary colours you can have made, so there are not hand blended. But they provide recipes and equipment and all kinds of stuff. the website is www.tkbtrading.com

  5. Lisa Kate:
    Thank you for telling me how to do the link too! I didn't even know i could upload a picture to blogger! I'm so thick.

  6. Thank You Lillian, I guess I should poke my head out from under my rock more often. lol

  7. One of my friend has potted these TKB samples into 25 (!) ml jars- here's a picture:

    So these samples contain really a lot of product!!!
    Great haul and gorgoues looks!:)

  8. Evil Angel:
    ha ha! It's nice and safe under a rock though, but there's pretty shiny makeup to be found outside!

    Wow! I can't believe they come with that much! I now love TKB even more!

  9. I need to get my hands on some silver, my goodness

  10. Hi Zoe! I think both the silvers are some of my very favourites of the lot. The lighter one goes on just like metal!

  11. I've been meaning to place an order for some of these but other companies keep having ltd collections come out and there goes mah moola

  12. It's worth it. My new haul just came in yesterday and I cant w8 to swatch it all.


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